Ap Language General Argument Test Strategy

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  • 1. AP Language GENERAL ARGUMENT Test Strategy Olson and Bailey
  • 2. A Value Question
    • What are your values?
    • What do you think society should value?
    • What should a moral, thoughtful, or reflective society consider its most important strengths?
  • 3. The Basics
    • The prompt is set-up by a passage of some length, long or short.
    • The passage provides an opinion
    • You must agree, disagree, or qualify based on your own experience and reading
    • Plan this essay first
  • 4. Recent Topics
    • How do blogs and radio talk shows encourage or discourage the democratic process
    • How US wealth could be better used to foster development in emerging countries
    • Whether US society pries too much into lives of private citizens
    • Whether money can purchase justice
    • Charitable acts and their motivations
  • 5. Identify the Claim
    • Understand the claim being made
    • Need to perceive the larger social context and express feelings about it
    • Use examples from your own experience
  • 6. Starting the Essay
    • Critically read the passage and underline anything that clearly defines the author’s claim
    • Set forth your immediate reaction to the issue in a few words –ADQ
    • List viable, thoughtful examples you can use to help illustrate your argument
      • Examples in the essay should be included with elaboration and commentary, identifying their relevance to and importance in your argument.
  • 7. Sample List
    • Create a sample list of works and experiences to draw upon when you are considering your argument
      • Books, movies, TV shows, current events, history lessons, personal experiences
    • Example: American obsession with wealth
      • The Great Gatsby , Madoff scandal, The Color of Money , Wall Street, Federal Bailout, Golden Age, European Colonization
  • 8. Writing the Essay
    • Identify and restate the fundamental claim and then indicate to the grader whether you intend to agree, disagree, or qualify
    • Be clear in the discussion of positives and negatives
    • Presentation of evidence with commentary about quality and meaning
    • Summarizing statement
    • Remember: Formulate Opinion - Explain Evidence Finish the Essay