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Niagara Naturals Overview


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Niagara Naturals Overview

  1. 1. Fruit Snack Co. 329 Four Mile Creek Road, St. Davids, Ontario, Canada L0S 1P0 Co-Pack & Private Label Program YOUR BRAND HERE . . . where YOUR BRAND & OUR TASTE come together! Create YOUR Respond to Consumer Demand for: brand with OUR • Healthy, All Natural snacks made of 100% REAL FRUIT products • Simple, clean Ingredient lists, no preservatives, nothing artificial to compete with • Snacks free of Wheat & Gluten, Trans Fat & Cholesterol these brands: • Competely Nut Free products • Servings of Fruit – 1 serving of fruit in every piece • “Fun” products - twists, ropes, nibs & coextruded shapes • A wide choice of flavours to satisfy many tastes Wrap YOUR BRAND around Fruit Snacks that are: • Made with only 100% Real Fruit • Free of preservatives and artificial ingredients • Nut Free • Gluten & Wheat Free • Trans Fat Free & Cholesterol Free • Fun & Tasty Our Capabilities: • All Natural ingredients only • Stock or Custom flavours and shapes • Production equipment with unique capabilities, the latest generation of real fruit snack production techinques • Packaging in preprinted or clear individual wrap films & pouches • Bulk display boxes for single-serve or retail boxes and bags • Kosher, HACCP, GMP, QA programs • Capacity of 250,000 units per day (18g to 20g units) • Attractive & Convenient location in the Niagara fruit growing region and next to the US-Canada border Envrionmental Sustainability: • We are committed to being an environmentally sustainable & carbon neutral production facility • The plant and equipment are energy efficient • Drying system waste water is recycled • Carbon offset activites are pursued in the Rift Valley, Kenya, Africa Interested in discussing a fruit snack program for your brand? CALL us at 905-262-8200 or EMAIL us at
  2. 2. Fruit Snack Co. 329 Four Mile Creek Road, St. Davids, Ontario, Canada L0S 1P0 Fruit snack firm brings life to old cannery The former CanGro Foods Inc. plant in St. Davids,Ontario is getting a second chance at becoming a fruit factory mecca. On Friday morning, dried-fruit snack entrepreneur John Boot announced plans to open a new company called Niagara Natural Fruit Snacks Inc. in part of the vacant former fruit cannery. The all-natural fruit snack plant will initially employ nine people and take in fruit from local growers when it opens this April. The snacks are a healthy option for people and the economy, Boot said at a news conference Friday morning in his new 25,000-square-foot warehouse. "It's good for the local fruit-processing industry because you start to use fruit from the farm industry, whether that's apples or pears," Boot said. "It brings added value to the farmers and an additional market for them to expand business." Boot said he plans to produce about 100,000 snack packets per shift once operations start up and use several types of fruits, including peaches and pears. Boot said it's too soon to know how many growers and fruit processors he'll need for the new company. But Len Troup, chairman of the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board, said any new avenues through which their produce can be sold is welcome news for Niagara fruit growers. Dozens of peach and pear growers lost a huge chunk of their market after U. S.-based Sun Capital Partners Inc. closed CanGro last June. Growers who sell to the fresh market would be able to sell bruised or damaged fruit to the company, that would otherwise go to waste, Troup said. "It means another processing facility coming back instead of another shutting down," Troup said. "This is another market for our growers." The project has the support of the province, which gave the start-up company $884,570 for high-tech equipment through its Rural Economic Development Program. Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor, who fought to save CanGro, said he's thrilled to see a new fruit-processing plant in the old cannery. Craitor said it was extremely tough on the community and the growers to watch the last remaining fruit cannery east of the Rockies die last year. "I want to say it's exciting," Craitor said. "I'm so proud and pleased." Boot has the resume to make Niagara Natural Fruit Snacks a success, supporters said Friday. A St. Catharines native, Boot spent more than 20 years in the dried-fruit snack industry in British Columbia. He was the founder and previous owner of Kettle Valley Dried Fruit Company based in Summerland, B. C., which produces natural fruit snacks, fruit leathers and fruit bars. The company operated three factories and had more than 60 employees when Boot sold the business five years ago. Boot said he hopes to create a similar operation in Niagara. "We'll just go wherever the market lets us go," Boot said. Boot is renting the space from Niagara-on-the-Lake developer Rainer Hummel, who owns the property at 329 Four Mile Creek Rd. Hummel said he's targeting food companies to fill the remaining 125,000 square feet of warehouse space. Copyright © 2009 St. Catharines Standard - April 2009