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Uxdi project two-group presentation
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Uxdi project two-group presentation


Published on

This is the group presentation of my second project in UXDI Sydney, General Assembly.

This is the group presentation of my second project in UXDI Sydney, General Assembly.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business

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  • 1. The design decision process 1) A functioning team - finding strengths and weaknesses - building trust with our users and stakeholders 2) using PERSONAS and Best Practice UX PRINCIPLES to take our decisions
  • 2. Card Sort • Ideas from the whole team • Collaborative process with feedback • 2 options: • boys/girls & summer/ winter • boys/girls & tops/bottoms/ accessories Defining categories for TrueSpirit site navigation
  • 3. Site Maps & User flows • We have considered all of the user flows to have a well structured site map • All ideas as team, then refined individually
  • 4. Reviewing Personas Extra work required: • Referred back to all 3 personas at each step • What we’d like to continue working on : Building out the personas (not as much ) Building out the personas as much as possible
  • 5. Rough Sketches ! • Setting out ideas on paper. • Keeping the funnel wide • As many options as possible were considered
  • 6. Refining and decisions • We were able to find better results as we could merge many ideas into one. • Then drew larger, more detailed sketches for consideration • Considered and chose those that best fit the personas
  • 7. Wireframing & Prototyping • Discussed as a Lesson 1: More refining of wireframes and process = less time to prototype team • Created first versions (low fidelity) individually in Omnigraffle • Reviewed as a team • Finalised as a team in Omnigraffle Lesson2: Know what we are setting up our wireframes for
  • 8. How the group arrived at the final decision? em l ob h ug s ea id isc D Ro pr s us n ig es ld na Fi ew evi R
  • 9. Navigation iterating
  • 10. Product page iterating
  • 11. Product page iteration
  • 12. Home Page iterating • Brand look&feel • business needs: sales • show prices and comparison with sale • quality and care • easy returns
  • 13. The result: ! Imagine the site
  • 14. ! ! Imagine the site Home page Mock-up
  • 15. User Testing (key findings) • We expect picture to zoom.. but user expected to go to details page • One user would have saved his profile if it didn’t include credit card • User went to sales button to find polo shirt rather than top navigation bar. (we could perhaps re-do these links to boys and girls). • One user said he’d prefer just to use images rather than navigation menus • 2/3 users could not find the alternative views (eg gallery vs list). • Check out works well!
  • 16. Q&A Thanks