Trends in Strategic IT Solutions in a Tough Economy


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It will take innovation and a few other things to out-maneuver the tough economic conditions. Find out here.

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Trends in Strategic IT Solutions in a Tough Economy

  1. 1. Trends in Strategic IT Solutions in a Tough Economy
  2. 2. ness to out maneuver, Is there a w ay for busi ive a tough economy? not just surv Of course! Though it won’t be easy. (It never is!)
  3. 3. effective approach to T is the single, most e! - Gene I ng business performanc improvi Hall, G artner CEO Yet, it isn’t just about IT? CIOs know it is more than just that!
  4. 4. e ss and IT A lignment! Busin CIOs should participate in innovation around the company’s business model, which goes beyond contributions to products, services, and operations. Managing infrastructure is worthless if the business fails.
  5. 5. n we make it simpler? So ca We can start with the 3 Keys to Surviving a Tough Economy!
  6. 6. e of Your Cu stomers! Take (Bet ter) Car 1 Do you have a customer department or a customer mindset? Invest in human capital and take care of the people who will take care of the customers!
  7. 7. Smart Spending 2 Reduce operational costs. Don’t decide on where to cut, decide on where to spend!
  8. 8. Learn t o Innovate 3 ets make fat budg isis! s t succe sses and es of cr arch. Pa est in tim Do the rese ovations come b for ine rtia! Inn
  9. 9. Strategic IT Solutions Innovation Think “bang for the buck”; something for the long- term. But be wary of hype! Study data. Look at the trends.
  10. 10. ack to Busin ess and IT But wa it, let’s go b A lignment. Technology and IT Solutions. How can IT help in keeping customers, spending smartly and help the company innovate?
  11. 11. egin with S oftware ... Let’s b Take CRM for example. “Customer Relationship Management is your approach and strategy for finding, captivating and keeping customers warmly tucked to your base.”
  12. 12. continue to grow ... Sof tware sales While sales revenues go plunging down, software spending continues to rise (Majority are enterprise applications!)
  13. 13. It’s not just any kind of But let’s clear that! software! Not the costly, traditional and legacy-type. Nope.
  14. 14. olutionary, called Open It’s so mething ev Source! Open source is less of an IT revolution than an evolution. For example, in Web technology and cloud computing, open source is leading the way in innovation.
  15. 15. ce is Smart Spending; Open Sour It’s Freedom! No annual software licenses to pay and no hidden caveats. Want out? It’s easy. Open Source is open standards so no costly migration issues. Open Source is freedom from costly software, from oppressive legacy standards and from proprietary lock-in!
  16. 16. lity is Softw are Future! n Source Qua Ope Besides low TCO, it simply offers better quality. Proof? 85% of enterprises currently use OSS even while some may not be aware of it.
  17. 17. What abou t hardware? In a recent US survey, projected sales for hardware and infrastructure amount to ‘0’!
  18. 18. om cost, co uld this be Apart fr the reason? Both Gartner –Top Ten Strategic Technologies for 2009, and Forrester -The State Of Emerging Enterprise/SMB Hardware Trends: 2008 To 2009, has included Virtualization and Cloud Computing to rapidly rule the technology trend.
  19. 19. Do more w ith fewer Innovatio n needed! resources! More and more, IT departments are burdened with increasing infrastructure requirements but without the corresponding increase in resources.
  20. 20. ora of Clou d Options! A Pleth The ability to outsource business processes to the cloud will force companies to rethink how they view their business processes. Business owners will be forced to justify any exceptions or proprietary processes that prohibit the company from leveraging "cloud ready" business processes.
  21. 21. has around 22 different Cloud computing d efinitions! But this is essentially what it is: No infrastructure - like electricity, pay for what you use; leverage web connectivity
  22. 22. pay only for what you Utility mo del means use! G reen I.T.! otprints. carbon-fo you will s ave.  Less y it 's the big T hink of the energ but dat a shows, ! Spend r start-ups Spending Wor ks best fo !  Smart! use it more co mpa nies who usiness. time on y our core b more
  23. 23. Cloud Co mputing: An Open Source and wo Punch! dustry-Alte ring, One-T In Cloud computing and open source software share a symbiotic relationship in that each is driving the growth and maturation of the other. Its combination will increase service delivery over traditional forms of software consumption, and together will drive down the costs traditionally associated with the software industry.
  24. 24. App rehensive? IT can't push back forever on new initiatives and forego its "strategic" role entirely, even in tough times. And when those projects come down the pike, which is worse: pushing internal IT to the breaking point or pushing some of that workload onto cloud services?
  25. 25. n! Cloud C omputing . Thin k Innovatio e Solutions pen Sourc Smart Spending! O And keep, captivate and attract more customers! Go beyond survival mode and excel, even beyond a tough economy. Thank You!