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  • Refer to the Facilitator Guide for setup and preparation activities for this workshop. Slides indicating workshop breaks have been inserted. Ensure that the position of these slides in the sequence of the workshop will fit the overall timing for the day. If this is the first module of the workshop, insert additional slides to cover:Instructor and participant introductions. Workshop logistics.Purpose of the participant workbook and how it will be used in the workshop.Note that a separate slide on participant expectations is found later in this module.The notes portion of each slide contains instructor actions (in italic style) and key talking points. Many of the slides have builds and transitions that facilitate the key points and encourage participant interaction.
  • Point out: We’re thrilled about the press feedback so far.Here is just a small sample of the press quotes.Positive feedback about the Office customer experience, the touch capabilities, and the cross-devices value prop.
  • Explain:At the end of today, we want to make sure we’ve landed a few key takeaways about the new Office.We are starting on a journey to transform Office to a service. First, the new Office enables new ways of working by providing smarter applications, that connect to the cloud, and it is now optimized to work on touch-enabled devices.Second, there is an Office for every consumer: individuals, families, home businesses … people who need Office for home, for work, for school — or all three.And today you will learn how to help customers understand the Office that’s right for them: Office 365 Home Premium — the new Office subscription that provides the best value for up to 5 PCs and Macs in a single household. Or, for those customers who want Office just on a single PC — the 3 suites, such as Home & Student.
  • Point out:Our consumers’ needs are evolving… the way they work and the way they play. Today, our customers are moving toward multiple devices, touch, and the need to access their content and documents wherever they are. The new Office has been designed with these customer needs in mind.
  • Point out: One of the ways the new Office responds to our customers is by providing our customers with choice. We’ll have offerings that are available for both PC and Mac users:For PC users who just have 1 PC, we will have Home & Student 2013, Home & Business 2013, and Professional 2013.For Mac users who just have 1 Mac, we will have Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 and Home & Business 2011.For households with multiple PCs and/or Macs, we have Office 365 subscription offerings. We will be covering all of these offerings in detail shortly.Note to Instructor: If participants start asking more detail questions about the offerings, ask them to hold those questions, as many of them will be answered shortly.
  • Say:Help your customers experience the most powerful Office yet.How?With smarter applications that save time and provide new ways to create, read, share, and connect.Office is now cloud-connected, enabling your documents and settings to travel with you when and where you need them. Office now works with touch. Experience Office at its best on Windows 8 touch-enabled devices.Transition:Let’s briefly look at how Office delivers this and more.
  • Note to instructor: The next five slides on smarter applications are designed to move quickly and answer the question―What do we mean by smarter applications? Later in the workshop there will be application demonstrations that will showcase many of the proof points described in these next slides.Point out:Office delivers new, time-saving features that offer easy access to recent documents and templates in the cloud or from the newly designed Start screen. Just sign in to Office to get started.
  • Point out:An enhanced reading experience in Word, with the new Read Mode,regardless of screen size, makes it simple to zoom in and out and use touch to turn pages. When you close Word or PPT files and open them up again, you can choose to pick up where they left off.
  • Point out:With OneNote, you have new ways to capture, organize, and share information in a digital notebook, accessible across devices, from virtually anywhere.
  • Point out:Easily share Office documents and presentations in real time, with anyone who has a web browser―even if they don’t have Office.
  • Point out:And the new Office brings social networks and contacts together, including updates from Facebook and LinkedIn within Outlook, so customers can stay in touch with friends and family. Later in the workshop, we will demonstrate each of these features, and you will have the opportunity to try them out.Transition:Now let’s look at what we mean by cloud-connected.
  • Point out:With Office in the cloud, customers’ personal documents and settings roam with them.This is enabled by:Signing in to Office using your Microsoft account. Note that cloud-connected does not mean that your new Office is in the cloud. You install a full version of Office on your computer. But with Office connected to the cloud, you can store documents in the cloud and access other cloud-based services that enhance your productivity.Save work online in SkyDrive online storage, where it’s easy to access, edit, and share on-the-go.With Office and SkyDrive, share documents and information in real time and sync documents across devices.Transition:Let’s see how this works.
  • Explain:The new Office is designed for a great experience whether you’re sitting on a couch with a tablet or at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. It makes common tasks fast, fluid, and intuitive, while still enabling the rich capabilities required to create high-quality documents.
