With bold determination I rise to the occasion.


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With bold determination I rise to the occasion.

  1. 1. With bold determination I rise to the occasion. Friday, December 28 Our dreams can overflow their boundaries like the sea at high tide because today’s Full Moon in emotional Cancer at 5:21 am EST activates the power of our subconscious minds. Our inner fears are pitted against our outer responsibilities as the ambitious Capricorn Sun drives us to overachieve without regard for the needs of others. The Moon’s anxious aspects to radical Uranus and relentless Pluto push deeply rooted tensions up to the surface.The Full Moon on December 28th (2:21 AM PST, 8 degrees Cancer/Capricorn) presents achallenging way to end the year.The energetic Sun aligns with transforming Pluto and is pulled in the opposite direction by theemotional moon. And then earthquaking Uranus yanks on you from the side to set you free ofold patterns and beliefs. Of course it is a good thing to release and transform, but the process isnot always comfortable.You are viewing several different perspectives on your life now. Pluto destroys anything thatgets between you and God Source.An image is Archangel Michael using his sword to remove fears, ego, and self-esteemlimitations. This cutting away helps you use your power in the world while connected to the onesource of all that is. The result is quite good, but the healing and releasing process is not always 1/3
  2. 2. fun.Allow yourself to be pulled apart so that you can be reintegrated in theweeks ahead.Mix business and pleasure in the coming weeks. “With bold determination I rise to the occasion. My strength lies in knowing, That within my heart is growing, A deeper understanding, Of what it means to love.”Welcome to the last Pele Report of 2012! We have the full Moon coming at 7 degreesCancer/Capricorn tomorrow, Friday. The end of the this year, like the end of an old paradigm,brings with it a time of deep contemplation. What worked, what didn’t, and why? The future isborn out of the past with a dash of what we add in the moment. May each moment and everydecision bring you closer to knowing Love.Friday December 28 – Moon Meditation: “I am on a high…”Full Moon in Cancer: There’s a marvelously marvelous Full Moon today in the sign of Cancer.Full Moons are always about the end of the cycle so it’s pretty wonderful to have the Full Moontaking place now, as the year ends. It’s making a harmonious aspect to Saturn, the planet ofhard work. This suggests that not only will be it be relatively easy for us all to find the last dregsof energy needed to make it through to 2013, but that our hard work will bring rewards, likestability and security. After that, it’s the phase of the moon where we all do best to turn in earlyand meditate and cogitate! 2/3
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