Barbara Kruger Identity


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Barbara Kruger Identity

  1. 1. The Art of Barbara Kruger
  2. 2. Background…….  Barbara Kruger is an American CONCEPTUAL ARTIST. She was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945 and left there in 1964 to attend Syracuse University. After a year at Syracuse, she moved to New York, where she began attending Parsons School of Design. Shortly after coming to Parson's, she was given a job at Mademoiselle, and within a year was chief designer. Her design experience would factor heavily into the work she began doing as an artist in 1969
  3. 3. Exploring Identity: Her vast portfolio of work addresses issues such as cultural stereotypes, domestic violence, identity, gender, and even political and social power.
  4. 4. -Who is this poster addressing? -What is the “battle” that Kruger is referring to? -How is duality represented here? -What does the use of the “negative” face bring to the work?
  5. 5. I work with pictures and words because they have the ability to determine who we are and who we aren'tquot; - Barbara Kruger  How does this image reinforce the text?  Is this woman ugly?  Is this piece about beauty?
  6. 6. What defines You? Many of us can relate… -How does the hand “holding” it reflect the idea? -Is she telling us a statement or is this also a little advertisement in itself?
  7. 7. quot;A picture is worth more than a thousand words.quot;  Why is this woman crying?  How does the mirror reflect that?  How does the word “not” play into the piece?  Is size a factor?
  8. 8. How are you seen?  What do you “see” when you look at this image?  How do you think he feels?  How is the text integrated in the picture? Does it reinforce the concept?
  9. 9. “YOU” Who is she speaking to or is she telling you?
  10. 10. Review:  Format: Image, usually black and white photo with text on red.  Letters may be cut out individually.  Photos may be appropriated or more than one may be fused together.  Concept: Identity. What defines you?
  11. 11. Project:  Create your own Conceptual work of art based on what you saw today.  Explore an idea that is meaningful and defines “YOU”.  Collect images from magazines in the classroom.  Cut and paste letters or words to express your thoughts on the subject through text.  If you can not find black and white photos you may work in color, but choose a text color that would stand out appropriately.  Highlight text by placing it on blocks of color such as the red rectangles in Kruger’s work.
  12. 12. Begin Now