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Stop the Pain Naturally – Systemic Enzyme Therapy (“Heal n’ Soothe” Review)

Stop the Pain Naturally – Systemic Enzyme Therapy (“Heal n’ Soothe” Review)



Stop the Pain Naturally – Systemic Enzyme Therapy (“Heal n’ Soothe” Review)

Stop the Pain Naturally – Systemic Enzyme Therapy (“Heal n’ Soothe” Review)



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    Stop the Pain Naturally – Systemic Enzyme Therapy (“Heal n’ Soothe” Review) Stop the Pain Naturally – Systemic Enzyme Therapy (“Heal n’ Soothe” Review) Presentation Transcript

    • Stop the Pain Naturally
      • Systemic Enzyme Therapy ( “Heal n’ Soothe” Review )
      • Heal - N - Soothe is a systemic enzyme nutritional supplement – a big name for a little anti - inflammation miracle .
      • Customers report that Heal-n-Soothe is STRONGER than the harsh and dangerous prescription pain medications they were taking… One customer said it was “Stronger Than a Double Dose of Celebrex” …
      • Not only does this proven formula eliminate pain and inflammation fast, but it does so without negative side effects .
      • But don’t take my word for it… For a limited time you can have  a full, 90-count bottle for free – you just pay shipping and handling.
      • Click Here To Request Your FREE Bottle Now !
    • What Are Systemic Enzymes Anyway ?
      • Systemic enzymes truly are one of nature’s  most powerful natural remedies .
      • If you suffer from any sort of ache or pain , or if you just want to get and stay as healthy as possible, you should consider systemic enzymes . They have been used to safely and effectively eliminate pain and inflammation from all sorts of conditions like arthritis, colitis, back pain, sciatica, joint pain, sport injuries, heart disease and more .
      • On their own, each of these ingredients has been proven through both clinical studies and thousands of years of use, to be safe and effective. But together, they work  to quickly reduce inflammation and pain . And unlike prescription and over-the-counter NSAID’s, Heal n’ Soothe works without the dangerous and harmful side effects .
      • Get Your Free Bottle Right Now!
      • Enzymes are basically the body’s main line of defense against inflammation . Enzymes are not anti-inflammatory drugs but rather reduce inflammation by neutralizing the bio-chemicals of inflammation to levels where the creation, repair and regeneration of injured tissues can take place.
      • Heal N’ Soothe Enzyme Therapy – Review
      • This formula includes what I believe is the best combination of enzymes and herbs that have been proven to fight off inflammation and reduce pain. In fact, Heal-n-Soothe™ is the most powerful proteolytic enzyme formulation that’s ever been created until today.
      • Scientifically Proven Relief !
      • The pain reducing powers of Heal-n-Soothe™ have been proven to be highly effective in numerous clinical studies.
      • For example, in one study, 77 patients taking 400mg/day of Bromelain experienced significant reduction in pain and swelling.
      • A recent study done at the prestigious Sloan - Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York found that Turmeric was more safe and precise than aspirin in stopping inflammation by shutting down the COX2 enzyme responsible for pain . But Turmeric caused none of aspirin’s typical gastrointestinal irritation .
      • In a randomized, double - blind, placebo controlled study, 30 patients received 333mg, 3x a day of Boswelia . The group who received the Boswelia had a significant reduction in pain and swelling and experienced an increase in joint mobility and flexibility as compared to the placebo group .
      • And these are just a few of the hundreds of studies that have been done to prove the effectiveness of these ingredients.
      • Click here for a Free Trial of Heal N’ Soothe !
    • Heal n Soothe Ingredients :
      • Serrazimes – is a blend of proteolytic enzymes that have been proven to have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and also boost cardiovascular, respiratory and immune function
      • Bromelain – This special natural compound, which is extracted from pineapple, contains several proteolytic enzymes that have been shown to short-circuit multiple pain pathways in the body.
      • Turmeric Extract – is taken from the dried root of the plant and it has been used to treat a wide range of ailments for thousands of years.
      • Papain – contains a wide range of proteolytic enzymes and works by breaking down proteins. In studies it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of numerous conditions such as diabetes, herpes, cancer and digestion issues like bloating and chronic indigestion. Papain has also been shown to attack tumor cells and boost the immune system
      • Boswellia Extract – One of the most widely used herbs in Indian medicine, it has been used for centuries by traditional Indian healers to reduce pain and inflammation. Hundreds of studies have been done proving its effectiveness and in addition to being a powerful and safe, natural anti-inflammatory, Boswellia has also been shown to support healthy blood circulation
      • Rutin – Found naturally in a variety of plants and fruits, this flavanoid has been shown to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect due to its powerful anti-oxidant activity
      • Ginger Extract – Used for over 2,500 years in Asia, Ginger has been used to treat nausea and to reduce pain and inflammation. It works by decreasing the amount of prostaglandins, which are what cause you to feel pain.
      • Devil’s Claw – another time-tested natural pain reliever, Devil’s Claw has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years in Africa. Numerous studies have proven it’s effectiveness in reducing pain and inflammation. In fact, one study found that Devil’s Claw was as effective in treating arthritis pain as common drug, phenylbutazone.
      • L-gluathione – a compound found in nearly all forms of life, L-gluathione protects the body from oxidative damage by acting as a buffer.
      • Vitamin E – This fat-soluble vitamin is an essential nutrient for humans and is known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties. Vitamin E has been shown to be beneficial in numerous situations and conditions such as controlling high blood pressure, maintaining healthy and balanced cholesterol levels, boost immune system function and improving circulatory conditions, skin health, memory and more.
      • Citrus Bioflavanoids – aid in the absorption of vitamins and act as important anti-oxidants. Citrus Bioflavanoids inhibit collagenase and elastase, the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of connective tissue. In addition to protecting connective tissues, they also protect against free radical damage.
      • Save yourself years of research and wasted money - Click here for a free trial of Heal N’ Soothe!
      • Warning: Don’t use Heal n’ Soothe if you are currently taking antibiotics or any kind of blood thinners (Coumadin,Plavix).