Innovative digital ideas launched in 2013


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A look at the best and most innovative campaigns of 2013.

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Innovative digital ideas launched in 2013

  1. 1. Innovative Digital Ideas launched in 2013 Nov 29, 2013
  2. 2. Content • Scan on Innovative Campaigns in the Digital Space. – Ad Formats – Communication Routes – Executions
  3. 3. Siemens – “On the Dot” Brand Story Telling On YouTube  Background  Demonstrate the success of Siemens Technology Globally.  Objective  Task to highlight the technologies developed by Siemens.  Video Approach Taken For India market  Story built on Mumbai Rail Network, the Dabbawala’s and what’s the force behind their precision.  Their expertise towards developing the propulsion and electrical systems, powers Mumbai Rail and therefore, Dabbawala’s to manage the food supply chain.  Platforms – YouTube and display ads. Youtube brand channel - Global Scale – YT channel is a Global channel.  The Siemens brand channel on YouTube is well laid out and brings together similar brand stories from their operations across the world.  The channel also has thematic, corporate and solution specific videos from across verticals. The central carousel highlights key content.
  4. 4. Ford EcoSport – Urban Discoveries On ground + Online Tie-up  Background  Ford Eco Sport is being projected as an Urban SUV with loaded features for city driving experience.  Objective  How to get users to share their driving experience through video content by creating real and local conversations.  Website - Approach Taken –  Launched a Contests – Ford EcoSport – Urban Discoveries  31 teams (3 member team) exploring 12 cities in India.  Youtube channel -  The team had to share their experiences in the form of videos, chats. Highlights – to make the shared content viral, Google maps, Twitter and Facebook were also integrated on the YT channel.
  5. 5. Dove – Real Beauty Sketches On ground + Online Tie-up Video  Background  Women are their own worst beauty critic.  Objective  Dove took up the challenge of building positive selfesteem and inspiring all women /girls to reach their potential.  Approach Taken –  Only 4% women worldwide consider themselves beautiful.  Dove wanted to change the way women perceived herself to be.  They launched a social experiment that proves to women something very important.  Real Beauty content integration on Yahoo Lifestyle.
  6. 6. Yebhi – Introduces Virtual Shopping Wall OOH & M-Commerce   Objective  Be visible at the right place and show real return on every Rupee invested.  Example 2 – Tesco in Korea Background  Differentiating E-Commerce retailers in India. Approach Taken  introduced a Virtual Shopping wall at 30 CCD outlets in Delhi & Bangalore.  Advantage – each access to information and digital experiences to tech savvy target audience.  The user had to use NFC tags or QR codes to browse through the range at  Platforms – OOH & M-Commerce (Smartphones)
  7. 7. Lifebuoy’s – Help a Child reach 5 On YouTube  Background  Invent new health centric campaign.  Objective  Lifebuoy known for a hygiene and handwashing wanted to step further into CSR territory.  Challenge (differentiator)  Nearly 2 Million children die before the age of 5 due to infections and can be prevented by propagating cleanliness beginning with a simple act of washing hands.  Approach  Launched a 3 min ad film – “Help a Child Reach 5”  Social Media and Video Campaign on the web.  They do have an app on Facebook that gets fans to take a pledge to spread the word.  Twitter hashtag #helpachildreach5, but not so active.
  8. 8. Tourism Australia – API & Custom’s Solution On LinkedIn  Background  Who You Think Deserves a Break? The concept was conceptualized by LinkedIn  LinkedIn’s Objective  Find an advertiser who’s business model appropriately suits the concept.  Advertiser who believed in concept – Tourism Australia  Approach  An API Solution where users can nominate professionals in their network for a “Break in Australia”.  The user nominating can also select a destination.  The nominated users have to get votes from their network and 2 such contenders with highest no. of votes get an all expense paid trip to Australia. Recommended For – Santoor – Discover a Real Diamond (idea presented), Was proposed to Club Mahindra.
  9. 9. Once Again – The Tagging Drive On Facebook  Background  Bangalore based NGO – Once Again noticed the passion amongst the young guns to create a difference to their surroundings.  Objective  Involve people in the cause and making the act of donating fun and engaging.  The challenge was to accomplish this with no budgets in hand.  Approach  Tagging Drive was initiated – an online donation drive on FB and was the platform was used extensively.  The volunteers tagged their friends old pictures with a msg - You’ve been tagged to remind you that someone, somewhere needs your old stuff more than you. Please donate.”  On a click – the users were directed to Once Again FB page and by end of the activity they collected over 10k items for sale.  What it delivered  The underprivileged were able to access goods they couldn’t afford otherwise. The monies generated from the sale of these goods increased by 462%, which is being recycled to support its activities.
  10. 10. Dove – Secret Diary On Youtube & Facebook  Background  Launch of new Dove’s Hairfall rescue treatment product.  Objective  Reinvent Dove’s YouTube page and engage users with content around Hairfall rescue Therapy tips – Dove Hair Therapy Secret Diary.  Approach  The Hairfall rescue treatment was pitched to users as the new dove secret formulation to strengthen roots in 2 weeks.  Blogger activation program was created by Dove.  YT hosts professionally recorded videos from 6 shortlisted bloggers who take us through their stories of how they benefitted from the new Dove formulation.  FB ensures that there is participation and user engagement through the stories bloggers and answer few questions.  Winners are gifted with Dove Beauty Kits & Bags. Facebook Application Facebook
  11. 11. Mahindra Spark The Rise – Branded Program Update On Economictimes  Background  Mahindra’s Initiative to Inspire creativity and Power to change.  Objective  Encourage users to Ideate and come up with Ideas which would bring in change in some way.  Approach  Special co-branded section was created on ET & Yahoo .  Channel brings togther curated thematic content from ET including articles and also brings together some content from Mahindra Rose website.  From posting of ideas to call for new entries for Spark the Rise contest was also hosted. Recommended For –BASF
  12. 12. Google Launches Android in Collaboration with Nestle Kitkat On TOI & Youtube  Background  Android Launch by Google..  Objective  Communicate the launch in an interesting way and the team decided to name the next version after the favourite treat Kitkat.  Approach  Google launched Android in collaboration with Nestle Kitkat  Augmented Reality was applied to the innovation – Print to Mobile interaction where Android turns into a Kitkat cholcolate.  Secondly, the users had to look for a Kitkat chocolate bar s featuring Android Robot.  In turn giving a chance to users to win Nexus 5.
  13. 13. Club Mahindra – Rich Media Watch On Yahoo Homepage takeover  Background  Club Mahindra’s revamp.  Objective  Launch through popular innovative properties across various digital platforms. Approach  Club M dominated the space with front page innovations – yahoo, msn, toi. FB logout was also a part.  The key factor in communication – was to bring alive the Happy, Joyous moments when members take Club M vacations.  Users could flip through the pages of a travel picture book and view imagery, information, traveler testimonials and brand video. 
  14. 14. Kotak Mahindra Bank – Salary2Wealth Account Promotion On LinkedIn LinkedIn  Background  Kotak Mahindra’s salary bank account  Objective  How to get users (leads) who have either got a promotion or have made a switch. (assumption is – because of such a development, there are chances of rise in the salary too)  Approach  KMB used LinkedIn’s partner messaging saying Switch Now & earn more interest.  The bank was offering a higher savings interest rate 6%.  Therefore connecting the thought of Salary2Wealth.
  15. 15. Thank You. Happy Weekend 