Ap language multiple choice test strategy
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Ap language multiple choice test strategy






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Ap language multiple choice test strategy Ap language multiple choice test strategy Presentation Transcript

  • AP Language MULTIPLE CHOICE Test Strategy Olson and Bailey
  • Annotate the Passage
    • Clear statement of Argument or Thesis
    • Identify the kind of argument being made
    • Vivid Language or vivid Metaphors
    • Shifts in point of view or tone
    • Parallel syntax
    • Underline unknown words with context clues
    • Bold claims or false arguments
  • General Guidelines
    • Answer every question in which you can eliminate at least one or two answers
    • Leave blank the answers you don’t have time to finish
    • Context clues
      • Often times the unknown word will be placed with a passage with a certain image, that should be enough to give you a clue as to the answer,
    • Questions are sequential from the beginning of the passage to the end, not from easiest to hardest
  • Advice for Certain Questions
    • Pronoun Antecedents
      • “ It refers to which of the following nouns?”
      • To answer this question, substitute each word in its place
    • Familiar but unfamiliar vocabulary
      • “ In colonial times, it was important to husband the food supply during the winter.”
      • “ Our future would be better insured if we carefully husband our natural resources.”
      • Best Answer:
        • To use, to marry, to conserve, to waste, to join
  • Advice for Certain Questions
    • Roman Numeral Questions
      • Look at the Roman Numerals first, decide which of these are correct then move to the A, B, C choices OR Find the Roman numeral you know is wrong then eliminate those answers.
    • Figures of Speech
      • Questions clarify an unknown with something that is known and add a layer of meaning
      • “ The new CEO entered the boardroom with the flair of a matador.”
        • This analogy makes all the following inferences EXCEPT:
          • The new CEO is the center of attention
          • The new CEO is in high risk profession
          • The new CEO faces substantial opposition from others
          • The new CEO exudes power and strategy
          • The new CEO is and effective delegator of responsibility
  • Advice for Certain Questions
    • Main Idea Stem Questions
      • “the author’s primary focus”
      • “the intent of the passage”
      • “the anticipated outcome of the argument”
      • Don’t be fooled by the partial idea distractor
    • Tone or Mood Questions
      • Defined by the connotation or imagery
      • Know your tone words
  • Footnote Questions
    • Footnotes can
      • Identify sources
      • Define Terms
      • Add facts or details
      • Clarify confusion
      • Set the Record Straight
  • Syntax Questions
    • Parallel Syntax
      • Provides good momentum, gives drive and energy
    • Rhetorical Question
      • The reader is being manipulated into giving the answer the writer wants
      • Function as transitions
      • Organizational techniques from discussion to solution
  • Syntax Questions
    • Clauses and Phrases
      • Clauses are either Independent or Dependent
      • Phrases do not have verbs
      • Think about what the clause and phrase is doing for the writer to the reader
    • Loose Sentence
      • Ind. Clause followed by Dependent Clauses
    • Periodic
      • Dependent clause followed by the Ind. Clause
  • Attacking the Questions
    • Read and annotate the question stem
      • Underline words like “except, best, primarily”
      • Make sure you know what each question is asking
    • Your Answer
      • Think of the answer before looking at the distractors
    • POE: Rule out certain answers
      • “ x” words/phrases/clauses that make answers wrong
      • “  ” Possible answers