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Business in Costa Rica

Business in Costa Rica

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  • 1. Why a Call Center in Costa Rica?
  • 2. Doing Business in Costa Rica
    Page 2
    Current Situation
    Over 200 transnational companies have chosen Costa Rica and are benefiting from:
    • Highly-skilled, multilingual and qualified workforce
    • 3. Solid infrastructure = overall efficiency and easy market access.
    Costa Rica is one of the most competitive destinations in Latin America for service operations.
  • 4. 3
    Why Invest in Costa Rica?
    Work Force
    Quality of life
  • 5. 4
    Work Force
    • Costa Rica has one of the highest literacy rates of the American Continent.
    • 6. Education is mandatory until the 9th grade.
  • 5
    Work Force (continuation)
    Source: CINDE
    Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency
  • 7. 6
    Work Force (continuation)
    Source: CINDE
    Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency
  • 8. 7
    Work Force (continuation)
    Degree Completed (Population over 15 years old)
    Source: CINDE
    Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency
  • 9. 8
    Work Force (continuation)
    Costa Rica’s Workforce Other Qualifications
    • Quality Standards
    • 10. Experience working in a clean room environment
    • 11. Capable of handling FDA approved Class III devices
    • 12. Friendly and stable workforce
    • 13. Multilingual
  • 9
    Quality of life
    • Costa Rica is an active member of the international community.
    • 14. The country lobbied aggressively for the establishment of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
    • 15. Became the first nation to recognize the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Human Rights Court.
  • 10
    • Costa Rica remains as one of the safest and most attractive countries for foreign investment in Latin America.
  • Infrastructure
    • Abundant water supply, reliable hydroelectric power and an advanced telecommunications system.
    • 16. Extensive highway system, two major international airports and two seaports. All major U.S., European, and Latin American passenger and cargo carriers.
    • 17. Internet services are the most readily available and sophisticated in Central America.
  • 18. 12
    • The last World Bank Survey for Global Governance Indicators ranks Costa Rica in the first place within Latin America for political stability.
    • 19. The government is ruled by a series of constitutional controls and balances.
    • 20. Long tradition and stable democracy, which is recognized worldwide and has over 115 years of history.
    • 21. No limitations on capital funds transfers associated with an investment, regardless of the currency.
  • www.dcrsolutions.net
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