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Dave and I give you a great overview of the various types of porch roofs - from flat to shed, hip to mansard. This is part one of our Front Porch Designs series.

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All About Porch Roof Designs

  1. 1. Front Porch Ideas and MoreFront Porch Ideas and MoreFront Porch Ideas and More Porch Roof Designs Find us at Front Porch Ideas and More Part 1: All About Porch Roof Designs From our Front Porch Design Series Find us at . Cover photo (inset) by J. Paul Moore Photography
  2. 2. Part 1: Front Porch Design Series All About Porch Roof Designs Hello and welcome! We are Dave and Mary from Front Porch Ideas and More. We are often asked what makes a great front porch design. Visit us at
  3. 3. Porches Share Same Basic Structures Most porches have the same components: foundation, piers, joists, beams and rafters. What makes one porch more extraordinary than another? Visit us at
  4. 4. Let’s Start at the Top – Porch Roofs The two of us love porches and in this Front Porch Design Series we want to help define what makes for a wonderful front porch design. Come along with us as we begin at the top - porch roof designs. We'll help you see porch roofs in a brand new way. Visit us at
  5. 5. Most of the time we focus at what's on the porch rather than how the porch is protected - by the roof. Let's look at some conceptual 3D drawings and photos of roof designs to illustrate various roof design features. Visit us at
  6. 6. Here is a simple ranch style home and we are going to show you three different front porch designs for this home. Visit us at
  7. 7. This porch has a flat roof - one of the least expensive types of roofs to build. Notice that the roof is centered over the front door and porch steps. Visit us at
  8. 8. If you were to offset the roof to the right or the left of the front door, it would change the overall appearance. If you live in a cold, snowy area, a flat porch roof may not be a good option due to heavy snow on your roof. It is always good to check with your local codes department before beginning a project like this. Visit us at
  9. 9. Visit us at This flat roof is stunning on this small curb-appealing front porch.
  10. 10. Visit us at Here we see the same ranch home with a shed type porch roof. The shed roof adds visual interest to the main roof and blends in as if it were always there.
  11. 11. Visit us at Again, you could place the roof anywhere along the front of the home and achieve a different perspective. Putting the porch steps in a different location can change overall design as well.
  12. 12. Visit us at Shed roofs are cost effective and by adding exterior trim like you see in this photo, you spice up the structure by breaking up the straight lines.
  13. 13. Visit us at Now we see another variation: the ranch home with a gable style roof. The height and width of your porch will help to determine the pitch and height of your porch roof.
  14. 14. Visit us at You may need to adjust the height and width based upon the architecture of your home. When doing so, the overall design will somewhat change. But this picture gives you a good basic idea.
  15. 15. Visit us at Here you see a gable roof with a sunburst pattern at the top.
  16. 16. Visit us at This gable roof has a steep pitch creating a heavier look. An option to "lighten" the appearance of this porch roof is to open the front of the gable so that the ceiling is exposed.
  17. 17. Visit us at The slope of the gable roof on this porch is very similar to the slope of the home's roof. And this is an example of opening up the gable that we discussed in the last photo. It's a delightful option that gives the porch a more open feel.
  18. 18. Visit us at Here you see a basic two story home. Let's see how it changes with various front porch styles and roofing designs.
  19. 19. Visit us at Adding a large front porch with a flat roof adds instant charm to this home.
  20. 20. Visit us at Now you see the same porch with a shed style roof. Shed roofs are very popular on two story homes. Always check with your codes department to see what restrictions they have for the distance between the windows on the second floor and the porch roof.
  21. 21. Visit us at Here is a wonderful farm home with a classic wraparound porch and shed type roof. What is interesting is that they enclosed the side of the porch. We love this idea - having both an open porch and a screened porch. You have the best of both worlds.
  22. 22. Visit us at Here is a classy gable roof option for the two story home. The porch is smaller but still lends immense appeal to this home. The length of the porch is somewhat dictated by the location of the windows on the second story. If you wanted a longer porch, you could combine roof styles like we show in the next photo.
  23. 23. Visit us at This gable is open and you see a wonderful tongue and groove ceiling to flatter the overall design.
  24. 24. Visit us at We love this idea - a front porch design that has two gables that are combined with a shed roof. There is probably always a shady spot to sit on this porch.
  25. 25. Visit us at Let us show you an example of how slight modifications to a roof design can change the appearance of the front porch. On this porch notice that the gable roof is centered above the front door.
  26. 26. Visit us at This porch is very similar to the last one except that the gable is centered over the porch rather than the front door. It gives the porch an entirely different look. Which of the two placements do you prefer?
  27. 27. Visit us at How about a hip style roof? While flat and shed roofs are popular, hip style roofs are - hip! Hip roofs are often found on cottage style homes. They have equal-angled sides and that is what makes them hip.
  28. 28. Visit us at A variation of the hips style roof is a Mansard roof commonly found on front porches. They work well on two story homes where the placement of the porch roof with the second story windows is challenging.
  29. 29. Visit us at Here we see an interesting and pleasing porch roof variation: a slightly rounded hip roof. Adds unique charm to this porch.
  30. 30. Visit us at One of our favorites: A bungalow style home. Do you know what kind of roof it has? It's a hip roof and the front porch has a flat roof.
  31. 31. Visit us at This small porch has a rounded flat roof and it's quite sophisticated.
  32. 32. Visit us at A truly southern porch at its finest.
  33. 33. Visit us at We’ve just barely touched the surface. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how the style of your porch roof affects your overall front porch design. Most importantly you want to make sure the design is compatible with the style of your home.
  34. 34. Visit us at As you can see, roofs do more than just cover your porch and can directly affect your overall porch design.
  35. 35. Visit us at In our continuing series on Front Porch Designs, we cover porch railings, otherwise known as balustrades. We will show you some interesting railing designs so please come back to continue the series.
  36. 36. Visit us at For more information about porch roof designs and front porch designs, please visit us at See you on the porch!
  37. 37. Photo Credits Cumberland Landesign created the conceptual porch drawings in this presentation. ( Visit us at
  38. 38. Front Porch Ideas and More Thank you! Visit us for more info on Front Porch Designs