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  • David has to pay close attention to all news.He doesn’t just repeat the news and as a result SEJ doesn’t have the same news as everyone else. Putting your own spin on the news sets you apart.
  • I blogged for a long time and I know how much time a quality piece takes. When I became editor of SEJ I understood how important it was to truly appreciate each writer’s time and to be an advocate for them.
  • Currently I read as much as I can and contact writers I like and have researched. Some of the best new writers we get are colleagues or friends of our current writers.
  • I use social to find content ideas, find writers, find humorous items, discover useful infographics and most importantly keep current in our industry.
  • Copy press.webinar.august.slides

    1. 1. CopyPress Webinar Series Managing Large scale internal editorial processes Wednesday, August 22, 2012 1:00-2:00pm ESTFeaturing Guest Speakers: Frank Reed, Melissa Fach, & Jen Haley
    2. 2. Overview• Introducing guest speakers• Frank Reed Presentation• Melissa Fach Presentation• Jennifer Haley Presentation• Open Q&A session with attendees & guest speakers
    3. 3. Frank Reed @frankreedManaging Editor of the Marketing PilgrimInternet and social media marketing blogBusiness development for social mediamonitoring tool, TrackurConsultant (aren’t we all?!)Married with 3 kidsHobby – Watching my kids do whatever theydo.
    4. 4. The Pilgrim’s Content• Marketing Pilgrim is ……..• Our focus• Our content needs• Editorial calendar …… ummmmm
    5. 5. The Highs• Big news• Big mouths• Big buzz
    6. 6. The Lows• No news• Humility• No buzz
    7. 7. Trouble Occurs When• Sponsors drag their feet• Light channel news• Contributors flake out• Tech flakes out
    8. 8. Opportunity Awaits• Think you should be heard as a ‘thought leader’?• Make a good pitch• Let passion, not SEO, reign
    9. 9. The Future• More contributors• Interviews wanted• More of ‘future think’• IMAGES
    10. 10. Melissa Fach @seoawareEditor of Search Engine Journal & Owner ofSEOAware, LLC.Her education includes a B.A. in Psychologyand an M.A. in the mental health field. Melissauses psychology to enhance her contentmarketing.Content Marketing strategies are a large partof her businesses as well as SEO, Internetmarketing, and well-planned web designservices. Melissa has been an active bloggerfor the last 7 years, and she has significantexperience with WordPress.
    11. 11. Running a Blog That Mostly Depends on Others• SEJ is different than many blogs.• Maintaining 3 minimum “quality” posts a day is not simple.• Producing quality content with correct information and information that others can use is our focus.• Obtaining these posts requires me staying current on the industry & paying attention to writers off-site.
    12. 12. News – A Must Have for Any Industry• SEJ employs a news writer, David Angotti.• He posts at least once a day.• He pays very close attention to industry news.• David’s news posts do well because he often creates his own spin on the news.• Having a news writer that I don’t have to manage makes my life easier.• With David’s news posts we can publish 4 times a day.
    13. 13. Managing Writers• Managing writers that are giving you their time and knowledge requires respect, patience and understanding.• All of our writers work and maintain families.• Their time is precious and appreciated.• Letting each writer know they are appreciated is the very least we can do.
    14. 14. Managing Writers 2• To run a blog as large as SEJ you have to be friendly with a large number of writers.• I need a minimum of 13 articles per week. I handle the other two weekly.• Most writers can only write for us once a month so currently I have to maintain a relationship with about 65 writers.• I also have to make sure that article topics are not too similar on the same day as well, so that means having posts in the queue.
    15. 15. Finding New Writers• When I came on at SEJ my goal was to make sure the content was useful to our readers.• I wanted to up the quality a bit.• This meant saying no to a lot of writers in the beginning and searching for better quality.• Actively finding and recruiting writers is a part of the job; it isn’t an easy one.• Ensuring they have the experience and correct information to share is crucial.
    16. 16. Ideas for Content• The best thing you can do is be diverse in your niche. o Don’t be boring. o Offer things that people would never think of. o Some posts have to be focused on long-term, good traffic.• Our ideas for content are based on several things: o The basic subjects our audience is looking for – SEO, PPC, Mobile, Email Marketing, Business Advice, etc. o Updates in our industry. o Google Analytics, of course. o What has worked and failed in the past. o Comments and requests from readers. o Link/Traffic bait.  It is a must, but isn’t overly focused on.
