Economic Justice and the Innovation Economy Salon Session


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A Gathering of Leaders 2014 salon session that featured a diverse cross-section of leaders offering concrete public- and private-sector strategies to improve the economic well-being of our nation’s sons and brothers.

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Economic Justice and the Innovation Economy Salon Session

  1. 1. ScaleUp America Innovation, Inclusion, Impact Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director
  2. 2. Whose JOB is it to fix this? The unemployment rate among African Americans has been twice the national rate nearly every year consistently since Dr. Martin Luther King was decrying the inequities of America’s economics in the 1960s.
  3. 3. Economic inequality is a historic and institutional problem impacting America’s global economic competitiveness AMERICA’S PROBLEM
  4. 4. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2 Acceleration of Innovation Economy Agriculture 19th Century Manufacturing 20th Century Innovation 21st Century What does this mean?ECONOMIC TRANSITIONS IN AMERICA BIGGER Profits FEWER Workers
  5. 5. Who will create the jobs of the 21st century? AMERICA’S PROBLEM
  6. 6. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2 Startups produced nearly ALL net new jobs in America since 1980! Source: Kauffman Foundation Businesses 0 – 5 years
  7. 7. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2 42% SHIFTING DEMOGRAPHICS What does this mean? How do we boost productivity from Black and Hispanic Americans?
  8. 8. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2 America needs more job creators! WHO WILL CREATE THEM? Karen Mills Small Business Administration
  9. 9. 60% 44% Growth among Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs is more than triple and double the national average of 18% Who will rescue America in her desperate need for more entrepreneurs?
  10. 10. <1% <2.5% All black-owned businesses in America produce LESS than 1% of GDP. Combined with Hispanic-owned businesses the total business productivity as a percentage of GDP is LESS than 3.5% How do we fix this problem?
  11. 11. How do we connect 20th century economically disconnected communities to 21st century resources and opportunity? AMERICA’S PROBLEM
  12. 12. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2 STEM / STEAMED Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Entrepreneurship, Design Entry Point Tech Workers Tech Startups
  13. 13. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2
  14. 14. ScaleUp America Mike Green Co-founder, Executive Director @amikegreen2
  15. 15. America’s Innovation Economy is fueled by entrepreneurs developing TECH STARTUPS. TECH STARTUPS are fueled by Innovation Clusters that form Local Innovation Ecosystems. Metros are primary places for STARTUP DENSE corridors and clusters. Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs live right next door to many of these ecosystems but remain disconnected from them.
  16. 16. America’s STARTUP CULTURE Can you map the Local Innovation Ecosystem in your region?
  17. 17. 1.Change the economic narrative across urban and rural America 2.Promote Inclusive Competitiveness as a bipartisan vision and 21st century economic imperative 3.Connect economically disconnected communities to local innovation ecosystems and opportunity
  18. 18. ScaleUp America brings communities together to develop a common vision of Inclusive Competitiveness and work collaboratively toward developing economic inclusive frameworks to increase job growth and regional economic competitiveness. INCLUSIVE COMPETITIVENESS SUMMIT
  19. 19. EDUCATION COMMUNITY POLICY FUNDING DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY ENTREPRENEUR S COMMUNICATIO NS K-12 Public Schools Charter / Private Schools Faith-based schools Vocational schools Community Colleges Universities Social / Health orgs Community Development Housing / Residential Faith-based Non-government orgs Parent / Student groups Fraternities/Sororities Legacy Nonprofits Government Public-Private Alliances Foundations Professional Associations Elect/Appointed Officials Wealthy/Powerful Individuals Government/Taxpayers Banks / Financial orgs Foundations Pensions Private Equity Venture Capital Angel Investors Crowdfunders Economic Development Tech-Based Eco Dev Regional Development Orgs (CEDS Planning) Real Estate Development Public-Private Partners Faith-based Eco Dev Universities Corporations Mature Large / Small Biz Successful Startups Gazelles Professional Associations Fraternities/Sororities Entrepreneurs Associations Incubators Accelerators Conference/Competition s Activities/Meetups Hackathons Startup Weekends Media Public Relations Corporations Government Foundations Policymakers Newsmakers/Pundits Columnists Collaboration: Communities of Influence
  20. 20. IDENTIFYING WHAT WORKS Technology Access Foundation State of Ohio Board of Regents
  21. 21. Connect to Resources to Scale Up How do we start? • Create Awareness • Catalyze Collaboration: Policy, Vision, Strategy • Map Regional Assets • Impact Investing with measurable results
  22. 22. Contact Information Mike Green Co-founder , Executive Director ScaleUp America @amikegreen2 |