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1920s Sports
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1920s Sports


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1. SPORTS MANIA                                   
  • 2. Baseball In America
    • In the 1920’s the first Negro leagues were stared in america founded by Rube Foster.
    • In the 1920’s baseball became known as the American sport because it became so popular.
    • Babe Ruth was the most famous baseball player in the 1920. He was a little chunky guy who would hit homeruns out of the park like nothing ever seen before. 1927 he hit a record setting 60 homeruns which was a record that stood for 30 years.
    • Satchel Paige, James Bell, and Josh Gibson were some of the many famous black players in the Negro league.
    • Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the MLB in america. This brought lots of controversies between white and dark skin people.
    • Baseball today is played all over the world.
  • 3. Football
    • On September 17, 1920 the first American organized football league was established. Teams were only charged $100 to join the league.
    • The first ever trade was made in December of 1920 between Akron and Buffalo.(Tackle Bob Nash)
    • In 1921 the first use of football standings were put to use. The Green Bay Packers team was established.
    • The NFL,( National Football League) was established which consisted of 18 teams.
    • In 1925 one of the best football players, Harold (red) Grange joined the Chicago Bears. This brought lots of national attention because he was a player you had to see to believe.
    • By the end of the 1930’s the NFL was in full stride nation wide, Grange was still one of the best in the sport.
  • 4. Boxing
    • Boxing was banned from America in the early 1900’s.
    • In 1920 New York passed the Walker Law, this law permitted boxing fights to be legal in New York.
    • As others states witness what was happening in New York so they also legalized boxing. Boxing in America at this point was in full stride.
    • The first million-dollar fight was fought between Jack Dempsey of the U.S. and Georges Carpenter of France.
    • The first 2 ½ million-dollar fight was a rematch between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney. Tunney won both of the fights.
    • This fight was viewed by 100,000 persons. To the boxing world in America this was a positive and great outcome.
  • 5. Tennis
    • Tennis became an American sport just like all the other sports in the 1920’s.
    • William “Big Bill” Tilden was the best tennis player in the 1920’s.
    • In tournaments he was astonishing to watch. He was the first American to win the Wimbledon tennis title.
    • He was arrested and shunned for his homosexuality. He died penniless and alone.
    • Helen Wills won every single match “she” played from 1927 to the end of the decade.
    • She was the number one female tennis player in America in the 1920’s.
  • 6. Golf
    • Golf was not one of the most popular sports during the 1920’s because all the other sports were in full stride.
    • There were three guys who help revolutionize the sport of golf in America; Boobby Jones, Walter Hagen, and Gene Sarozen.(all Americans)
    • Bobby Jones was playing the best golf of his life wining tournament after tournament.
    • Walter Hagen is well recognized for his style of dressing. He won 2 U.S. opens, 4 British opens, and 5 PGA tittles including 4 in a row. (1924-1927)
    • Gene Sarazone was consider on of the best golfers of the 1920’s and 1930’s. He is the first golfer to win 2 major tittles in the same year. In total he captured 10 major tittles.
    • Americans began to fall in love with a sport that was different from all the others.
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