Business Suite - Gain control of your IT security


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Choosing IT security does not need to be hard or time taking. Business Suite puts all the necessary elements into one package to make your life easier, and your business safer.

Business Suite puts you on the driver's seat, giving you the necessary tools to centrally manage the whole IT environment. The in-depth features give you full control to what is allowed in your network.

Business Suite includes security products from the gateway level to endpoints, with versatile management features for demanding IT environments.

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Business Suite - Gain control of your IT security

  1. 1. GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR IT SECURITY F-Secure Business Suite
  2. 2. THEFOUNDATION OFSECURITY © F-Secure Confidential2 CENTRAL MANAGEMENT WEB FILTERING EMAIL PROTECTION Protecting identity and reputation Safeguard your communication Solutions that keep content safe Holistic security management Protecting from Internet threats SERVER PROTECTION END- POINT PROTECTION
  3. 3. THEBEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY © F-Secure Confidential3  Control the whole IT environment with one versatile tool  Complete, uncompromised security to ensure safe business  Simple to use, update, and purchase  Designed to have minimal impact on system performance  Focus on core business without worrying about security
  4. 4. BUSINESS SUITE HIGHLIGHTS © F-Secure Confidential4  On-site solution for high-security demands  Advanced management features for demanding IT environments  Covers the essential parts of security – protection against known vulnerabilities as well as new, emerging threats  Support for both physical and virtual environments with one central management tool  Provides security from gateway level to endpoints
  5. 5. © F-Secure Confidential5 GATEWAY LEVEL LAYERED PROTECTION COMMUNICATION SERVERS DESKTOPS & LAPTOPS CENTRAL MANAGEMENT 360 protection from all threats The best way to stop cyber- attacks is to stop them before they enter the company network
  6. 6. “BESTPROTECTION”AWARDBY AV-TEST-4TH YEARINAROW © F-Secure Confidential6 Since 2011, F-Secure's security product has been a guarantee of high protection in corporate environments. Andreas Marx, CEO, AV-Test
  7. 7. TWO VERSIONS: PREMIUM AND STANDARD © F-Secure Confidential7
  8. 8. BUSINESS SUITE PREMIUM CHOOSEAN ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE, ORGET SEPARATE LICENSES © F-Secure Confidential8 POLICY MANAGER WINDOWS SERVERS Server Security Premium WORKSTATIONS Client Security Premium EXCHANGE Email and Server Security Premium WEB TRAFFIC Internet Gatekeeper SHAREPOINT Email and Server Security Premium CITRIX AND TERMINAL SERVERS Server Security Premium LINUX Linux Security EMC STORAGE Email and Server Security Premium VIRTUAL SECURITY Scanning and Reputation Server
  9. 9. BUSINESSSUITE STANDARD CHOOSEA BASIC PACKAGE, ORGET SEPARATE LICENSES © F-Secure Confidential9 POLICY MANAGER WINDOWS SERVERS Server Security WORKSTATIONS Client Security EXCHANGE Email and Server Security WEB TRAFFIC Internet Gatekeeper SHAREPOINT Email and Server Security Premium CITRIX AND TERMINAL SERVERS Server Security LINUX Linux Security EMC STORAGE Email and Server Security Premium VIRTUAL SECURITY Scanning and Reputation Server
  11. 11. CONTROL INTERNET USE -ENHANCE SECURITY © F-Secure Confidential11 Web Content Control Control and manage what users are allowed to do in the company network. Restrict inappropriate internet use and help increase security and productivity.
  12. 12. ADDALAYER OFEXTRA PROTECTION © F-Secure Confidential12 Connection Control Helps you protect users against harmful activity when accessing online banking and other business critical sites.
  13. 13. OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE FOR VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS © F-Secure Confidential13 Scanning and Reputation Server Allows you to offload scanning to improve performance and at the same time keep your environment totally secure.
  14. 14. © F-Secure Confidential14 STOPATTACKS BEFORE THEYENTER Advanced Protection Block certain content from unknown and suspicious sites and provide an additional layer of protection in your environment.
  15. 15. AVOIDGAPSINYOUR PROTECTION © F-Secure Confidential15 Software Updater Keep Windows and 3rd party applications automatically up to date and patched against vulnerabilities.
  16. 16. BUSINESS SUITE ELEMENTS © F-Secure Confidential16
  17. 17. EVERYTHINGFOR BUSINESSSECURITYIN ONEPACKAGE BusinessSuiteisafullprotectionbundleforcompanies, builtwithyourbusiness‘sITinmind.AllthebestinF-Secure securityandmanagementinone,soyoudon'thaveto worryaboutpickingtherightcombo.
  18. 18. ONE BUSINESS-SMART PACKAGE Windows, Citrix, Linux and Terminal servers Web filtering Automatic patch management Desktops and laptops Communication and collaboration Central management Virtual environments
  19. 19. CENTRAL MANAGEMENT EASIER & SMARTER way to manage IT security in one place AUTOMATED updates to keep all levels of IT infrastructure safe Define and distribute security policies, and monitor your company's overall security Improved control and profitability with Web Content Control and Connection Control for Client Security Premium
  20. 20. *BEST PROTECTION, AV-Test, 2014 *TOP RATED, AV-Comparatives, 2014-10 DESKTOPAND LAPTOPSECURITY PRESTIGIOUSLY AWARDED* multilayer security for desktops and laptops Minimal performance impact makes it perfect for even older hardware Contains DeepGuard for protection against 0-day vulnerabilities Numerous advanced features in Premium version, such as Software Updater, Web Content Control, Connection Control
  21. 21. SECURITY FORSERVERS Security for Windows, Linux, Citrix and Terminal servers Software Updater* for automatic patch management Scheduled and on-demand scanning, anti- spam and browsing protection. *PREMIUM products only
  22. 22. COMMUNICATION ANDCOLLABORATION Protects Email communication against harmful emails and spam Microsoft SharePoint* component with advanced anti-malware Microsoft Exchange component with highly accurate spam filtering and anti- malware *WITH E-MAIL AND SERVER SECURITY PREMIUM
  23. 23. VIRTUALSECURITY PRESTIGIOUSLY AWARDED multilayer technology for virtual desktops and servers Optimized performance for virtual environments Now available with Business Suite Premium
  24. 24. WEBFILTERING WITHINTERNET GATEKEEPER Gateway level protection against malware in mail, browsing and file transfers Scans incoming and outgoing SMTP and POP3, HTTP and FTP traffic for all types of malware Protects your web traffic with award- winning technologies - also available as a virtual appliance
  25. 25. SOFTWARE PATCHING Up-to-date software prevents up to 80% OF ALL COMMON MALWARE Automatically patches OS & 3rd party apps, ensuring compatibility Vulnerability analysis based on security and software patches
  26. 26. © F-Secure Confidential26 FEATURE COMPARISON Feature Business Suite Business Suite Premium Virus & spyware Protection x x DeepGuard x x Web Traffic Scanning x x Browsing Protection x x Offload Scanning Agent x x Advanced Protection x x Web Content Control x Connection Protection x Software Updater x Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange x x Spam Control x x HTTP Traffic filtering with Internet Gatekeeper x x Anti-Virus for Microsoft SharePoint x Support for Virtual Desktop’s and Server’s (SRS) x EMC CAVA support x
  27. 27. PUT YOURSELF ON THE DRIVER’S SEAT © F-Secure Confidential27 Test it out for free! Learn more
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