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The maker library   tilburg april 2013
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The maker library tilburg april 2013


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How can the library become a maker library where there is room for co-creation and innovative thinking.

How can the library become a maker library where there is room for co-creation and innovative thinking.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Louise Overgaard, team manager,Aarhus Public Libraries, Denmark
  • 2. Agenda• Dokk1 – the future library in Aarhus• Userdriven innovation• Collaborative innovation - partnerships• Mindspot – Make it your library• People’s Lab – Prototype 1 – Tech Lab• Demotek Aarhus – the underground library• Gaming – when the library joins in
  • 3. Dokk1 Aarhus
  • 4. Urban Mediaspace Aarhus - site
  • 5. 2015 2014Client: City of AarhusPartner: Realdania, Realdania BygClient Advisor: Rambøll DKArchitects: schmidt hammer lassen architectsCo-advisers: Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue and AlectiaA/S
  • 6. Urban Mediaspace Aarhus Dokk1: • Main Library • Citizens’ Services – 17.500 m2 • Partners and network – 11.000 m2 Automatic parking space - 1000 cars Two new urban harbour squares Arrival centre for light rail Uncovering of the river Traffic regulation Climate security App.: 340 mill US$
  • 7. The Vision • Space for co-operation • Place for dialogue, knowledge, ideas and inspiration • Open informal learning space • A unique place for children and families
  • 8. From Toinformation that can be What can only befound anywhere experienced at the librarySpace for media Space as a mediaOn-line On siteInformation MeaningFacts CredibilityMeeting information Meeting peopleKnowing ExperimentingVisitors Resource personNeutrality SensingSeriousness Sense of humourArranged events Things that happen Ivar Moltke, Create
  • 9. The Library of the future Recognition/ExperienceInnovation Empowerment D.Skot-Hansen C.H. Rasmussen Engagement H. Jochumsen
  • 10. Userdriven innovation and co-creation
  • 11. The purpose of userdriven innovation is to…• develop our organisation and staff through cooperation with citizens• involve citizens in and make them familiar with Dokk1 and Urban Mediaspace• facilitate unformal learning spaces• develop relevant services• create spaces for democratic processes
  • 12. Lead users Co-creatorsSituational involvement Kilde: How to Engage Youth, Hovedbiblioteket Aarhus
  • 13. Collaborative innovation The library is a relational business!
  • 14. The purpose of partnerships includes• Having the opportunity to experiment and uncover new opportunities• Creating better connections with the local community• Creating contacts with new users• Reaching current users in new ways• Creating and strengthening political or strategic relations• Using resources in new ways• Gaining new knowledge about specific target groups• Gaining new competences• Having the opportunity to disseminate or offer new services
  • 15. Interaction Innovation in hybrid organisations Development of business models Volunteers as consultants Research and development Co-productions Advocacy campaigns Branding Dialogue on servicesShort tail Long tail Short sponsorships Network, clubs Donations, gifts Long sponsorships Distance
  • 16. What is a partnership?A formalised collaborative relation that isbuilt on equality and respect. The partnerscreate something which they would notcreate by themselves and thus thepartnership becomes a win-win situation
  • 17. The Network Circle
  • 18. Examples and perspectives from our work
  • 19. Et Make it Your Librarynetværksbaseret brugerdrevent ungdomsbibliotek
  • 20. A library service for, with and by young people
  • 21. Collaborative innovation
  • 22. Userdriven innovation
  • 23. The library creates the frame, the youngand the partners create the content
  • 24. Who and what is a Mindspotter? Samarbejde med unge om biblioteket
  • 25. Lead user, ambassador,culture planner, facilitator,innovator, trendspotter, young
  • 26. Who and what is a Mindkeeper?
