Wonder in anticipation…….. what is to come next?


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Wonder in anticipation…….. what is to come next?

  1. 1. Wonder in anticipation…….. what is to come next?Interestingly, I sit in front of the fire every morning and watch the waves of heat throughthe window as I light candles everyday in front of me and contemplate how my life isfalling away in every sense…the fall before the Phoenix rising…..I watch as everythinggoes away and as I quake in fear I also know that it must be so……….I have written of thisbefore and have experienced it too…not quite to this depth or a cut so quick to thebone……..But I am blessed beyond measure for I know what a battle it is…..to get rid of theego and have my Soul be true…my strength at times has been my downfall too, and as Isit pondering it all, as I watch myself fall right on through the fire….. and into the my Soul!And so I shiver and shake as I watch and wonder in anticipation…….. what is to comenext?Federico “I will not withhold my fears, I will not withhold my tears, I will continue to expose, So all may see and know, That the battle is over and done, When we all surrender and unite as one.”Oops! I totally forgot to say that this week’s Mars square Saturn harkens back to seeds sown inmid-August when they were conjunct in late Libra. Commitments made or modified at that time will now be manifesting real, tangible changes that need follow up to mature.. Enjoy the process…. aloha…. KaypachaFriday, January 4We must navigate tricky territory when the planets encourage us early in the day and then discourage us later on.An enthusiastic Mars-Jupiter trine inspires confidence; we feel like we can do anything. But self-doubt enters thepicture as sweet Venus rubs strict Saturn the wrong way. Thankfully, the dualistic Libra moon enables us toexperience both positive and negative feelings while following a path that is based upon moderating the extremes.Out of the Ordinary Friday, 4 January 2013 1/4
  2. 2. Towards the end of last year, I mentioned the end of the Mayan calendar and the so-calledGalactic Alignment of December 21, explaining why neither of these were as final or as seriousas they had been portrayed. But for somewhat different reasons, I agree with those who haveproclaimed 2013 to be a year of great change. This year, millions will start to think differentlyabout the way the world is being run. Unconventional alternative ideas will be embraced not justby oddball pioneers but by ‘ordinary folk’ who are suddenly determined to lead less ordinarylives.The DIY approach? ?Also Spiritual — Mercury and Venus This WeekendPosted on January 3, 2013 by Len Wallick 2/4
  3. 3. Mercury and Venus will make separate, but virtually simultaneous, conjunctions with spiritualimplications on Sunday. Mercury’s nascent Capricorn adventure crosses paths with Pluto at11:43 am EST. Less than three hours later, Venus conjoins the core of our galaxy near the endof its Sagittarius sojourn.Both mergers will be brief, emulating the short shrift spirituality often receives in our time, butgiving you enough time to check yourself out.Spiritual is not the same as religious. Religions, more often than not, distinguish themselves asideology. Spirituality, in the context offered for use here, asserts that there is more to ourexistence than property and politics.Mercury conjunct Pluto will symbolize the larger, more complex picture of spirituality in theworld. In joining, both will be in a tight sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. At the same time, bothMercury and Pluto will be semi-sextile to Mars next door in Aquarius, all to the degree.Saturn’s sextile to Pluto is more than an aspect, it is an exchange. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.Pluto has occupied Capricorn since 2008, long enough to have incurred some squatter’s rights.Saturn’s October 2012 ingress to Scorpio, in turn, put Saturn in Pluto’s signature domain. Twoplanets occupying each other’s dominion is called mutual reception.According to Alan Oken, planets in mutual reception “work together, enhancing or debilitatingtheir various functions.” The sextile, 60 degrees of separation, is a candidate for the mostfunctionally enhancing aspect of all.In combination, then, we might expect the current relationship between Saturn and Pluto to be amutual admiration society, except for one thing. Saturn as a sign dispositor is ancient andtraditional, whereas Pluto is a relative newcomer to Astrology and our consciousness. Saturn’sseniority would therefore appear to enhance the more worldly functions Pluto has becomeassociated with: sex, death and taxes. If you look at what is going on in the world and (probably)in your life right now, that scenario seems to fit. There are, however, other sides to Pluto.Pluto is slow to reveal itself. It took half a century from its discovery in 1930 for astrologers toactually use it and see something past its admittedly prescient name (attributed to theprecocious Venetia Burney). Eventually, astrology’s time-honored protocol of observation andcorrelation, along with a few brilliant minds, got past the nominal prejudice. As Eric noted ofPluto some years back: “What became clear over time was its transformative nature, what youmight call its spiritual value.”Of course, spirituality can be scary too. It can be scary to the ego. Having egocentric Mars, thetraditional ruler of Scorpio, holding hands (which is what a semi-sextile amounts to) with Plutobrings that fear to the forefront. Mars in a simultaneous tense square with Saturn onlyexacerbates matters. 3/4
  4. 4. Then, of course, Pluto is in a long, continuous cardinal square with Uranus. That darn square, as you may have read by now, is continuously proving the maxim that personal and political are one and the same. It’s all enough to make you forget that Pluto is also profoundly spiritual. That’s where Mercury comes in. Mercury has to do with the mind and its means of expression. Spirituality is decidedly not analytical or linear. Nevertheless, one way sentient and corporeal beings can gain access to the spiritual is through the abstract proficiency of the intellect. Plus, no other aspect and no case of mutual reception can exceed the intimacy of a conjunction, where the function and nature of the merged objects briefly become as one. In this case, quite briefly. The thing is, Mercury is moving really fast right now, 50% faster than the Sun. That means Mercury’s Sunday conjunction with Pluto will reveal more about you than the planets so complexly involved. Consider it a litmus test. Be aware of what comes up in any situation where anybody (including you) senses or suggests that something is going on that empiricism, science or common sense cannot account for. If you can keep your antennae up for the situation, go a little further and watch your reaction. Any scoffing or eyeball rolling will probably mean your relationship with Pluto is firmly grounded, but capable of so much more. If that is the case for you, don’t worry, Venus will have your back. Venus is nearly as fleet as Mercury for the time being. That means its conjunction with the Galactic Core will also be brief, but it is a different situation from the one Mercury and Pluto will comprise. Venus is not intellectual. The nature and function of the brightest planet is receptivity and attraction. Such qualities are very powerful in the clinch of conjunction. Venus is thus compatible with the center of our galaxy, which, unless science is very wrong, holds the rest of the galaxy together with the attraction of its gravity. Yet a galaxy is more than a gravity well where stars collect. Its innermost essence is the largest elaboration of fundamentals such as a center, or a source, that are the references for spiritual access. Venus’ conjunction to the Galactic Center will thus be a different sort of litmus test for you. If you can take note of where your senses and feelings take you on Sunday, and heed them, you might become your own Veneita Burney, revealing and illuminating the profound even if your feet are still on the ground. And that is also spiritual. 4/4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)