Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You


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Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You

  1. 1. Signs That A Taurus Man Likes YouBrains -- Men are attracted to women who are smart. When you can hold an intelligentconversation with any man on a lot of subject matters a lot of men will find yourconversations engaging. And certainly, when you consider that fact that most of us want tosettle down with women who can contribute financially to the relationship, then the smarterwomen who make more money will be the women we want in our lives. And I am not sayingthat if you dont have a job they no man will want you -- that is not what I am saying. Youhave to simply demonstrate that you are always working on taking care of your financialobligations when they arise.Second, in the law of attraction, you have to talk to your subconscious about what you want.Believe. Strongly believe that you can get it. Reject negative thoughts and doubts. Allow yourdreams to come to you by believing that it can happen. If you are wishing for that man, dontbe defeated by negative thoughts that this man does not exist, or there are no good men whowould like to commit in a relationship with you. In the law of attraction, the secrets to attractmen are in your thoughts.Respect the choices he makes. If you are in the habit of going into a power struggle with him,stop it. Figure out how to listen without going to war with him.How to please your manLittle surprises keep him coming back. Keep a romance alive and constantly keep your manhappy with pleasant surprises. Throw in that naughty little lingerie you never wear and do a
  2. 2. lap dance for him while hes watching the Sports channel. Wear that little French maidcostume and watch his jaw drop as he walks in the living room. Whatever you do, dont fallinto the trap of mediocrity. Be creative.Men can be really possessive or jealous when it comes to romantic relationships. If you canmake him believe no other man could interest you, he will respect and love you for it.Look at how the most outgoing and the most popular people act on a date. They alwaysmake eye contact, keep their chin up high, and engage in exciting, flirty conversation. Theyhave the guy fully engaged and showing total interest. You need to take note of thesequalities, and include them in your dating experiences.Men pay more attention when woman are appealing to their visual senses. You need to wearsomething, and look a certain way that will make him fix his eyes on you when you are outtogether. Maintain a nice looking appearance whenever you meet with him. This is the firstmost important thing you must do.