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Propaganda and lies in the media.

Propaganda and lies in the media.

Published in: Education, News & Politics

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  • One of nine Rolls Royce cars ordered for Lenin at the 1920 Motor Show. this one was 'winterized' at the Putilov Works in Petrograd
  • Yalta 1945
  • Poland after yalta conference
  • 1st plenary session of the Potsdam Conference July 17th
  • Stalin meets Truman on the balcony of the Russian villa in Babelsberg
  • Stalin with his translator Pavlov on the left and Foreign Minister Molotov on the right
  • Truman and Stalin - standing Byrnes and Molotov
  • Operation Keelhaul
  • The Gulag
  • The caption in a book written by Maxim Gorky regarding this photo reads - 'Guns are held like this, not to frighten anyone, but simply out of convenience.'
  • The last of the Gulag. The average population of the camps has been estimated at 8 million
  • Pavlov and staff
  • Lusitania wreck site
  • Europe between the two WW’s
  • USS Maine entering Havana Harbour
  • Maine explodes
  • USS Maine
  • Diving on MAINE’S Wreck
  • cartoon of Joseph Pulitzer, publisher of the New York World and William
  • Edward Bernays
  • Revolutionaries on the streets of Petrograd
  • Sailors from the 'Aurora'. The cruiser is still preserved in Leningrad
  • Bolshevik headquarters at the SmolnyIntstitute Petrograd
  • The execution of the Tsar as depicted by white propagandists.
  • Propaganda poster - 'You shed your blood for the worker-peasant revolution!
  • One of the first Red Army detachments marches through Red Square after the launch of Trotsky's recrutiing drive 1918
  • Survivors - Red troops after a skirmish.
  • The soviet state encouraged the publication of anti religious cartoons
  • The demolition of a monastery in 1927
  • Grain being delivered to a central store. The objective was to secure supplies for people living in towns
  • Two Stalinist campaigns converge - a grain store in a closed down church
  • 'With our weapons we vanquished the enemy. With our labour we will provide bread. Everyone to work, comrades!'
  • The home front - Old people, women and children shouldered the burden of defence.
  • Women hauling barges on the Volga
  • Peasants still in hock to the landowners half a century after the abolition of serfdom
  • The collectivisation programme. In just 3 months 10 million families were forced to join
  • Violence and faminie found no reflection in official art.
  • Terror in the countryside. The slogan was 'We demand collectivization and the liquidation of the kulaks as a class'
  • The Horror of famin 1932
  • An anti-Semitic poster portraying Trotsky as the ogre of the Kremlin.
  • 'Higher and Higher' gives a romantic and heroic picture of electrification in this propaganda poster
  • Stalin said to be signing a death warrant in 1933
  • Massacre in Lvov June 1941
  • This Mass grave at Chelyabinsk in the Urals excavated in 1989 with the victims of Stalin
  • A wall of remembrance on public display in Moscow reveals long-suppressed facts about the victims of Stalin
  • Photo 1 - Trotsky and Lev Kamenev standing on the right of the podium
  • Photo 2 - Trotsky and Kamenev painted out of the picture after Stalin disposed of them
  • Cropped Photo 3 - Lenin runs the revolution single handed
  • Retouching History 1
  • The leadership - Lenin (left) Trotsky (right) and Mikhail Kalinin the head of state
  • Trotsky and the Red Army.
  • Leaders of the Revolution. Lenin and Trotsky take pride of place, Stalin is not included
  • Trotsky's assassination reported in the American press
  • The 17th Party Congress in January 1934
  • Stalin's victims drawn up by supporters of Trotsky in 1938
  • Photo montage of the Supreme Military Council of the USSR
  • Original photo - Kamenev and Rykov standing behind Lenin, Trotsky at the table 4th from right.
  • Photo 2 shows the right hand side of photo with Trotsky cropped out
  • April 1925 L to R Lashevich, Frunze, Smirnov, Rykov, Voroshilov, Stalin, Skrypnik, Bubnow and Ordzhonikidze
  • Same photo 24 yrs later retouched with only Frunze, Voroshilov, Stalin and Ordzhonikidze. The other airbrushed out of history.
  • This famous photo taken during the Terror. Six yr old EngelsinaChezkova meeting Stalin become part of the iconography of the age.
  • A montage from Ogonyok magazine showing the illuminated portrait of Stalin suspended over Red Square on his 70th Birthday
  • November 1941. The anniversary of the Revolution was marked by the traditional parade.
  • Disposition of the belligerents in 'Operation Barbarossa'
  • Russian T-34 tanks
  • George Orwell
  • Orwell 1984