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Hu-Friedy Pink Ribbon Instruments

Hu-Friedy Pink Ribbon Instruments

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  • 1. Work smart. Make a difference. Pink Ribbon Instruments
  • 2. Pink Ribbon Instruments
    • In this tutorial you will learn:
      • The history of Hu-Friedy’s Pink Ribbon instruments
      • About Hu-Friedy and the Breast Cancer Network of Strength’s partnership
      • Features and benefits of the Pink Ribbon CUREtte
      • Pink Ribbon CUREtte instrumentation
      • Pink Ribbon Ultrasonic Insert information
  • 3. Introduction
    • Hu-Friedy and the Breast Cancer Network of Strength (formerly Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization™), a Chicago-based national nonprofit organization with the mission to ensure, through information, empowerment and peer support, that no one faces breast cancer alone, formed a special bond in the fall of 2006 when Hu-Friedy created a special periodontal promotion, "Inspired by You", focused directly toward dental professionals.
  • 4. Pink Ribbon Instruments
    • Hu-Friedy has made supporting its customers and the fight against breast cancer a huge priority.
    • In 2006, Hu-Friedy created a special promotion, “Inspired by You”, focused directly toward hygienists.
    • A unique SH6/7 scaler was created (featuring pink grips and the Y-ME ribbon) and a donation was made to the then named Y-ME organization with every offer redeemed.
  • 5. Network of Strength
    • The promotion was a huge success and Hu-Friedy found an open door to directly touch our customers, and to continually seek out further ways to help in the fight against breast cancer
    Members of the Network of Strength (formerly Y-ME) organization thank Hu-Friedy for its donation. Hu-Friedy President and CEO Ron Saslow is pictured holding the check.
  • 6. Walk to Empower
    • A wonderful opportunity presented itself in the Walk To Empower.
    • Hu-Friedy raises even more in donations every year for the Network of Strength organization through bake sales, raffles, runner/walker donations, and the Saslow family.
    In this photo, Team Hu-Friedy gets together in Chicago's Grant Park for the Walk to Empower .
  • 7. Team Achievement Award
    • In 2008 Hu-Friedy was honored among other corporations with the Network of Strength’s Team Achievement Award.
    • Hu-Friedy was recognized for recruiting corporate teams in multiple markets across the country. Hu-Friedy alone raised over $20,000 with 176 team members participating in six total markets - Atlanta, Chicago, New Haven, Sacramento, San Diego, Washington DC.
  • 8. Network of Strength T-Shirt Award
    • In 2009, Team Hu-Friedy received first prize in the Network of Strength’s corporate T-shirt design contest.
    • The design was created by a Hu-Friedy Graphic Designer, and voted upon collectively by Hu-Friedy employees to represent their company on Walk Day.
  • 9. Pink Ribbon Instruments
    • Hu-Friedy continues to support the Breast Cancer Network of Strength through the sales of the Pink Ribbon devices.
    • The development of the Pink Ribbon products was fueled by the desire to make an impact clinically and to touch the lives of others.
    • Twenty-one Hu-Friedy dental professionals contributed their unique insight to the instrument design process that brought the latest addition to the EverEdge TM technology product line.
  • 10. Pink Ribbon Instruments
    • Hu-Friedy is proud to introduce two dental hygiene instruments designed to allow you to work smart and make a difference.
    • The Pink Ribbon CUREtte
      • SYME9
    • #100 Thin Swivel Direct Flow Ultrasonic Insert
      • UI30YME100 and UI25YME100
      • The Network of Strength's “Spokes-Instruments” for the ultrasonic product line
  • 11. Pink Ribbon Instruments Pink Ribbon CUREtte SYME9
  • 12. Pink Ribbon CUREtte - SYME9
    • Combining efficiency, function and the ability to make a difference.
