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Free Public Performances Idf2010

  1. 1. Free public performances of International Dance Festival 2010 During 6th - 7th March 2010 Borealis Performing Group Thailand IT WAS TOMORROW choreographed by Philippe Saint-Paul This choreographic piece freely explores a common topic in modern dance : repetition . However, instead of using movement repetition, it is about thematic repetition as expressed by different interprets. Daniel Hayward British FARANG A creative performance by Daniel Hayward the British Choreographer. He has worked with many famous choreographers and has steadily been developing his own work through residencies in Netherlands and abroad. Frontier Danceland Singapore CRYING EARTH choreographed by Low Mei Yoke The mixture of both East and West cultures, expresses the incessant vigor, ever-flowing emotions and multiplicity of human activities of contemporary life in Singapore. The uniqueness lies in the fusion of dynamic Western dance technique with the strength and beauty of Asian expressions. Ika Inggas Indonesia BALINESE OLEG TAMBULILINGAN DANCE A classical traditional Balinese dance created in 1952 by a famous Balinese dancer I Ketut Marya. The dance is about a sensual performance and mimics the mating dance of 2 bumblebees, the male obsessed with the female who elegantly and coyly keeps him away. She eventually gives in at the finale. However, for this performance only shows the female part of the dance. Kolben Dance Company Israel DHARMA-DA choreographed by Amir Kolben Amir Kolben is the founder and artistic director of Kolben Dance Company, which resides in Jerusalem. His choreographies were presented successfully in dance and theatre festivals around the world. He was also invited to choreograph for several dance companies in Israel and abroad.
  2. 2. La Rosa Flamenco Thailand AMORES choreographed by Phanat Chaiwong Amores is many passionate faces of love, fiery and subtlety portrayed through the national dance of Spain, Flamenco M.U.D.S. Company Romania DOR choreographed by Sandra Mavhima A 20-minute piece from Romania based on a traditional theme to represent the feeling and atmosphere of the Romanian people. The never-ending struggle between instinct and reason and focuses on the fear of loneliness we all feel inside. nATANDA Sri Lanka FRANGIPANI This production use body language to personify the frangipani flower in its strong, weak and mild manifestations. The performance intends to deepen the audience’s understanding of nature and enrich their appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the environment. Nir De Volff Israel PUT YOUR SELF IN MY PLACE a contemporary dancer from Israel- has been living and working in Berlin for the past six years under the name Total Brutal. He travels with his works all over Europe and is invited to choreograph for such prestigious institutions as the Frankfurt Opera House. Oplas Theatre Italy DHARMA-DA choreographed by Luca Bruni Since 12 years OPLAS produces dance performances for in-door and out-door hosted at the most important festivals. The principles of the artistic contamination and experimentation are at the basemant of the decennial artistic path led by the company: always new theatrical technics are brought into the research, and new expressive ways are studied, while contemporary dance is always the main protagonist.
  3. 3. Pepa Sanz Spain STUMBLING Pepa Sanz made her debut at the age of fifteen with the “Mariemma Ballet de España”. Later, she performed as a soloist in all productions of the Maria Rosa's ballet and also for the choreographies throughout Europe and Japan. In addition, she participates in numerous national and international festivals and also interpretates many award-winning choreographies Rangsima Boonsinsukh Thailand UNBEARABLE, TO LEAVE OR TO LOVE The impossible love of two people who have to be apart from each other due to the conflicts of the couples. The performance will present the hurting feelings of the couples, the unbearable emotions of love. Will they choose to be true to their heart or to live for others? Shenzhen Arts Company China BUDDHA OF THOUSAND HANDS choreographed by Zhan JiGang “Buddha of Thousand Hands” is “Most Compassionate and Illumined Boddhisattva Guanshiyin with Thousands of Hands and Eyes”. The most eye-catching points is that along the two sides and above the head of the Boddhisattva are relief numerous “golden” hands like a peacock displaying its feathers, and also there is an eye in the middle of each palm, round and splendid. Triple Rebels Japan/Australia By Akio Kato/ Karen Siu/ Masaki Kikuchi Triple Rebels from Japan/Australia is a Sydney based hip-hop crew with many international experiences who has been taking an active role in many commercial dance scenes in Australia. Vararom Tavivoradilok Thailand AVIJ-JA In the ignorance, as well as the darkness, fear grows. In fear, hallucination emerges. And there lie the ghosts. Ghost of fear, ghost of darkness, in other words, ghost of not knowing.