Designing the Innovation Interface


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frog Andrew Upton gave a speech at the Rich Internet Applications Conference for Developers in Munich.

The one-day conference on Nov, 10 targets web developers, interface and interaction designers, graphic designers and software developers alike. Upton shed a light on the specific challenges to the role of the developer in designing the innovation interface. Other speakers included those from Google, Telekom and Adobe.

Encouraging the role of the software developer, Upton reminded the technology community to participate and contribute to “Designing the Innovation Interface”.

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  • I want to talk today – about my perspective of what it means for the software development community
  • 3 x Sony Bravia 24" LCD Displays 2 x Arduino Nano 2 x Interactive Touch Film RFID Readers Stereo Surface Mount Speakers Ambient light sensors Win XP
  • In 1964 Arthur C Clark tried to predict the future, he said in year 2000 we could not commute but communicate . Following the invention of the transistor , He believed that our method of communication would revolutionise the world .
  • In the 1970’s software developers were looked up to and respected – masters of their domain. There were just a handful of programming languages such as Cobol, Assembler or batch control instructions like JCL or FILETAB Back in those days you had to rent time on computers. It was expensive Therefore, in order to be efficient with the computer time, programming and execution was meticulously planned down to the last detail. Peer-review and code walk-throughs ensured that as few failures or bugs slipped through and wasted precious computer time . The world was in order and all the specialist had sufficient time to plan, design, program, execute and deploy
  • The software developer’s world is very different today. We need to get products to market and deploy software as fast as possible - bugs-and-all Example of Augmented reality Today is all about Apps and Gestures. EG: Client M, touch screen example Multi-touch is becoming the norm - Pinch and zoom, flick (example of HP Multi-touch, car dash navi ) Examples in healthcare for example disabled SO WHAT MAKES THIS ALL POSSIBLE
  • STEVE Jobs – BILL Gates 2007 Because an iPod’s really just software. It’s software in the iPod itself, it’s software on the PC or the Mac, and it’s software in the cloud for the store. And it’s in a beautiful box, but it’s software. If you look at what a Mac is, it’s OS X, right? It’s in a beautiful box, but it’s OS X. And if you look at what an iPhone will hopefully be, it’s software.
  • As an ex developer myself , I’ve been asking this very same question Well…what do we have to consider
  • Not a handful of programming languages
  • Here’s just one example demonstrating the evolution of static web pages Caused by the need for a more innovative and immersive web experience
  • The same is true for the mobile platforms too iPad has opened up a new market place even though MS have been trying for years. Android’s Honeycomb O/S will be the first to address tablets . Gingerbread will force standards compliant. Win Mobile 7 has just launched a completely new interface Intel’s MeeGo is waiting in the wings and is targeting Auto industry
  • I’m sure many of us have spent endless hours perfecting our coding skills How do we combine the skills that we have with those that are relevant today
  • What news feeds are you reading , blogs or twitter What are you doing with that information – interesting or is it education Who’s got projects outside of work , at home. Ubuntu, MeeGo, Jolicloud , gOS, Maemo Home Cloud computing - HTML5/AJAX Search Engine, Gesture recognition news mirror
  • Media tablets, Private cloud computing Internet TV 3D flat-panel TVs
  • Forbes magazine asked us for our opinion on - Future of computing Who’s driving innovation today…CLICK
  • how to ensure the innovation is carried right through the process and does not fail at the handover-points Developers - technologists can offer value at all phases
  • Human Behaviour - i Phone gesture’s have changed human behaviour Technologists should be a beacon of inspiration to researchers to help inform in what ways tech can be used How does this allow us to identify new business opportunities – making our business stronger. EG: Dennis’ HTML demo
  • Designers cannot work in a vacuum . Traditional thinking holds companies back, we need to explore new ways to evolve designs Thomas Edison said – “ If I find 10,000 ways something won't work - I haven't failed - I am not discouraged - because every wrong attempt - is another step forward " Identify technology boundaries to secure realistic delivery. EG: Timo’s iPad POC
  • It’s imperative that during the design phase that we encourage feedback particularly from design . The process of innovation implies change – this can cause fear and uncertainty . Put time an effort into the foundations that will allow that flexibility
  • From vision through to delivery
  • Working in an innovative company means being agile not necessarily Agile Be ready to embrace change and the opportunities that this brings Agile methods do not map to creative design Seek feedback If we collaborate, educate and inform – the developer is actually part of the innovative lifecycle
  • Designing the Innovation Interface

