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Iv Presentation 090317


Company presentation

Company presentation

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  • 1. IV Group February 2009 1
  • 2. Locations Leksvik, Norway Copenhagen, Denmark Industriverktøy AS Office Headquarter Sales Development Technical support Project Mngt. Early Supplier Involvement Tooling activities Molding Pre-assembly Mako AS Tooling Suzhou, China IV Techmould Ltd. ”One-stop- shop” Development Project Mngt. Tooling Molding Painting Assembly 2
  • 3. Tooling & Engineering Capacities Norway 7-8 tools/month 1 component tools, 2 component tools, Insert moulding China 25 tools/month internal 25 tools/month external 1 component tools, 2 component tools, Insert moulding IV has a strong focus on “Early Supplier Involvement” activities, sharing knowledge and experience to create the best possible solution for both customer and vendor. With the long experience in the group we consider our self experts in the field of plastic part design and production. 3
  • 4. Moulding Capacities A total of 71 moulding machines in the range from 20 to 500 ton divided on two facilities. Machines throughout the organisation specially prepared to provide the highest possible quality and accuracy. Norway 27 injection moulding machines. 1 component and 2 component Range from 20 to 500 ton. China 44 injection moulding machines 1component and 2 component Range from 20 to 150 ton. IV a complete development partner within plastic production. 4
  • 5. History / timeline 2006 1983 2005 1961 1967 1971 1997 2000 2001 2003 IV start with First order Thin-wall Production IV Tech injection from Ericsson production start- started in Mould, China moulding AB up Suzhou, China moving into new facilities. IV Tech Mould establishing IV Tech paint Mould, IV was First order from Production started capacities Mako Verktøy AS China established in Philips in Sweden Q2/06 becomes a subsidiary starting Leksvik, Norway of Industriverktøy toolshop under the name AS 2K-production Industriverktøy start-up Termination AS Starts spray-painting of in Sweden production in Sweden 5
  • 6. Industriverktøy Norway 6
  • 7. Location, Industriverktøy AS, Leksvik 7
  • 8. Facility, Industriverktøy AS, Leksvik Facts Tooling since 1961 Moulding since 1967 4200 m² factory building 47 employees Surface decoration, Tampon printing, outsourced paint capacity. Assembly capacities for preassembly and US Welding. Industriverktøy AS in Leksvik as a engineering and knowledge centre securing the integration of the long experience within the IV group. 8
  • 9. Injection Moulding Capacities – Industriverktøy A/S, Leksvik Brand Size Type Amount Equip. (ton) Engel 25 1K 4 1 robot Engel 50 1K 3 No robots Engel 80 1K 10 ERC robots Engel 125t 1K 3 ERC robots Engel 150t 1K 2 ERC robots Engel 150t 2K 3 ERC robots Engel 250t 1K 1 ERC robots Engel 500t 1K 1 ERC Robot SUM: 27 9
  • 10. Capacities, Tooling Capacities, Industriverktøy AS, Leksvik Type Brand Amount CNC Makino V55-5XA 1 CNC Makino V55 1 CNC Makino SNC43 1 CNC Fadal CNC3016 1 CNC Mazak 2500 1 WEDM Makino U53, U32 2 EDM Makino EDNC 3 30, 30S EDM Makino EDNC 1 43S Superdrilling Joemars 1 CNC turning Kern CD320 1 Flat grinding Okamoto, Rosa 3 Laser Welding Trumph 1 Powerweld Workstation UG 5 Workstation Mouldflow 1 10
  • 11. IV Techmould China 11
  • 12. Location, IV Techmould AS, Suzhou Building 16 8400m2 - Q1/2006 12
  • 13. Facility, IV Techmould AS, Suzhou Facts Production start 2003 8400 m² factory building Tool design and fabrication established Q4/2005 Painting capability and capacity from Q2/2006 450 employees Surface decoration (Tampon printing) Assembly capacities for preassembly, US welding. IV Tech Mould Suzhou, as a “one stop shop” facility, offering engineering, tooling, moulding, painting, testing, measurement and pre-assembly of products. 13
  • 14. Injection Moulding Capacities - IV Techmould AS, Suzhou Brand Size Type Amount Equip. (ton) Engel 25 1K 9 5 ERC robots Battlefield 30 1K 1 No robot Engel 50 1K 1 No robot Battenfeld 50 1K 1 No robot Engel 80 1K 25 21 ERC robots Engel 125 1K 2 2 ERC robots Battelfeld 130 1K 1 No robot Demag 100 1K 2 With robot Engel 150t 2K 2 2 ERC robots SUM 44 14
  • 15. Tooling Capacities - IV Techmould AS, Suzhou Type Brand Amount CNC Mikron HSM 400 1 CNC Mikron HSM 500 1 CNC Mikron HSM 800 1 CNC Fadal CNC3016 1 CNC Makino SNC600 1 WEDM Charmilles 240SL 1 WEDM Charmilles 240SLP 1 WEDM (drilling) Zhongte D703F 1 EDM Charmilles 35P 2 EDM Charmilles 350P 1 EDM Charmilles 550S 1 EDM Makino EDNC 30S 1 Laserwelding Alpha ALV100 1 Flat grinding Okamoto, etc. 4 Conventional QJM – QB – 40VA, 4 Milling etc. Workstation UG NX 3.0 CAD 8 Workstation Autocad 2006 1 15
