As mama gives birth she pushes through pain,


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As mama gives birth she pushes through pain,

  1. 1. As mama gives birth she pushes through pain,Astrology Today: Oracle for Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012Posted on December 20, 2012 by Eric FrancisThe recent New Moon in your opposite sign will start to show you some results this weekend,though it would help if you would get yourself out of the house, out of the shell, and into themood to take some chances with people. You like to think of yourself as cautious by nature, butwe both know that’s only a small aspect of who you are, and certainly not the dominant aspectof your character. Now, if you choose to take a chance, be mindful that any interaction withothers you don’t know can bristle you the wrong way. You don’t need to wear your raincoat ora suit of psychic armor, but do be mindful of the fact that you’re open and receptive. If youchoose who to be receptive to — mainly by who you notice feels you — the possibilities forunusual pleasure, exotic dalliances and the kind of stuff you only read about in Kama Sutrabooks is possible.“The future is pulling me to the unknown,Away from the comfort and safety of home,As mama gives birth she pushes thru pain,Her strength lies in knowing love reigns in the end.”These are the final days so to speak when the intensity is pushing so much up to the surface tobe seen, felt, and moved through….. I encourage you to move through it with all your might! Weare at the birth! Don’t forget the absolute rush of joyous exhilaration after that baby is born!….Push it out!!!!! Aloha…. Kaypacha Seth Speaks 1/4
  2. 2. Remembering to breathe: the 2012 Capricorn solsticePosted on December 20, 2012 by Amanda PainterToday is the eve of the Capricorn solstice 2012. When the Sun changes signs tomorrow at 6:11am EST, we will directly encounter the most-hyped moment in the history of astrology, the NewAge or amateur archeology.Simplified chart section for the Sun’s ingress of Capricorn: the solstice. The Sun is conjunctJuno (purple asterisk), bringing a message about relationships into our consciousness. The Sunis also about to enter the square between Uranus (blue ‘H’) and Pluto (red golf tee). We’llhave more about that next week.Between ‘Maya Fever’, End Times jokes, and one of the most gut-wrenching mass killings inrecent memory, it would not surprise me if a lot of us are feeling a little ungrounded, stretchedthin, fractured or just generally apprehensive.Even the idea of ‘how do I observe such an important astrological moment?’ may feel morestressful than exciting — though hopefully it is serving as a focal point and psychic touchstone foryou.I was trying to get a sense of just why this solstice feels so different to me; not just what I knowintellectually to be different (13th baktun of Mayan calendar ends, we’ve all been in shock for afew days) but what feels different.Aside from the particulars of the shifts in our individual personal lives, there seems to be acollective shift in how a lot of us are approaching this solstice.I decided to take a look at what I had written around this time last year for a clue. Here is someof what popped out at me: Points of greatest expansion lead to contraction; moments of constriction give way to release. It’s a bit like breathing in its cyclical rhythm but it is happening on multiple scales all at once. … In the case of the Capricorn solstice, this shift in vital force — in a sense, the Earth’s deepest in-breath before beginning to exhale — has been something to set calendars and myths to. … The palpable link to natural cycles and turning points may be what really draws so many of us to astrology. … That’s the part that lets us know we’re safe, we’re home, we can depend on this art to show us truth — because it links us to Earth’s in-breath and 2/4
  3. 3. out-breath.Reading that, I understood something: I think a lot of us have been holding our breath in somesense — maybe just for the last few days, maybe ever since the first day of 2012, psychicallyand at times physically.Seasonally speaking, we’ve been engaged in a long, slow in-breath ever since the summersolstice (at least, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, though even in the southern half,the Sun is still moving into Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which is about structure, boundaries andconstriction). Now here we are on the verge of the most highly anticipated of the Earth’sout-breaths ever, thanks to the turning of the Mayan calendar. And suddenly, we are moreaware than ever that we have no idea what we will be breathing into — or what may in factbreathe into us.We have no idea what to expect after tomorrow’s solstice. Of course, we never do. But we’veworked ourselves into a state of collective anticipation more than usual — even many of us whohave tried not to get caught up in ‘Maya Fever’.“In truth, the Mayan calendar is the product of the most advanced ancient civilization known tohave lived in the Americas, and this does indeed seem to be a turning point in consciousness,”wrote Eric recently. “It’s not spontaneous enlightenment, but rather seems to be a fulcrum pointof awakening.” Perhaps we could think of it as a chance to learn how to breathe more deeply —or to remember how.Eric has been emphasizing that the theme of this solstice, and the turnover of the Mayancalendar, is about relationships. The asteroid associated with marriage and jealousy comes upas one of the most prominent symbols in the chart — conjunct the Sun on the solstice point. It’sin a powerful (exact) square aspect to Atlantis, which is the asteroid about fear of The End. Thatshows up on the Aries Point, where ‘the personal is political’.No wonder we’re collectively holding our breath a little, if in our psychic bodies we have hadsome sense of this astrology. Eric asked recently: Have you considered that there’s a connection between jealous and controlling emotions and the feeling that the world is crashing down? Have you considered that in order to save the world from its privatized, competitive, possessive and generally freaked-out state, we have to love one another with a greater sense of freedom? If you haven’t, that’s what astrology is for — to remind us of the obvious connections we might not have noticed. 3/4
  4. 4. I would say that this Astrology — this Capricorn solstice — in the aftermath of the tragedy in Newtown, CT and in the midst of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, is also about remembering how to ground ourselves in the simple, predicable rhythms of the Earth. I’m not talking about the increasingly unpredictable weather patterns due to global warming. I mean the seasons, with their progression of light and dark, fertile and fallow, in-breath and out-breath. The Mayans may not have chiseled a tablet of hieroglyphics about creating space in our relationships to ourselves, so that we might allow greater space and true contact in our relationships with others. But they knew something about cycles. On Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012, we get to begin breathing into a whole new space, grounding a new cycle here on Earth. If we are allowing more freedom within our relationships and within ourselves to love, that breath cannot help but go where it’s most needed. 4/4Powered by TCPDF (