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28 Companyprofile Dec

  1. 1. companyprofile_dec.qxd 11/4/05 10:49 AM Page 1 COMPANY_PROFILE Science First: sets Market-Wise strict standards From the farm gate to the finished product Market-Wise is a corporate supplier and advisor to the industry with an enviable focus on quality control. By Taryn Lloyd Market-Wise president Stephen Lukawski T his year, Market-Wise celebrates a decade of growth since first priority and to ensure that we had science behind the product I its emergence in 1995 and has established itself as a partnered with universities and researchers to achieve that.” The most reputable corporate supplier and advisory in the industry. significant partnership is with the Guelph Food Technology Centre, an The bulk of the company’s success can be attributed to independent, industry-driven, not-for-profit organization which assists its president and founder Stephen Lukawski who is not food and nutrition companies to improve their competitiveness and only seeking profitability, but placing his principal focus on consumer profitability. This is achieved by aiding them to develop new products, safety, environmental sustainability and product efficacy. Such ethics, design new processes, train their staff and implement safety and quality coupled with Mr Lukawski’s passion for helping others and confidence in systems. Market-Wise established a laboratory in which scientists test the the competitive marketing arena, has resulted in ongoing annual growth ideas brought to the company by manufacturers. “It’s there for rate, which is keeping pace with the rest of the industry. The company has manufacturers to bring their ideas to the market, I take their ideas to the also managed to acquire a cluster of exciting North American Guelph Food Technology Centre and work with other companies, such as ingredients. As the exclusive Canadian marketer and distributor of Cran- Little Ford Day, to develop them into nutritional food products,” he said. Max and the Bio-Shield product line of proprietary infused fruit “We encourage companies to do research and development because the powders, including Blue-Max, Bil-Max and Elder-Max – this company value of what we are trying to do as marketers is hidden behind the science. has proven its consumer pulling power and has more science-based If I can show manufacturers that we’ve done this testing and can show that ingredients planned for release next year. this material is of value as a dietary supplement then they start to listen.” Mr Lukawski said the company extends the research by testing the QUALITY FROM THE GROUND UP whole spectrum of ingredients to create value-added botanical Market-Wise has successfully demonstrated its abilities in strategic ingredients and ranging formulations. “I bring together growers, planning, product development, brokering, research and marketing since researchers and manufacturers who all want science-based ingredients to the day Mr. Lukawski launched the business. be the future for the industry,” he said. “We undertake research in new His mix of education and experience in sales and marketing, and a newly fields such as enhanced delivery systems, micro-encapsulation, drying found interest in botanical agriculture, proved ripe for success. Mr. techniques, blending and milling and bio-availability – all the latest Lukawski was spurred when his close friends began cultivating ginseng and science, which improves the absorption of products once they are he realized the potential in the industry. “I basically started from the consumed as well as their overall quality.” ground up, first working with the growers to set quality assurance The first success for Market-Wise came when the company developed standards that met or exceeded the Canadian government food regulations Canadian ginseng root into value-added products, which helped put the and then worked with the manufacturers to supply botanicals that are safe ingredient on the map as this new category was being established in and effective,” he said. “Right from the start, safety and efficacy were the Canada. Market-Wise took on the marketing and brokering of ginseng at 28 ihr > DECEMBER 05
  2. 2. companyprofile_dec.qxd 11/4/05 10:49 AM Page 2 COMPANY_PROFILE a time when most of the root being farmed was exported to Hong Kong and people who purchase our cranberry ingredients”, said Mr Lukawski. was not widely consumed as a dietary supplement. From there he went on to “This is attractive for consumers and means retailers have another promote other Canadian-grown herbs such as echinacea and also started to tool when attempting to sell these products.” focus on fruit and vegetables with a primary concentration on cranberry. Another unique marketing initiative expected to boost sales is its Working with U.S. manufacturer Cape Cod Bio-Lab and Insure Your Health, free book give away offer valid for every cranberry product sold. The Market-Wise launched the first all-natural 100 per cent cranberry formulation two books which will be on offer are valued at about $9 per copy. called CranMax. Market-Wise owns the marketing and distribution