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Proactive behavior-based protection combined with automatic software updates and advanced tools to control web access provide the best protection for workstations and laptops.

Client Security offers award-winning protection for Windows computers. F-Secure has received the "Best protection" award from AV-Test four years in a row which clearly shows that you can trust us to keep your PCs safe.

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Client Security - Best security for business workstations

  1. 1. © F-Secure Confidential1 SUPERIOR SECURITY FOR BUSINESS WORKSTATIONS F-Secure Client Security
  2. 2. WHYDOYOUNEED ENDPOINT PROTECTION? © F-Secure Confidential2  Endpoint protection is a core element of cyber security  Malware is getting more sophisticated  You are as safe as your weakest link  Layered protection to stop also sophisticated attack  Best way to avoid malware and the problems is causes - not to let it into your system in the first place EDWARD SNOWDEN AT CEBIT: “WE HAVE TO IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF OUR END-POINTS.”
  3. 3. ENDPOINTS ARE THE MOSTVULNERABLE © F-Secure Confidential3  In the US alone, clean-up costs amount to almost $9 million a year *  80% of top 10 malware could be avoided with up-to-date software, but over 80% of endpoints lack critical updates  Old fashioned antivirus is simply not enough * Source: Ponemon Endpoint protection forms the core element of protection
  4. 4. THEBEST JUST GOT BETTER! © F-Secure Confidential4  Uncompromised, consistent best security for Windows desktops and laptops  Improved security and productivity through Web Content Control *  Superior security through Connection Control * Don’t compromise – only accept the best security for your company * With Client Security Premium
  5. 5. THEBEST SECURITY IS ABOUT CONSISTENCY 80 85 90 95 100 JAN-FEB MAR-ARP MAY-JUN JUL-AUG SEP-OCT NOV-DEC 80 85 90 95 100 JAN-FEB MAR-ARP MAY-JUN JUL-AUG SEP-OCT NOV-DEC 80 85 90 95 100 JAN-FEB MAR-ARP MAY-JUN JUL-AUG SEP-OCT NOV-DEC 2012 2013 2014 Protection against 0-day threats – F-Secure Protection against 0-day threats – Industry average Detection of wide- spread malware – F-Secure Detection of wide- spread malware - Industry average
  6. 6. PROVENBY INDEPENDENT RESEARCH © F-Secure Confidential6 “F-Secure is a reliable product that has consistently met our high test requirements throughout 2014.” Andreas Marx, CEO, AV-Test
  9. 9. WEBCONTENT CONTROL © F-Secure Confidential9  Prevent malicious content from entering your network 1. Reduce productivity losses, bandwidth consumption, and legal risks caused by unauthorized employee access to inappropriate or distracting web content 2. Improve security by providing an extra layer of protection
  10. 10. IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH CONTROLLED ACCESS © F-Secure Confidential10 Source: 2013 of all respondents said they waste at least some time at work on a daily basis. 69% The number of people in this year’s survey who reported wasting time at work every day is up to a whopping 89% 89% OF PEOPLE SURVEYED WASTE AT LEAST HALF THE AVERAGE WORKDAY ON NON WORK-RELATED TASKS. 4% A 20% INCREASE COMPARED TO LAST YEAR
  11. 11. WHERE’S THEWASTE? © F-Secure Confidential11 Source: GOOGLE FACEBOOK LINKEDIN24% 15% 14% 31% waste roughly 30 minutes daily 31% waste roughly 1 hour daily 16% waste roughly 2 hours daily 6% waste roughly 3 hours daily 2% waste roughly 4 hours daily 2% waste 5 or more hours 89%
  12. 12. IMPROVESECURITY © F-Secure Confidential12  Guarantee better security as employees cannot access the harmful sites in the first place  90% of normal attacks come through the web  You can block harmful sites.
  13. 13. CONNECTION CONTROL © F-Secure Confidential13 Improve security through controlled and safe access to business critical assets  Allows connections during the session to sites which are verified safe by F-Secure  Protects the weakest link in business critical sessions – the web browser
  14. 14. SUPERIOR SECURITY © F-Secure Confidential14  Activates automatically in the browser when entering a web site  Prevents unknown banking trojans from sending sensitive information to online criminals  Closes network connections to unknown sites and prevents new ones during session X
  15. 15. 15 CONNECTIONCONTROL–STOP THEATTACKSBEFORETHEYENTER The weakest links: The online bank users and their browsers Banks have secured the connection from browser to the bank and the online banking servers Phishing Trojans © F-Secure Confidential
  16. 16.  Why a secure connection matters?  Financial loss when online banking credentials and money from the bank account is stolen.  Business secrets stolen if cloud- based CRM credentials are stolen © F-Secure Confidential16 CONNECTION CONTROL