  • 16. Capacities, Painting Capacities, IV Techmould, Suzhou Robotic paint line 3 spray booths equipped with ABB robots UV capable, capable of painting metal parts 10K Clean room environment inside line, 100K around line. Capacity example: 0,8-1,0 million parts/week on 6 working days (part size range 95x47x10mm). 16
  • 17. IV Mako Norway 17
  • 18. Facility, IV Mako Verktøy AS Fakta Established 1985 14 employees Tooling also for external customer. 1000 m² factory building Machining in Titan, steel and Aluminium. Tooling capacity: 4-5 tools/month. Established in own facilities in Vanvikan. IV Mako Verktøy AS is a company with long experience in engineering, development and building tools for injection molding industry and advance machining of machanical components in titanium, etc. 18
  • 19. Capacities, Tooling Capacities, IV Mako Verktøy AS, Vanvikan Type Brand Amount CNC Makino V55 1 CNC Okuma - MX-45VA 1 CNC Hermle - C600V 1 CNC Hermle - UWF600 1 CNC Hermle - UWF720 1 CNC Hermle - UHF851 1 CNC- Okuma - lb 300 1 Turning Charmille- 1 Roboform 31 Okuma - Multus CNC 1 b400-w OSO-olomouc 1 S.R.O. Flat grinding Jotes 2 Saw Kasto - twin a2 1 19
  • 20. Products IV Mako Verktøy AS, Vanvikan Toolmaking for injection molding and Production of custom made extrusion. prosthesis. Machining in Titanium. 20
  • 21. Products IV Mako Verktøy AS, Vanvikan Development of tools for big parts 21
  • 22. Products IV Mako Verktøy AS, Vanvikan Complicated tools with high precision 22
  • 23. Services IV Mako Verktøy AS, Vanvikan • Making injection molding and extrusion tools. • Toolmaker for external and internal customers offering following services: •Project Management •Development support •Engineering •CAD/CAM •Toolmanufacturing •Testing and qualification if needed. • High precision machining in Titanium. 23
  • 24. Quality Quality ISO 9001 qualified 1994 in Leksvik and 2004 in Suzhou. ISO 9002 qualified 1996 in Leksvik and 2004 in Suzhou. ISO 14001 qualified 1999 in Leksvik and 2004 in Suzhou. Smart scope video measurement used for qualification measurement and in-process both in Leksvik and Suzhou. GOM ATOS II SO 4M 3D scanner available in our Suzhou facility. IV focuses on integrated SPC and in-process measurement with state of art measurement equipment, enabling a continuous monitoring of the production process. 24
  • 25. Products IV Product types Interior and exterior parts for telecom and electronic industry. Specialized on flexible volume production with cosmetical, technical and high precision plastic parts. 2K hard/hard, hard/soft solutions, cosmetic or functional. Thin wall technical parts in mass production. Insert moulding or over moulding (combination of metal and plastic) Other technical plastic products IV Tech Mould’s has the capacity and competence to manufacture parts for any market segment requiring parts within suitable for our machine range (25-500 tonnage). Machines throughout the group are prepared and securing high precision moulded plastic components Examples of products: Toothbrush, electrical equipment, lightning, mobile phone plastic parts, etc The pictures above illustrates the product spectre of current and former products manufactured by IV Tech Mould 25
  • 26. Presentation of the Project Management System 26
  • 27. Project Management – Internal Process Chain T Project Managment O T A L S O Product Injection Final L Pre- Pre-assembly Tooling Decoration development molding inspection U T I Quality, Logistic, SCM, Purchasing/Sourcing, Controlling O N 27
  • 28. Project Management - Project Driven Organisation Product Injection Decoration Assembly Tooling development molding ........ Project 1 Product 1 Project 2 Product 2 Project 3 Product 3 Project 4 Product 4 Project 5 Product 5 28
  • 29. Project Management – Phases and Milestones Time Quotation phase Kick-Off Milestone Pre-Project Phase Pre- Pre-Project Milestone Follow- Follow-up Phase Commercial release Milestone Ramp- Ramp-up Phase Mass-Production Milestone Mass Production Phase 29
  • 30. Project Management – Milestone description Kick-Off Milestone: •Cost and budget preparations done. •Volume, capacity and technology analyses done. •Risk and product ability study done. •Customer awarded project Pre-Project Milestone: •Approved investment, cost and time schedules •Dedicated project team defined. •Approved Project layout and design. •DFMEA communicated with customer. Commercial release Milestone: •CmK approval on all components and production equipment done. •Limited release on all components. •PFMEA and approved Control plans •Organization and personnel trained and prepared for Ramp-up and Mass Production. Mass-Production Milestone: •CpK, PPAP approval on all components and production equipment. •Unlimited release on all comp. •Mass production orders available 30