  • 13. Features & Benefits
    • Area-specific curette with a cutting edge that is offset 70 ° to the terminal shank
    • Contra-angle shank design coupled with the 70° offset blade provides optimal-blade-to-tooth angulation
    • Revolutionary EverEdge Technology stays sharper 50% longer for less time sharpening and reduced hand fatigue
    • Unique diamond knurling for increased comfort
    • Distinctive Pink Signature Series ® Grip for easy identification
  • 14. EverEdge Technology
    • The Pink Ribbon CUREtte is made with
    • Hu-Friedy’s EverEdge Technology which has the following characteristics:
      • Unique metal blend and heat treating process for superior wear resistance
      • Less frequent sharpening
      • Lasts 50% longer than conventional instruments
      • Reduced cost per instrument use
    • Learn more about Hu-Friedy’s EverEdge Technology on the Member Resources page.
  • 15. Pink Ribbon CUREtte - SYME9
    • Distinctive design allows for efficient scaling with minimal tissue distention.
    • Excellent adaptation in concavities of premolar roots.
  • 16. Pink Ribbon CUREtte - SYME9
    • With the 70 ° offset blade, the Pink Ribbon CUREtte is effective with minimal tissue distention, making it a perfect choice for pedodontic patients.
    • Primarily designed for anterior use, the Pink Ribbon CUREtte also adapts well to line angles of molars, if access permits.
  • 17. Pink Ribbon CUREtte - SYME9
    • The Pink Ribbon CUREtte is easy to adapt in pockets with the extended terminal shank.
  • 18. SYME9 Instrumentation
    • To see more details about the clinical uses of the Pink Ribbon CUREtte , please see the Pink Ribbon CUREtte videos on the Member Resources page.
  • 19. Pink Ribbon Instruments Pink Ribbon Ultrasonic Insert
  • 20. Pink Ribbon Ultrasonic Insert
    • Same great Swivel Direct Flow ® design… Now dedicated to empowering you to make a difference today.
  • 21. Pink Ribbon Ultrasonic Insert
    • In addition to the new Pink Ribbon CUREtte, Hu-Friedy’s #100 Thin Swivel Direct Flow ® ultrasonic insert has been selected as the Network of Strength “Spokes-Instrument” for the ultrasonic product line.
    • This insert features the unique benefits of 360 o rotation and proudly displays the pink ribbon logo.
  • 22. Pink Ribbon Ultrasonic Insert
    • With the Swivel insert from Hu-Friedy there is no need to stop scaling to turn the insert in the handpiece as you move from the lower arch to the upper arch.
    • Simply roll the insert in your fingertips as you would a hand instrument and off you go.
  • 23.
      • Advantages
      • No fighting the cord
      • Easy to use – time saver
      • Ergonomic design
      • Smooth vibration effectively removed debris
      • Neutral body position
      • Reduces finger pinching
      • Unsurpassed through-tip water delivery
      • Custom blend stainless steel
    Swivel Direct Flow ® Insert Designs
  • 24. Learn More
    • Learn more about Hu-Friedy’s Swivel Inserts on the Member Resources page.
      • Multimedia:
        • Working Without a Swivel Insert is Such a Drag
      • Product Presentations:
        • Ultrasonic Inserts - Freedom at your Fingertips.
  • 25. Power and Hand Scaling
    • Power and hand instruments are ideally combined for versatility in patient care and to achieve optimal clinical results.
    • Each method of instrumentation complements the other.
    Hu-Friedy combines quality hand instruments and power instruments to provide clinicians with a choice.
  • 26. Pink Ribbon Instruments
    • For each Pink Ribbon instrument sold, Hu-Friedy will make a corporate contribution to Breast Cancer Network of Strength, helping those affected by breast cancer.
      • $1.00 for each Pink Ribbon CUREtte sold.
      • $2.00 for each Pink Ribbon Ultrasonic Insert sold.
  • 27. Making a Difference
    • Pink Ribbon Instrument Duo
      • Symbols of our commitment to supporting women's health issues and empowering those affected by
      • breast cancer.
  • 28. Qualifying Question
    • Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Hu-Friedy’s Pink Ribbon Instruments .
    • To earn your Hu-Points towards a product evaluation, please exit and answer the following question on the Member Resources Page:
    • In what year did Hu-Friedy and the Breast Cancer Network of Strength (formerly Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization) first form a bond?
    • 2007
    • 2006
    • 2005
    • 2004
    • 2003