  • 27. Facilitator, coach, organizer, library employee, has a focus on professionalchanges, takes risks and loses control
  • 28. Mindspot is a mindsetDialogue, relations, respect
  • 29. Kilde: Mindspot – Make it Your Library, Hovedbiblioteket Aarhus
  • 30. Mindspot is… a room for expressinga democratic playground a place to learn a place for culture
  • 31. People’s lab
  • 32. People’s Lab• Create two x three rooms in 2 years• Collect knowledge on how libraries can work with Makerspaces• Develop strategic recommendations for libraries People’s Lab
  • 33. How can the library create a roomthat encourages citizens’ ability to innovate? People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 34. How can the library arrange meetings between inter-disciplinary knowledge areas? People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 35. How can we create somethingwith power and energy in thelocal community? People’s Lab
  • 36. MakercultureHackerspacesMakerspacesFablabsShare premises,tools, knowledgeCreate projects,ideas, network People’s lab
  • 37. People’s lab• Collaborative innovation: Roskilde Libraries, Citizens’ Service and Libraries, Aarhus University, Roskilde University, Open Space Aarhus, INSP!, Aarhus school of Architecture, Sager der samler• Userdriven innovation• We do nothing on our own! People’s Lab
  • 38. Building a community People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 39. Facilitate meetings between privateorganizations, citizens and the library People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 40. 1st room / TechLab People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 41. What makes a great lab? People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 42. Maker in residence residence People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 43. Excellent expertswho loveinvolvement with theusers People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 44. Everyday life at TechLab People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 45. Events atEvents at TechLab People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 46. Children and grown upsinteracting with each other People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 47. Techlab attracts different types attractsof people People’s Lab People’s Lab
  • 48. 2nd room in Aarhus• In October• Combination of inter-disiciplinary professions and themes• Working with topics from various perspective People’s Lab
  • 49. BACKGROUND STORY• A ’demotek’ functions as an underground library where the citizens lend out their own artistic pieces• The first Danish Demotek opened in Copenhagen in 2010.• DemotekAarhus evolved from a project initiated by young people and was launched October 2012
  • 50. THE PURPOSEDemotekAarhus will…• …stimulate the city’s creative underground societies/environment by creating a scene where ”up-coming” artists can show off their pieces• …create a platform for interdisciplinary artistic expressions between the different environments, different art styles and genres.• …become a living workshop with different events, which gives the artists the opportunity for meeting, learning and inspiring each other.• …Create an interaction between the artists and users via DemotekAarhus’ physical space in the library, the webpage and app.
  • 51. Website The App LendingEvents Longterm interdisciplinary artistic projects
  • 52. THE PROCESS • A process where young people, cultural institutions and library staff co-created on developing the concept and the exhibition furniture. • DemotekAarhus is realised through co-operation with talented, creative young people, who has invented the logo, the graphs, webpage and the exhibition furniture.
  • 53. THE CHALLENGESUser initiative versusthe public libraryroom…Quality criterias –how much can thelibrary control?
  • 54. THE GOOD STORY • Enormous interest in the project and lots of goodwill from external partners. • The good collaboration which resulted in: > A new Demotek built in no time for a minimum amount of money > An exhibition where trying artists get the courage to show their art work in the public room > Writing workshops where people with same interest for words meet and inspire each other.
  • 55. When the library joins in
  • 56. Talks and Network Meetings Speed-presentation & idea exchange Games development workshop
  • 57. Partnership with a local newspaper
  • 58. Recommendations• Make the library attractive to gaming enthusiasts. Provide them with something they do not have at home and give them an opportunity to become involved when they visit the library.• Make the gaming strategy part of the event strategy.• Invite people behind the game productions, users of the games, and professionals to talk about games and gaming culture. Gaming dissemination (also) consists of meetings between people with an interest in the same medium.• Cultivate a community through attractive events.• Consider partnerships and cooperation when planning gaming activities, hybrid events and dissemination.• By creating and developing games, users will gain knowledge of, competences in, and insight into a medium which they meet everywhere in their daily lives.
  • 59. A Maker Library is…• co-creation2014… users, partners and the library between• a focus on community building• creating meetings between knowledge domains andpeople• facilitating innovation processes• a transformation from collection to connection• a mashup library• room for prototyping in the physical library• to create the possibility for citizens to gain knowledgetogether
  • 60. People’s