  • 31. Project Management – Project Organisation and Communication Customer Project Buyer Project Manager KAM Project Manager Operation Quality Development Tooling Assembly Material/Logistics Molding Painting One window to customer through project management. 31
  • 32. Project Management – Program Management of Multi Continent Projects. Customer Development Center Project Buyer Project Manager Global - KAM Program Manager Local - KAM Project Manager Project Manager Norway China Project Buyers Project Manager Customer Production Sites One window to customer through program management on bigger projects involving more then one continent and facility. 32
  • 33. Presentation of the IV Technologies 33
  • 34. Product design Pros IV emphasis the importance of early involvement in projects, designing and developing the product together with the customer. Preparation of prototypes tools or SLA samples for pre-testing production conditions of products. 3-D CAD/CAM Mould-flow analysis UG ( Unigraphics v. NX 3 ) in Norway and China Why? Sharing knowledge and experience both ways (customer and supplier) – “closed loop” product design! Create a product optimal for both production and customer expectation and securing a process window throughout the complete production process Optimized process conditions secures stable delivery, more efficient production, lowering of cost trough out the value added chain.. IV Tech Mould emphasizes the importance of “Early Supplier Involvement”, sharing knowledge and experience to create the best possible solution for both customer and supplier. 34
  • 35. Two component moulding Description and why? Plastic products is being used in an increasing amount of application, The requirements to plastic products, both in new and existing market segments is constantly increasing. The combination of different material properties in the same product, for either functional or cosmetical reasons is getting increasingly important. Pros Produce parts with properties not possible with single shot moulding. Produce multi-colord or multi-resin parts for functional or cosmetical purpose, or both. Eliminate assembly steps of cushion or sealing with in-moulded solutions; reduce price and enhance product performance. In-moulding of cushions and sealing achieving better bonding between the two materials, extending product lifetime and improving product quality. Produce parts with movable segments or components using “in- mould assembly” technology. IV Tech Mould has long traditions for delivering high quality two component plastics 35
  • 36. Over moulding, Insert moulding Description and why? As for 2K products the combination of different material properties in the same product, for either functional or cosmetical reasons are of increasing importance. Plastic parts are taking over for metal parts; this on one side increases the requirement to the mechanical properties of the plastic materials, but on the other side also requires the possibility to combine products with metal and plastic moulded as one. Insert moulding; small metal parts moulded into the plastic product, over moulding; metal parts partly over moulded with plastic. Pros Difficulties Space savings Selection of suitable materials Cost reduction Suitable part design for plastic applications Easies the production process Handling of metal part Broaden the design freedom of products and components. Measure tolerances for metal- and plastic part IV Tech Mould has spent considerable resources on the over-moulding technology and possesses unique in-house competence and production capacity 36
  • 37. Thin- Thin-wall technology Description and why? Space is getting more and more important as the size of the product is Flow length v.s. Wall thickness getting continuously reduced but the amount of product functions 150 steadily increased. 125 The space for supporting components as plastic parts are getting less and less. The thinner plastic parts the more space for other Flow length [mm] 100 components. 75 PC/ABS Litteratur Pros Challenges PC Litteratur 50 PC/ABS Cycoloy MC2263 Selection of suitable materials Resultat IV Weight savings Eksponentiel. (PC Litteratur) 25 Suitable part design for plastic Eksponentiel. (PC/ABS Reduced cooling time Cycoloy MC2263 Resultat IV) applications 0 Cost reduction 0 0,2 0,4 0,6 0,8 1 1,2 Mould filling simulation Wall thickness [mm] Miniaturization Increasing tool rigidity with additional Capacity increase support and locking mechanism Balanced gate concept Measurement tolerances IV Tech Mould has spent considerable resources on thin wall moulding technology and possesses unique in-house competence and production capacity 37
  • 38. Thank you! 38