Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Porch


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See how we decorate the small front porch for spring using our spring decorating ideas. We offer porch decorating ideas that are inexpensive and easy to do to make any porch dazzle.

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Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Porch

  1. 2. The owners of this home wanted to decorate their porch for spring but didn’t want to spend a lot to do it. We’ll show you how!
  2. 3. Start with two basic porch decorating ideas: Use Color and Create a Focal Point We selected a colorful spring wreath for the front door to satisfy both requirements The purples, yellows, and green complement the home’s exterior color and it can easily be seen from the street We’ll use these same colors throughout the porch
  3. 4. This colorful flag serves two purposes First, the colors match our decorating scheme exactly and gives the porch additional focus Second, it creates motion on the porch to catch the eyes of passer-bys
  4. 5. Our porch is small in width but it does have height. A hanging basket will help tie the upper and lower portions together. We use artificial flowers in purple, yellow, and green because it is early in the year and we don’t have to water them.
  5. 6. Combined, the wreath, flag, and hanging basket add lots of appeal, color, and focus to the upper portion of the porch. Now let’s take care of the lower portion.
  6. 7. The existing concrete porch floor was stained and was not very appealing. We began by painting it tan – only took 20 minutes and made a world of difference.
  7. 8. Although the porch is relatively small, there was space for a bench. The bench is not only appealing but it’s a great place for a morning cup of coffee, a place from which to watch your children play in the yard, or a place for packages as you unlock the front door. Easy and inexpensive to make, a bench is a great addition to any porch.
  8. 9. We purchased three inexpensive pots at Home Depot and spray painted them purple. We then planted pansies and snap dragons (owners had planted them in an adjacent garden area). Placement is important – this is not the best…..
  9. 10. We needed more height on the porch so we made a small shelf and painted it green.
  10. 11. This looks better but… This grouping gives the porch a much better overall look
  11. 12. Because our plants were young, they didn’t fill the pots. So we purchased inexpensive artificial flowers for fill and will remove them as the plants grow to fill the pots.
  12. 13. We replaced the owner’s old black door mat with one with vibrant spring colors!
  13. 14. We needed to break the space between the picture window and the front door on the porch – it was just too wide a space. We found this sign at Michael’s and with a little craft paint, turned it into a “welcome” sign . We placed it next to the front door to bring the focal point back onto the porch.
  14. 15. Our “after” pictures now depict a porch with real curb appeal and a delightful spring look!
  15. 16. For more details on this project and for other decorating ideas, be sure to visit Front Porch Ideas and More.com – your portal to everything porches!