Uxdi project two-group presentation


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This is the group presentation of my second project in UXDI Sydney, General Assembly.

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Uxdi project two-group presentation

  1. 1. The design decision process 1) A functioning team - finding strengths and weaknesses - building trust with our users and stakeholders 2) using PERSONAS and Best Practice UX PRINCIPLES to take our decisions
  2. 2. Card Sort • Ideas from the whole team • Collaborative process with feedback • 2 options: • boys/girls & summer/ winter • boys/girls & tops/bottoms/ accessories Defining categories for TrueSpirit site navigation
  3. 3. Site Maps & User flows • We have considered all of the user flows to have a well structured site map • All ideas as team, then refined individually
  4. 4. Reviewing Personas Extra work required: • Referred back to all 3 personas at each step • What we’d like to continue working on : Building out the personas (not as much ) Building out the personas as much as possible
  5. 5. Rough Sketches ! • Setting out ideas on paper. • Keeping the funnel wide • As many options as possible were considered
  6. 6. Refining and decisions • We were able to find better results as we could merge many ideas into one. • Then drew larger, more detailed sketches for consideration • Considered and chose those that best fit the personas
  7. 7. Wireframing & Prototyping • Discussed as a Lesson 1: More refining of wireframes and process = less time to prototype team • Created first versions (low fidelity) individually in Omnigraffle • Reviewed as a team • Finalised as a team in Omnigraffle Lesson2: Know what we are setting up our wireframes for
  8. 8. How the group arrived at the final decision? em l ob h ug s ea id isc D Ro pr s us n ig es ld na Fi ew evi R
  9. 9. Navigation iterating
  10. 10. Product page iterating
  11. 11. Product page iteration
  12. 12. Home Page iterating • Brand look&feel • business needs: sales • show prices and comparison with sale • quality and care • easy returns
  13. 13. The result: ! Imagine the site
  14. 14. ! ! Imagine the site Home page Mock-up
  15. 15. User Testing (key findings) • We expect picture to zoom.. but user expected to go to details page • One user would have saved his profile if it didn’t include credit card • User went to sales button to find polo shirt rather than top navigation bar. (we could perhaps re-do these links to boys and girls). • One user said he’d prefer just to use images rather than navigation menus • 2/3 users could not find the alternative views (eg gallery vs list). • Check out works well!
  16. 16. Q&A Thanks