Peoples lab presentation 27022013


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The development project People's lab investigates how libraries can support the library users wish and ability to innovate.

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Peoples lab presentation 27022013

  1. 1. People’s lab
  2. 2. People’s Lab• Create two x three rooms in 2 years• Gather knowledge on how libraries can work with Makerspaces• Develop strategic recommendations for libraries• Arrange trainee services for library staff People’s Lab• The project has the national
  3. 3. Project partnersRoskilde LibrariesCitizens’ Service and LibrariesAarhus University / PITRoskilde University / CLIPSOpen Space AarhusINSP!Aarhus school of ArchitectureSager der samler People’s Lab
  4. 4. How can the library create a room that encourage the citizens’ ability to innovate? People’s Lab
  5. 5. How can the libraryarrange meetings between inter- inter-disciplinary knowledge areas? People’s Lab
  6. 6. Aarhus People’s labRoskilde People’s lab People’s Lab
  7. 7. Innovation People’s Lab
  8. 8. Makerculture Hackerspaces Makerspaces Fablabs Share premises, tools, knowledge Create projects, ideas, networkPeople’s lab
  9. 9. Aarhus People’s lab• Collaborative innovation• Userdriven innovation• We do nothing on our own!• How can we create something with power and energy in Aarhus?• 3 rooms and Demotek Aarhus People’s Lab
  10. 10. The Main Library The new library is our perspective on all innovation projects , partnerships and inspiring, international contacts People’s Lab
  11. 11. Building a community People’s Lab
  12. 12. Facilitate meetings between passionate volunteer organization and citizens from Aarhus People’s Lab
  13. 13. How can we create a community? community? People’s Lab
  14. 14. DemotekAarhusArtLab – the fourth room People’s Lab
  15. 15. 1st Room / TechLab People’s Lab
  16. 16. What makes a great lab? People’s Lab
  17. 17. Maker in residenceMaker in residenceMaker in residenceMaker in residenceMaker in residenceMaker in residenceMaker in residenceMaker in residence People’s Lab
  18. 18. Excellentexperts who loveinvolvement withthe users People’s Lab
  19. 19. Typical day atTechLab People’s Lab
  20. 20. Events atEvents atEvents atEvents atEvents atEvents atEvents atEvents atTechLabTechLabTechLabTechLabTechLabTechLabTechLabTechLab People’s Lab
  21. 21. Children and grown upsi n teracting w i t h e a c h o t People’s Lab
  22. 22. Techlab attractsTechlab attractsTechlab attracts attracts attractsTechlab attracts attracts attractsdifferent types of peopledifferent types of peopledifferent types of people types of types ofdifferent types of people types of types of People’s Lab
  23. 23. challenge?What’s the challenge? People’s Lab
  24. 24. How can we distinguish betweenvolenteer organizations and the public room? People’s Lab
  25. 25. It demands a lot of energy People’s Lab
  26. 26. How do we create a good relationship betweenpartners, the library staff and the users? People’s Lab
  27. 27. 2nd room• In October• Combination of inter- disiciplinary professions and themes• Work with one topic from various perspectives People’s Lab