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Award-winning security for Android

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  • Antivirus para Celular é com a F-Secure
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  • ANTIVIRUS COMPORATIVO DA F-SECURE PARA SUA INTERNET SECURITY. A Consultcorp é solidária com a confiabilidade é o cerne dos valores corporativos da F-Secure e nosso principal negócio inclui um forte elemento ético. As atividades da empresa em benefício da sociedade, protegendo os usuários de internet e dispositivos móveis contra vírus e outras ameaças on-line que são produzidos por criminosos. F-Secure Antivírus é um membro de várias organizações da indústria, bem como os organismos nacionais e internacionais que apoiam a segurança do público. F-Secure anti-virus também está comprometida com a boa cidadania corporativa. Consultcorp - Distribuidor F-Secure Brasil. A internet security da F-Secure esta focada em proporcionar a melhor proteção antivirus, antimalware para ambientes corporativos. Para saber mais sobre F-Secure acesse a Consultcorp: Contate-nos para escolher uma revenda F-Secure em sua região.
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Psb mobile security

  1. 1. Award-winning Security F-Secure Protection Service for Business with Mobile Security
  2. 2. Protection Service for Business You manage and secure your PCs, laptops and servers. Why not your phones and tablets?
  3. 3. Your information is more valuable than the device
  4. 4. The number of mobile threats is increasing
  5. 5. Mobile threats are profit motivated
  6. 6. Android threats are increasing
  7. 7. Running total of families or variants found on Symbian and Android
  8. 8. F-Secure Mobile Security Android 8.3 Anti-theft Browsing protection Safe Contacts Antivirus Protection against viruses, spyware and Trojans Allows filtering of unwanted phone calls and messages (SMS/MMS) Proactively protection, preventing access to fraudulent websites Support for built-in browser - New Remote lock, wipe, locate, alarm Support for Wi-Fi only devices - New
  9. 9. Award-winning protection and usability
  10. 10. “We congratulate F-Secure on their excellent performance in Android mobile antivirus test” - Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST
  11. 11. Full control of your mobile fleet - no security risks through unknown devices and solutions One portal to manage your IT security regardless of device Award-winning, best protection Supports “Bring Your Own Device” strategy Subscription management and ordering through PSB Portal
  12. 12. Safe Contact Allows filtering of unwanted communication, both calls and messages. Browsing Protection Intuitive proactive element which prevents users from ever coming into contact with hostile content while browsing web. Anti-Theft Safeguards personal and confidential data and helps to locate missing phone Android ANTI- THEFT ANTI- MALWARE BROWSING PROTECTION SAFE CONTACT iOS Windows Symbian BlackBerry F-Secure Mobile Security Protecting the irreplaceable