Cap New Moon & a Venus-Uranus weekend advisory


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Cap New Moon & a Venus-Uranus weekend advisory

  1. 1. Cap New Moon & a Venus-Uranus weekend advisoryMore Cap New Moon & a Venus-Uranus weekend advisoryPosted on January 11, 2013 by Planet WavesToday (Friday) at 2:43 pm EST was the Capricorn New Moon (still in effect). That’s thealignment of the Sun and Moon in Capricorn and the start of a new lunar month. Capricorn is areminder that the Sun is still square a tropic by the same name, and that here in the NorthernHemisphere we’re in deep winter.The moon, with the limb of Earth near the bottom transitioning into the orange-coloredtroposphere, the lowest and most dense portion of the Earth’s atmosphere. Photo by theExpedition 28 crew aboard the ISS / NASA.Today’s New Moon is intriguing because its closest aspect is to a newly discovered planet,Eris, the one that got Pluto ‘demoted’ back in 2006. The aspect is a square — maximumtension. It’s as if there’s some energy lurking behind this New moon, as if something is trying toburst out and crack through the world like an egg.Mercury is in the picture; that’s a suggestion to think consciously about what you’reexperiencing and to communicate it directly. However, with Eris in the picture, you might beinclined to push that a bit hard — so do your best to apply a little diplomacy.In addition to this tension, there’s some wistfulness in the air. This New Moon is conjunct anasteroid called Requiem. There may be some longing for what might have been, what was lostor what went unexpressed. It may be possible to let that go; events or developments over thenext few days may conspire to help you do that.This New Moon has the sensation of an ending and a beginning. I think it needs to be handledcarefully, in emotional terms as well as practical. Take it slow, and I suggest you let thingsdevelop for a while before taking action. There is plenty going on behind the scenes, and someof it starts to emerge Friday and into the weekend.If things seem to get out of hand, that is, if there’s chaos or crazy making in the environment, Ido suggest that you step back and observe, till you actually understand what’s going on.One reason to slow down and process is that Venus, newly in Capricorn, is square Uranus in 1/2
  2. 2. Aries (exact Jan. 12 at 11:12 pm EST). Venus square Uranus can bring surprises: surprising magnetism (which may or may not be reliable) and also sudden emotional upsets in relationships. In general, Venus in Capricorn offers a sense of strength and patience for working through fear and jealousy in love. That will be the end of this equation to work if a relationship experiences some volatility this weekend. Squares call us to take action, true; but it’s also a form of action to devote yourself to getting a handle on your emotions and stabilizing them before reacting out of hand. Think of it as a ‘time out’ for your heart, one that keeps you in touch with the foundations of a relationship even if momentary decisions, words or actions feel inflammatory. With Juno also in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto (exact Monday), the area of relationships is feeling some pressure from both sides of the Uranus-Pluto square. Note when the issue of jealousy arises in your relationships, and how you react to it. What we think of as marriage (represented by Juno) is supposed to do something, which it does not do: provide a framework for commitment. So what is your framework for commitment? What actual agreements do you make, and why? What expectations do you have on marriage and marriage-like relationships? Are you living your parents’ or grandparents’ ideas of relationship more than your own? This happens a lot and I do mean a lot. How many people get married because it will make their parents and their grandparents feel better? Do you know any examples of healthy, creative relationships personally? How many people can you name that have the kind of relationship you want — people you know intimately? All of this and more is up for consideration now. Venus square Uranus can provide the spark for change, but it may take a deeper level of emotional maturity and stability to use that spark constructively, rather than destructively. Juno conjunct Pluto is laying out the blueprints for where the renovations to the ‘house of marriage’ are most needed — but getting caught up in a jealous pique won’t contribute to efficient work. If you’re going to rebuild a relationship with all this energy in Capricorn, you need to be able to see the past for what it is and let it go — just take the time to measure twice before you pick up your saw. 2/2Powered by TCPDF (