7 ve gepolys fruitbreedomics mab services


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7 ve gepolys fruitbreedomics mab services

  1. 1. VEGEPOLYS, The plant cluster Fruitbreedomics, 11 february 2014, Zurich Fabienne MATHIS Plant breeding Projects manager VEGEPOLYS
  2. 2. VEGEPOLYS - Status and goal An association dedicated to promote plant’s companies Funding: Public grants and self financing Steering committee: -Public research and higher education (INRA, University) -Private companies -Organizations from plant sectors (unions, cooperatives) -Local chambers (commerce, agriculture) Members: 300, including 2/3 of small and medium sized companies Goal: Set up innovative Research & Developpment projects to increase the business of companies Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  3. 3. VEGEPOLYS - Strategic location The large Loire area of France, a unique concentration of activities around agriculture and horticulture 4.000 companies 30.000 Jobs 450 Researchers 25 training centers 2.500 Students Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  4. 4. VEGEPOLYS - Organization A specific organization to achieve our goal Emergence Team 5 development managers Networking between firms, researchers and higher education -conferences -workshops -prospecting for new members and costumers Project Team 4 Projects managers 4 Lab technicians -Laboratory of biotechnologies + access to 5 technical platforms shared: -Analysis of Nucleic Acids -Cell imaging -Collection of Microorganisms -Phytochemical analyzes -Tools Phenotyping Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  5. 5. VEGEPOLYS - Project Team 3 fields of expertises follow the activities of the Loire area: Breeding and production of plants Topics teams Plant breeding Projects manager: Fabienne Mathis Technician: Nadège Lepocreau Phytopathology and cropping systems Projects manager : Caroline Bonneau Projects manager: Florian Bryone Technicians: Laetitia Porcher, Lionel Vandekerckhove Phytochemistry Projects manager : Amélie Chaigneau Technician: Caroline Servant Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  6. 6. VEGEPOLYS - Breeding plant services Germplasm evaluation -Trees of phylogeny -Trees of diversity -Floral biology -Mode of reproduction Tools Breeding consulting Germplasm management platforms -Bibliography -Phenotyping -Analysis of Nucleic Acids-Genotyping -Specifications -Planning of the breeding -Cell imaging -in vitro culture -Phenotyping tools -Data analysis -Monitoring Facilities -Outsourcing -Breeding program -Greenhouses -Growth rooms -in vitro laboratory Breeding selection -Phenotypic identification and selection -Genetic identification and selection: MAB Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  7. 7. VEGEPOLYS - MAB services Principle and goals Principle: 1-For a given species, some plants present 1 or several biological characters relevant for the selection. 2-Each character can be linked to a gene. 3-This gene is labelled by a specific molecular marker.  So we can detect the presence or not of a character in all plants of this species assisted by a marker, it is the MAB principle. Main goals of the MAB:  The MAB can be used to select hybrids carrying genes of interest and to compile these genes to create a new genitor Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  8. 8. VEGEPOLYS - MAB services transfer of genetic knowledge for fruit trees breeders A list of fruit trees which have 1 or several genes linked to 1 or several biological characters of interest will be done by the researchers of Fruitbreedomics and previous projects.  So the MAB fruitbreedomics services allow to detect the genes inherited from these parent trees into hybrids. Fruitbreedomics 11-02-2014, vegepolys presentation
  9. 9. VEGEPOLYS - MAB services Services adapted to the small and medium sized companies • • • • • Definition of the project and specific objectives Identification of expert if necessary (INRA researchers) Design and evaluation of technical and human resources Quotation Realization of the project  Outsourcing of the R&D activities for small and medium companies and taking care to adapt our response to the resources of our client. Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  10. 10. VEGEPOLYS - MAB services experience in MAB R&D experience -Genotyping and detection of genes for Hidras and Isafruit europeen projects -Establishment of a methodology of MAB for Isafruit: poster -MAB service experience Several clients breeders for rosacea family -Extraction of DNA -Molecular analysis with markers published or provided by researchers -Detailed report Fruitbreedomics 2014-02-11, vegepolys presentation
  11. 11. Fruitbreedomics 11-02-2014, vegepolys presentation
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention www.vegepolys.eu  fabienne.mathis@vegepolys.eu  Fruitbreedomics 11-02-2014, vegepolys presentation