    17. 17. Ideas for Content 2o When you’re running low on content, use what is available to you for free and add a paragraph explaining how it is beneficial.o Some items you can find/do fast: • Videos – helpful, how-tos • Slideshares • Infographics • White papers • “Best of” posts • Recaps • Humor
    18. 18. Editing and Formatting in WP Articles – Not My Favorite Part• I would say some of the most tedious & irritating parts of the job are o Reading all articles & editing o Checking all links o Formatting in WP and uploading images!• These things take up a lot of my time.• We do have a back-up copyeditor in place for typos which helps.• Things like checking all the links and uploading & formatting images is my least favorite part. They also take up a good amount of my time.• I am always very concerned that things look and read nicely.
    19. 19. Scheduling Content• I like to schedule a days worth of posts 3-4 days ahead of time and let the writers know when their post will publish.• My thinking is that if I get hit by a truck or something SEJ will be ok for a few days • The posts need to be different day to day. We can’t have too many of the same, too close together.• There are times when we have nothing in the queue, (like this Summer because everyone was on vacation).• When we have nothing in the queue, it is up to me to make sure something is being published and the topics are diverse.
    20. 20. Tools I Use For SEJ Daily• Obviously, Google Analytics • – Shorten and track links.• Buffer – scheduling social media posts.• TweetDeck (for computer) and Hootsuite (for mobile).• All social media is a resource for me and I consider it a tool.• RSS feeds.• Evernote.
    21. 21. Truthfully…• I try to be as organized as possible and have plans in place.• BUT, there are many days and sometimes weeks where things are done last minute and creativity must be used to get posts published.• To run a site like SEJ you have to plan on having some late nights, things going wrong, handling problems with writers, and being spontaneous and patient.• Remember, nothing is ever perfect and all failures are a learning tool.
    22. 22. Jennifer Haley @jinnyjinnSenior Content Editor for SEO at eBay, Inc.Jennifer has over 10 years experience both inprint and online publications. She hasmanaged blogs in spaces ranging from dietand nutrition, to home décor and createdcontent featured on Yahoo! Front Page &MSN homepage.
    23. 23. Tips for Successfully Writing and Editing Content • Tips on Writing Content o How to Make Headlines Pop (And Get Your Foot in the Door) o General Do’s and Don’ts of Web Writing • Tips on Editing and Managing Content at Scale
    24. 24. Writing: How to Make Headlines Pop• Offer the reader value immediately • Employ “How to…” o Example: “How to Remove Wallpaper” • Create easily digestible bites of information (numbered lists) o Example: “10 Products to Help Your Baby Sleep Better” • Use superlatives o Example: “The Best Subwoofers Under $200” • Make your headline timely (when it’s not evergreen) o Example: “The Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles of 2012”
    25. 25. How to Make Headlines Pop, cont. • Integrate highly trafficked kws and kw phrases in your title o Use Google’s KW Tools • Add more than one value proposition in a headline o Example: “5 Stylish (and Affordable) Little Black Dresses on our Radar” • Be specific (when it serves you) o Example: “5 Stylish Little Black Dresses Under $25”• Make use of the art of the tease o Example: “The One Dress You Probably Don’t Have (But Should)”
    26. 26. Do’s and Don’t of Writing Web Articles• DO o Follow the instructions of the editor/commissioner of content o Tighten copy where you can o Break up content into digestible chunks o Incorporate compelling image(s) o Edit your work before turning it in o Cite your sources
    27. 27. Do’s and Don’t of Writing Web Articles, cont.• DON’T o Fill your piece with fluff o Use metaphors—get to the point o Be boring o Sound “salesy” o Submit your piece to an editor without reading it over o Miss deadlines
    28. 28. Editing: Managing Large-Scale Content• Tricks for managing hundreds of thousands of pieces of content annually o Tapping into large communities of writers and editors o Working with crowdsourcing platforms o Using spreadsheets and filters o Setting alarms on your calendar o Knowing that you can’t do it all
    29. 29. Questions?