    1. Designing the Innovation Interface Andrew Upton Technology Director
    2. What does it mean for a software developer to be a part of the innovation process.
    3. frog design is a global innovation company Seattle San Francisco Austin New York Amsterdam Munich Milan Shanghai One frog. 550 people. 8 studios. 42 years of global experience. Founded in 1969, frog is has studios in Amsterdam, Austin, Milan, Munich, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Shanghai.
    4. Example project INTEL’s next generation point-of-sale
    5. Technology everywhere <ul><li>Computers have been a part of our lives since the 1970’s. </li></ul><ul><li>Innovation in technology has reached into every corner of our lives. </li></ul><ul><li>What was once bits and bytes now manage our life support systems. </li></ul><ul><li>Predicting the future is impossible, but we are still expected to innovate. </li></ul><ul><li>What is the role of today’s software developer. </li></ul>
    6. Domain leaders of the 1970’s. Mainframe computer operator and programmer.
    7. Computers today bring together diverse information sources, hardware miniaturisation, always connected and supported by “Apps”.
    8. Steve Jobs 2007 “…because an iPod’s really just software.”
    9. How do the new design paradigms affect coding and the role of developers?
    10. The technology landscape is ever changing Adobe Flex Adobe Flash Adobe AIR Curl OpenLaszlo GWT .NET AJAX JavaFX HTML5 JavaScript C Objective C Java C# C# QT WPF Java ME BREW Android WindowsPhone 7 jQuery OpenGL Silverlight iOS Linux MeeGo XML XSLT
    11. Programming languages have evolved to keep up with demand for innovative ways to interact <HTML> HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript AJAX jQuery ADOBE Flash Flex AIR MICROSOFT .NET Silverlight XAML
    12. Mobile devices are forging ahead with their own technology roadmaps Mobile Platforms iPhone/iPad iOS Objective C Android Linux Java Microsoft Silverlight XNA .NET Framework
    13. But it’s not just about coding. Software developers must learn new skills in order to stay competitive in the market place.
    14. Immersive research in to new technology, experimentation and prototyping are the necessary requirements today.
    15. Gartner’s Hype Cycle
    16. Gartner’s Hype Cycle August 2010
    17. Who’s driving innovation today?
    18. How do we at frog see our innovation model
    19. Innovation delivery design build Failure points as one discipline hands-off to another INSIGHT researcher DESIGN designer BUILD developer
    20. Innovation delivery How does technology open new opportunities and insights into to human behaviour and possible adoption. Inform the research phase to help evaluate the possibilities. Educate the business development community regarding technology trends. design build INSIGHT developer DESIGN BUILD
    21. Innovation delivery Support the design process through informed advise and challenge existing paradigms. Develop proof-of-concepts to help bring the design to life. Understand the parameters by which new technology can be delivered. design build INSIGHT DESIGN developer BUILD
    22. Innovation delivery Implement an iterative approach to the build phase to ensure client and design feedback. Think of change as a positive element to progress. Build upon solid but flexible foundations. design build INSIGHT DESIGN BUILD developer
    23. Example project timeline 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 weeks Evaluate Client product portfolio. End of design 8 9 Discover Deliver Kick-off, stakeholder interviews Summarize findings, define opportunity, Design Concepts, End discover Kickoff 11 12 13 14 15 16 10 Preparation, research , market evaluation Design Delivery Technology workshop Wireframes, flows, rapid prototpyes Comps, States, branding elements Draft version, core scenarios Refine & QA simulation Design check-in and client feedback Assets, guidelines Tech WS
    24. Collaboration and partnership ensures that you deliver on your promise
    25. Impact on communication and workflows, means being agile as opposed to Agile
    26. Who exactly is the software developer today? Multi-faceted, networker, inventor, researcher, communicator, visionary, thinker, futurist, imaginative, evangelist, creative, prophetic, collaborator, mentor.
    27. “ T-shaped person” willingness to collaborate depth of expertise & skill as described by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO
    28. thank you