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Protection Service for Business
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Protection Service for Business


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All-in-one security for your business including virus and spyware protection, spam control, intrusion prevention, application control, firewall and browsing protection …

All-in-one security for your business including virus and spyware protection, spam control, intrusion prevention, application control, firewall and browsing protection

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Keep your business safe F-Secure Protection Service for Business
  • 2. Protecting the irreplaceable | What is the value of security? Teemu Marketing Specialist
  • 3. Protecting the irreplaceable | Costs of contamination Business Disruption (30%) Revenue Loss (19%) Information Loss (44%) Equipment Damage (5%) Other Costs (2%) Ex-Post Response (16%) Incident mgmt (9%)Investigation (13%) Detection (26%) Recovery (21%) External Internal * Numbers based on 2012US Cost of Cyber Crime study by PonemonInstitute Containment (15%) Costs of Infection
  • 4. Protecting the irreplaceable | X X 92% Detection rate With an average detection rate of 92%.. = So why does it matter? .. the results can be very severe: approximately 80 infections per year! 80Infections per year One employee faces 2 malwares per year on average* 2013 365 In the case of a company with 500 employees, it means that the company faces 1000 malwares a year. x100 Implications for business
  • 5. Protecting the irreplaceable | $66.3 Million Direct bottom-line cost of investigating and monitoring of corporate customer transactions 30,000 Workstations, 75% of the company, were compromised for a total of 11 days. 5.000.000 The approximated number of unique sets of customer data lost in the data breach. It needs only one
  • 6. Protecting the irreplaceable | $170,000 Stolen from online banking accounts $180,000 Infected due to a simple vulnerability $465,000 Stolen through hijacked computers $139,000 Stolen due to ineffective security $50,000 Stolen through infected network $28,000 Stolen through ebanking fraud It needs only one
  • 7. Protecting the irreplaceable | The number of mobile threats is increasing
  • 8. Protecting the irreplaceable | Mobile threats are profit motivated
  • 9. Protecting the irreplaceable | Protection Service for Business All-in-one coverage for your business Eija Marketing Manager
  • 10. Protecting the irreplaceable | File servers Exchange e-mail server Desktops in the office Laptops on the road Mobiles moving 24/7 Keep all your business protected
  • 11. Protecting the irreplaceable | Complete protection for your PC Easy to install and deploy 1. Virus and spyware protection, 2. Spam control, 3. Intrusion prevention, 4. Application control, 5. Firewall and browsing protection
  • 12. Protecting the irreplaceable | PROTECTION SERVICE PORTAL Web-based management application Different views for service partners and customers Manage subscriptions and security of computers, mobiles and servers Manage it all with PSB Portal
  • 13. Protecting the irreplaceable | Do not compromise your business F-Secure Protection Service for Business – The best protection in the world Emma Marketing Specialist
  • 14. Protecting the irreplaceable | As Managed Service As Self-Service End customer manages their own security Service Provider manages security for their customers Two ways to provide security Moving from Self-Service to Managed is very easy.
  • 15. Protecting the irreplaceable | Turnkey solution No hardware investments Automatic & always up-to-date Minimal on-site support Maximum peace of mind for your customers
  • 16. Protecting the irreplaceable | Manage all customers and all their devices in the same portal Flexible subscription management Management in the cloud Higher customer retention Maximum business with minimum fuss for the service provider
  • 17. Protecting the irreplaceable | Recently in the news
  • 18. Out-of-date software is a significant security risk 83%of the TOP10 malware could have been avoided with up-to-date software Protecting the irreplaceable |
  • 19. Is Windows Update based Patch Management Enough? Protecting the irreplaceable |
  • 20. 87%of corporate computers miss critical software updates. 13 49 25 13 0 1-4 5-9 >10 Missing updates Protecting the irreplaceable |
  • 21. Protecting the irreplaceable | Keep your software up-to-date Automatically … through operational efficiency Cost savings this provides added value through increased functionality and protection (Finding an update + Downloading + Applying) * Number of apps * Number of PCs * € per hour Deploying SWUP * € per hour This is Software Updater
  • 22. © F-Secure ConfidentialOctober 8, 201322 PSB Client automatically scans for missing updates. Results visible in PSB client and portal Install updates manually Update automatically on scheduled intervals Find it. Fix it. Automate. Software Updater
  • 23. Protecting the irreplaceable | Best protection against zero-day threats Software Updater (Patch Management+) Proactive protection against threats World’s best protection against contamination F-Secure Protection Service for Business= +
  • 24. Protecting the irreplaceable | References Milla Marketing Director
  • 25. Protecting the irreplaceable | We serve over 250M people worldwide, through our 200+ operators and 1000+ service partners
  • 26. Protecting the irreplaceable | • Trusted provider – long history in security and cloud services • Focus on service provider – supporting needs of SPs • Great user experience – knowhow of successful SMB services • Financially solid – right size partner Why have our partners chosen us?
  • 27. Protecting the irreplaceable | Over 200 service provider partners globally
  • 28. Protecting the irreplaceable |
  • 29. Protecting the irreplaceable | Selected partner references
  • 30. Protecting the irreplaceable | Mobile service providers
  • 31. Protecting the irreplaceable | Device vendors
  • 32. Sarogini Quality Engineer F-SECURE © F-Secure ConfidentialOctober 8, 201332 AWARD-WINNING SECURITY
  • 33. Awarded protection against Zero-day malware attacks, including various web and e-mail threats Protecting the irreplaceable | DeepGuard 5 offers even better pro-active behavior-based protection against emerging zero-day threats
  • 34. Award highlights “Out of all corporate endpoint protection products reviewed, F- Secure Client Security offered by far the best protection.” Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST “We are proud to congratulate the entire F-Secure team for receiving the AV- test Best Protection Award 2012” Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST Protecting the irreplaceable |
  • 35. Protecting the irreplaceable |