Social Media Marketing for Fitz Studio


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Social Media Marketing for Fitz Studio

  1. 1. Submitted By:Shalini KhutliwalaHemangi ParkeriaDevdeep Daruka
  2. 2. Agenda About Fitz Marketing Communications Business Case Web 2.0 Strategy
  3. 3. Fitz In-house brand of Texperts India Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2007 Portrayed as fitness & lifestyle brand for men Retail presence in –  Spencer’s  Reliance Mart  Bharti Retail’s Easyday  Gitanjali’s Maya  National Handloom Corporation
  4. 4. Target Group Target Group:  Age group of 20-35 years  SEC groups: B1, B2, C  Students & professionals  Individuals who are health conscious & inclined towards fitness
  5. 5. Fitz – Sub-brandsFitz@ Zero degree Fitz@ Action Leisure wear  Sports wear Fabric used for sweat  Uses light, breathable control & better stretch fabric ability
  6. 6. Products T-shirts  T-shirts Sweatshirt  Shorts Bermuda  Tracks Capri  Bags Tracks Bags Shoes WatchesFitz@Zero Degree Fitz@Action
  7. 7. Physical Marketing Advertising  Print media  Minimal outdoor advertising In-store Promotions  Contests conducted in retail stores  Discounts & promotional offers Gym tie-up  Stalls during transformation program in Gold’s Gym
  8. 8. Digital Marketing Online partners   Facebook Page  Frequent product updates  Calorie meter  BMI calculator YouTube videos
  9. 9. Fitz Studio Company’s website provides both Fitz & Solemio Customers can buy products online Customer support helpline provided Products have not been displayed adequately on the website
  10. 10. Fitz Fitz is a fitness & lifestyle brand for men, mainly in middle-class segment. Indian brand with international outlook The brand has not involved itself into aggressive advertising Mostly below the line (BTL) marketing activities Facebook page has high no. of likes as compared to competitors but not much activity on page
  11. 11. Result of MarketingActivities Low Consumer Awareness Minimal Online Presence The marketing budget of Fitz is very low because of this the level of consumer awareness is low and they have minimal online presence
  12. 12. Facebook Page Short-term  Upload links & news about upcoming fitness related activities  Mention about the tie-ups with various gyms & other associations  Frequent update about promotional activities in various retail stores  Facebook ads that redirect to facebook page contests or polls to increase customer participation  Ask for feedback on current product offerings
  13. 13. Facebook Page Long-term  Link various fitness-related websites & Fitz websites to facebook page  Interact with communities that have potential customers or have common interests as Fitz customers  Ask for suggestions on desired products  Facebook Ads analysis can be used to identify the common interest of the customers
  14. 14. Fitz Website Short-term  Link all Fitz activities to the website  Segregate the brands & sub-brands for ease of customers Long-term  Embed youtube videos & blogs
  15. 15. Twitter Page Connect to various fitness or health communities to identify potential customers Engage these customers through redirecting them to the website or facebook page.