Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Double Door Refrigerator


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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Double Door Refrigerator

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Double Door Refrigerator

  1. 1. Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Double Door RefrigeratorWith advancements in technology, a new concept ofdouble door refrigerator has been introduced in themarket which provides many benefits to the consumers.Since all homes require a refrigerator, no matter whichsize, the demand of better technologies are huge andinnovations are appreciated and utilized fully. There arealways pros and cons to each product but mostly thedisadvantages act as a shadow under the hugeadvantages of the product. Every brand likes tomanufacture its product for the simplicity of thecustomer and thus makes sure that they are effectiveand provides the customer ultimate ease of use. Belowmentioned are few of the pros and cons of a double door refrigerator.Greater capacity:The use of a double door refrigerator allows extensive capacity storage. Large food items such aswatermelons and pizzas do not have to be writhed in order to make them fit into the smallconfined space anymore as a refrigerator with a double door provides large enough space forthem to easily maintain their shape inside. Moreover, the swing of the doors take less spacewhen they are swung open as they are purposely shaped narrower than the traditionalrefrigerators in order to occupy less room.Enhanced cooling effect:The manufacturers use the healthiest technology of all in the double door refrigerators as thefood hygiene has to be encompassed into the factors that people look for in a refrigerator. Thecooling technology helps preserve food for longer duration and since large amounts of food canbe stored in a double door refrigerator, it is essential that the cooling effect reaches to eachitem. Due to all these reasons, enhanced cooling technologies are used and most of them aredesigned specifically to operate under fluctuations as well. The preserving time is almost twicethan that of the traditional refrigerators.
  2. 2. Frost free:Frost can form around the coil of a refrigerator which is responsible for cooling the freezer. Thisfrost can gradually build up to inches thick and thus taking up the most space of the freezer.People are then unable to store as much as they would like to in their freezer. Frost-free featureavoids the happening of such frost thickening inside the freezer and allows full usage of thespace provided for storage. Double door refrigerators have a built-in frost-free automaticsystem making life even easier.Larger freezing area:Getting an additional freezer and setting up into a room can take up wanted space especially ina tight room. The traditional refrigerators have small freezers which people complain that it isnot enough according to their storage capacity. The double door refrigerator solves this issue byproviding larger and separate compartments for freezing. This also allows better and efficientcooling since every time one opens the fridge, he/she is not opening the freezer with it.Pricing and Availability:The disadvantage of purchasing a double door refrigerator is that it might be expensive thanwhat one’s budget can afford. Even with the minimal functionality, they are costly because oftheir specific design and storage capacity. Some of the designs might not be very easilyaccessible but with search, it can be found.Consumes higher energy:All the features of the double door refrigerator use technology and thus higher energyconsumption. Since the capacity has been enhanced greatly, the power consumption increasesand thus incurring higher electric bills. Even the free-frost features of the freezing consumer alot of energy in defrosting it after equal intervals. Many companies however try their utmost tolower the energy consumption such as Fridge OnlineAccounts Main, 33/1077 AIyyatil Junction, Hospital RoadPh: 0484 2373803Cochin - 682011