  17. 17. ADVANCED PROTECTION © F-Secure Confidential17  Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection allows the admin to block certain content from unknown and suspicious sites.  E.g. Flash, Silverlight, Executables, Java & ActiveX components.
  18. 18. STOPMOSTOFTHE WEBATTACKS © F-Secure Confidential18 JAVA 28% FLASH 33% WINDOWS 10% SILVERLIGHT 5% Source: hxxp:// Block 100% of Java applets and Windows malware that come from unknown sources you do not trust. Technologies targeted by exploit kits in 2014-2015
  19. 19. SOFTWARE UPDATER © F-Secure Confidential19 … This provides added value through increased protection (Finding an update + Downloading + Applying) * Number of apps * Number of PCs * € per hour Deploying Software Updater * € per hour Cost savings through operational efficiency Automatically patch your software
  20. 20. OUT-OF-DATESOFTWAREISA SIGNIFICANTSECURITYRISK 20 83% 83% of TOP10 malware could have been avoided with up-to-date software 87% of corporate computers miss critical updates AND YET 87%
  21. 21. ISWINDOWSBASEDPATCH MANAGEMENTENOUGH? © F-Secure Confidential21 85% 12% 3% Are in 3rd party software Are in operating system Miscellaneous
  22. 22. © F-Secure Confidential22 MOSTCOMMONLY MISSINGUPDATES
  23. 23. © F-Secure Confidential23 REALITY OF SOFTWARE UPDATES What has been installed? Updates needed? Security related? Find right ones? Download & install All applications All computers Not enough time!?
  24. 24. SOFTWARE UPDATER ISUNIQUE © F-Secure Confidential24 Best detection, automatic updates and integrated management for an affordable package price Unique patch management not just for Windows but also for 3rd party products Automatic deployment of security updates
  25. 25. © F-Secure Confidential25 WORLD’S BEST ENDPOINT PROTECTION  Best protection against all threats  Software Updater (= patch management)  Proactive protection against threats  Control
  26. 26.  URL filtering to block known attack sites  Web traffic scanning and exploit protection  Behavior based exploit detection  File reputation queries  Runtime behavioral heuristics  File scanner (the traditional AV)  Device control to deny access to e.g. USB ports © F-Secure Confidential26 SECURITY SOFTWARE “MUST HAVE’S”
  27. 27. CLIENT SECURITY FEATURES © F-Secure Confidential27
  28. 28. CLIENT SECURITY Client Security offers pioneering security for all Windows workstations, whether desktops or laptops. Its numerous protection layers, pioneering technologies and value-added functionalities ensure unprecedented protection for business.
  29. 29. Key component of security, prevents up-to 85% of all malware in existence Automatically updates over 2500+ different 3rd party software Creates vulnerability analysis of your environment SOFTWARE UPDATER
  30. 30. Key in constantly reaching protection levels over the industry average Unmatched protection against advanced 0-Day threats Sophisticated technology, with heuristic, behavior and reputation analysis … Monitors the most commonly exploited software DEEPGUARD
  31. 31. Protects you by preventing access to malicious sites 28 different web content categories available Enforce web content control policies centrally from Policy Manager WEB CONTENT CONTROL
  32. 32. Protects you against harmful activity when accessing online banking and other business critical sites Supports all the major browsers Closes network connections to unknown sites while enabled CONNECTION CONTROL
  33. 33. Web Traffic Scanning Advanced Protection allows the administrator to block selected content from unknown or suspicious sites The admin can whitelist selected sites Protects the user from typically vulnerable content from websites ADVANCED PROTECTION
  34. 34. Global protection in 60 seconds from initial detection Unmatched protection against new emerging malware Global coverage drastically reduces the window of exposure REAL-TIME PROTECTION
  35. 35. Highly-advanced anti-malware platform, using multi-engine detection capabilities Offers vastly better security coverage without being reliant on single technology. Provides unmatched protection against viruses, trojans, rootkits and other malware. MULTI-ENGINE ANTI-MALWARE
  36. 36. Ensures that employees can work safely and efficiently online without worries Proactively prevents employees from accessing harmful sites, links or contents. Removes human error and proactively minimizes exposure Works with all major browsers BROWSING PROTECTION
  37. 37. Gives an extra layer of protection against malicious network activities Manage firewall rules and profiles remotely, and assign them based on device type. Works dynamically with DeepGuard and Application Control FIREWALL & INTRUSION PREVENTION
  38. 38. Better manageability for USB devices Prevents malware infections via USB Administrator can be notified if device has been blocked DEVICE CONTROL
  39. 39. GET SERIOUS ABOUT ENDPOINT PROTECTION © F-Secure Confidential39 Choose the best business protection – Test it out for free!
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