The Maker Library presented at The Andrew Carnegie's International Legacy October 2013


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Is making and makerspaces a way to transform the library? #wastelab, #techlab, #folkelab are examples on working with makerspaces at the library.

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The Maker Library presented at The Andrew Carnegie's International Legacy October 2013

  1. 1. Dokk1 Aarhus
  2. 2. The Vision • Space for co-operation • Place for dialogue, knowledge, ideas and inspiration • Open informal learning space • A unique place for children and families
  3. 3. From To Space for media Space as a media On-line On site Information Meaning Facts Credibility Meeting information Meeting people Knowing Experimenting Visitors Resource person Neutrality Sensing Seriousness Sense of humour Arranged events Things that happen information that can be found anywhere What can only be experienced at the library Ivar Moltke, Create
  4. 4. Creating with users and partners
  5. 5. Why? • develop our organisation, staff and services • make citizens familiar with Dokk1 • facilitate informal learning and democratic spaces • Strengthen the connections with the local community and the political level • experiment and uncover new opportunities
  6. 6. People’s Lab How can libraries work with makerspaces? People’s Lab
  7. 7. If it is broken – fix it! DIY = Do it yourself DIT = Do it together CREATE together! If it is not broken – improve it! SHARE knowledge, premises , tools! Be curious! People’s Lab
  8. 8. People’s Lab • How can the library create spaces that encourages citizens to innovate? • How can the library arrange meetings between knowledge domains? • How can we create services with power and energy in the local community?
  9. 9. TechLab People’s Lab
  10. 10. The love for technology Room for sharing Access to equipment A maker who loves interacting with users
  11. 11. Everyday life Events Everyday life at TechLab Creating together People’s Lab Experiencing together People’s Lab
  12. 12. Wastelab
  13. 13. Perspectives Debates Partners Events
  14. 14. Swapping Helping each other Trying and rehearsing
  15. 15. Thinking Handy work Creating Developing
  16. 16. Mixing artistic genres Rehearsing and writing together Performing in the public space Exhibiting and lending out
  17. 17. A Maker Library is… 2014… • co-creation between users, partners and library • focusing on community building • mixing knowledge domains • gaining and creating knowledge together • creating settings for informal learning processes • prototyping in the physical library • a way of working and an attitude
  18. 18. Louise Overgaard, team leader and project manager, Aarhus Public Libraries, Denmark