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Frontier Carbon Presentation in Durban

Frontier Carbon Presentation in Durban

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  • 1. Open Financial Platform for Solarlights Distribution!Jennifer Lauber Patterson!December 2011!
  • 2. “Commercialising inspirational sustainablesolutions”
!§  Green asset development and advisory company, who works with investors, developers and entrepreneurs to build world class, low carbon, and green businesses!§  Committed shareholder and long-term partner to its growing portfolio of businesses!§  Carbonsoft is a subsidiary of Frontier Carbon and has created the Open Financial Platform for Solar Lights Distribution!
  • 3. Why is it important to find a solution?! §  Around 1.4 billion people, or 300 million households have no access to electricity (1)! §  Solar lights replace kerosene usage which reduce CO2 emissions! §  Improved health benefits (reduced smoke in homes)! §  Reduced Safety Risk (fires caused by Kerosene)! §  Providing local employment ! §  Kerosene is expensive. In Tanzania – a family may recoup up to 25% of their disposable income!Source (1) Lighting Africa!
  • 4. Where are we planning to go?!
  • 5. Key Partners! Green   Creditable     Low  cost,   Asset   Financing   Quality  solar   Distributors   (project)   Partner   light  provider  Developers  
  • 6. What is Unique?!§  CarbonSoft (in partnership with Standard Bank) is developing the first solar lamp PoA under the CDM which shall be established across Malawi and expanding to over 20 countries!§  Open platform developed under a programmatic CDM project that services multiple suppliers and distributors !§  Ready made solution for distributors and solar light retailers without the risk of developing a POA registration !§  Up front costs of UN registration fully funded!§  CarbonSoft generates income through the generation and sale of carbon credits!§  Sharing of carbon credit revenue with clients which may be used for reducing the price of solar lamps, or for non-profits, to help fund their charitable projects!
  • 7. Value Proposition for Clients! Sharing  of   carbon   revenue   Wide   Sharing  of   Geographical   development   Spread   experience   Customer   Benefits   Credit   Transparency   Support   Simplified   CDM  Mgt   Contracts  
  • 8. Challenges!§  Registration by end of 2012!§  Working capital !§  Local knowledge / development partnerships!§  Capacity building on distribution!
  • 9. Key Contacts! Carbonsoft! Sebastian Foot ! !Managing Director !London! !! Alex Lauber! ! !Director, Asia ! !Melbourne! Omair Nayyar ! !CDM Associate !New Delhi!!Jennifer Lauber Patterson –!Executive Director, Frontier Carbon!Telephone: +61 431263000!
  • 10. Disclaimer! The  informa@on  in  this  presenta@on  is  general  informa@on  only  and  does  not  cons@tute   advice  by  Fron@er  Carbon  Ltd  (Fron@er  Carbon).  The  informa@on  in  this  presenta@on  is   believed  to  be  correct,  and  Fron@er  Carbon  believes  it  has  been  drawn  from  reliable   sources,  however  Fron@er  carbon  has  not  independently  verified  the  informa@on  and   makes  no  representa@on  as  to  its  completeness  or  accuracy  in  the  circumstances  that   may  apply  to  the  reader.     Any  opinions,  es@mates  or  projec@ons  in  this  report  cons@tute  the  current  judgement  of   the  author  and  no  not  necessarily  reflect  the  opinions  of  Fron@er  Carbon.  Fron@er   Carbon  has  no  obliga@ons  to  update,  modify  or  amend  this  report  or  to  otherwise  no@fy   any  recipient  that  an  es@mate  or  opinion  in  this  report  has  changed.     To  the  extent  permiLed  by  law,  Fron@er  Carbon  does  not  accept  any  liability  rela@ng  to   the  informa@on  in  this  presenta@on  or  any  express  or  implied  representa@on  that  is   made  by  it  or  any  author  or  presenter.  If  any  law  prohibits  or  excludes  such  liability,  then   Fron@er  Carbon  limits  its  liability  to  the  resupply  of  any  informa@on  as  might  to  relate  to   a  circumstance.  Par@es  should  seek  specific  advice  before  taking  ac@on  or  making   decisions  in  the  carbon,  energy  or  commodity  markets.