rights for The Beauty of Berries by Lisa Petty and Benefits of Berries by CranMax in Canada and has worked to make it the number one clinically- pharmacist Sherry Torkos will be distributed through health food proven ingredient out of all cranberry products. “I’m really excited about that stores and pharmacies. Mr Lukawski said the book promotion will because we are out there working dilligently to promote technology and bring not only attract more sales for retailers but consumers will become the science of CranMax to the forefront. This shows that the industry is calling more educated on the efficacy of berries overall. He said effectively for scientifically-backed ingredients. An example of this are companies such as educating consumers and professionals is the way to sustain growth Swiss Herbal Remedies who have enjoyed tremendous sales of CranMax as a in the natural health products industry. Market-Wise also liaises result of their commitment and support to ongoing research.” with retailers at certain trade shows including the Canadian Health As well as the commitment to science, Market-Wise has an environmentally Food Association Expo East, where it had a booth. conscious attitude to agriculture and is establishing new agricultural standards through the program—Growers Quality Assurance (GQA). The GQA is a BRIGHT FUTURE AHEAD symbol assigned to growers which meet quality standards which exceed Next year, Mr Lukawski promises the company will launch an Canadian government standards. “With the assistance of manufacturers, I exciting new line of ingredients . With ongoing exploration and created this GQA program in the beginning and the business took off from testing of ingredients from around the world—the company has there. What this program does is give consumers confidence that the product much to offer well into the future. and all its ingredients have been audited and inspected at all levels to ensure “The future plan is to channel the course that we are moving that purity, potency and quality are achieved. With GQA, manufacturers and towards today and stay focused on doing what we do best - which is consumers are assured that these raw materials have been tested for such things marketing the science,” he said. “Without the science and strict as heavy metals and pesticides. I personally go onto farmer’s properties and quality-control standards, I don’t think we or the industry is going ensure they are meeting very strict quality standards.” The company has also to grow. I look forward to the new Canadian health regulations and created an affective bio-wash system which cleanses the herbs extensively to working hard to help people live longer and healthier lives.” Mr remove any chemicals. Well water on the properties is also treated so it is Lukawski said he is also looking forward to new partnerships with purified and free from chemicals which can leak into the soil. “While science is companies who also place quality, safety and efficacy first. “We need important, it is also imperative that we monitor quality from the time of to continue to work with manufacturers who have a vision of planting until the product hits the shelf.” science and a continued passion to develop innovative research- backed products that will improve the overall general health and THE SECRET INGREDIENTS OF SUCCESS well-being of the consumer.” “To create a winning product you have to have a winning team and the retailer is a vital component of that team,” according to Mr. Lukawski. He said his company is constantly developing new consumer, retailer and professional awareness and education programs which help retailers sell the AT A GLANCE product once it’s on the shelf. “You have to have cooperation amongst the COMPANY NAME: Market-Wise retailers, the distributors, manufacturers and suppliers – it takes a combined LOCATION: 7171 Appleby lane, Milton, ON . L9t 2Y1 effort for a product to be successful. While I believe the science is the key to the PHONE: 905-878-9952 selling of the product, before the product can be sold at retail level, there must FAX: 905-878-9912 be a distribution channel in place and marketing program that promotes brand EMAIL: stephen@marketwisenutrition.com awareness. Once it’s on the shelf both the manufacturer and the retailer need WEBSITE: www.berrymax.com marketing support to generate sales. And that’s where we come in with push- KEY PERSONNEL: pull marketing concepts.” One example of that is the company’s current Stephen Lukawski - CEO and president contracting of media relations professionals to get their range of ingredients Tom Conwell - Account Executive into trade and professional publications catering to doctors, pharmacists and Jeanne Boyce - Administration naturopaths. In doing so, the company is ensuring that those recommending Dennis Glavin - Marketing products to consumers are confident recommending them. The company has Serge Breton - Account Executive - Quebec also developed some marketing initiatives to entice the consumers. “In the Allen Mannen - Research and Development beginning of the new year, we are going to launch a trip for two to Cape Cod for > DECEMBER 05 ihr 29