  • Point out:We've invested in touch in two ways for the next version of Office: The first is that we’ve touch-enabled the familiar desktop versions of all of the Office apps. Office continues to be designed first and foremost for mouse and keyboard, and to preserve the features and layout you’re used to, but now Office supports touch throughout the experience. This dual approach allows you to immediately get the full power of Office on a touch machine with no relearning required, along with new experiences that embrace touch from the ground up and deeply integrate with the new experiences in Windows 8. The second is that we’ve begun to build new Window 8 app versions of Office desktop applications (OneNote and Lync) specifically tailored for the new experience in Windows 8. For these apps, we deliberately started from scratch to design new versions that were touch-first. Let’s look at how someone is using the new Office on a touch-enabled device.Play video “Touch the new Office”
  • Point out:You will learn more about this later, but one key question that users ask about the new Office and touch is, “How?” The new Office displays its interface either optimized for mouse and keyboard or optimized for touch.
  • Transition: Let’s look at the choices that customers have.
  • Point out: The key takeaway here is that customers have a choice for the new Office. To recommend the right options for each customer, there is a key question that must always be asked: “Do you have other PCs or Macs in your household that you that you use or would like to use Office?” If a customer has multiple devices, the best value for them is Office 365 Home Premium. If a customer only needs Office for a single PC or Mac, there are the Office suites for 1 PC (and different versions for the Mac). In the next portion of this workshop we are going to cover in detail:Office 365 Home PremiumOffice 365 UniversityHome & Student 2013, Home & Business 2013, Professional 2013And then we will briefly touch on Office for MacFinally, we will compare Office 365 with the Office suites, including estimated retail price so you can be confident of the message:Office 365 provides the best value for customers who need Office across multiple PCs and Macs in a single household. For customers who need Office for a single PC or Mac only, there are the Office suites.
  • Point out:There are two Office 365 subscriptions available:Office 365 Home PremiumOffice 365 University—restricted SKUOffice 365 Home Premium is a 1-year subscription for household; non-commercial use.Office 365 University is a 4-year subscription for higher education students, faculty, and staff only. Proof of eligibility is required.Let’s look at each of these in turn.Note to Instructor: Office 365 Small Business Premium will be available later in 2013 and is the subscription choice for those customers who need Office 365 for commercial use. This workshop will not cover Office 365 Small Business Premium; training on this product will be available closer to its launch.
  • Say:The key value of Office 365 Home Premium is that each subscriber can install it on up to 5 PCs or Macs for the household. How many users can use those devices? There is no limit. Each user signs in to Office and has their own account and their own SkyDrive.
  • Say:Here is an easy way to remember what comes with Office 365 Home Premium. It’s critical to start with the “up to 5 PCs or Macs…” and then use this to help remember some of the key services. Review each of the key points on the slide.Point out:Now let’s take each of these and provide more detail.
  • Say:With Office 365 Home Premium, each installation gets the latest applications for the platform that is available.Point out operating system requirements and version. Note that select mobile devices will be available in the future at (URL is also included on the back of the Office 365 product packaging.) The URL will not be live until product availability.
  • Point out:Skype world minutes are included with an Office 365 Home Premium subscription. Customers can use Skype world minutes from any device where they have Skype installed—mobile phone, Windows tablet, TV, or other device—and call anyone, virtually anywhere on their phone.*Office 365 Home Premium subscriptions come with 60 world minutes per month of Skype calls to phones in over 40 countries.* The primary subscriber will activate their Skype world minutes on their Office account page at (Note to instructor, this is shown later in the course.)Click to view available countries. Point out that the service is available in certain countries only in compliance with that country’s regulations.*See for details. Skype account required. Excludes special, premium, and non-geographic numbers. Calls to mobiles are for select countries only. Skype available only in select countries.
  • Reinforce this point again—it’s key to helping direct customers to the right offering:Office 365 Home Premium is the best value for a household because you can install it on up to 5 PCs or Macs and select mobile devices.Point out the system requirements plus an installation requirement for an Internet connection and Microsoft account: Once installed, users do not need an need an Internet connection to run Office. A full copy of Office is on their computer. It is recommended to sign in to Office when you are using it so that documents and setting are there just the way you left them, but it is not a requirement for using Office.
  • Transition:Now let’s look at the new Office suites.
  • Point out:For customers who want the new Office on a single PC only, recommend Home & Student 2013,Home & Business 2013, or Office Professional 2013 (Windows 7 or later). From home and homework to small business management, the new Office helps customers discover smarter ways to get things done.
  • Explain:Office 2013 suites include:Updated applications—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access (included applications vary by suite).Save to SkyDrive by default with access to 7 GB of SkyDrive storage (note that this 7 GB is the standard a customer gets when they sign u for SkyDrive).From within the 2013 applications, customers can easily save their documents to SkyDrive, and then access and share those documents from virtually anywhere. (Internet connection required.)When users sign in to Office, personalized settings and documents are there.New support for touch and stylus in addition to keyboard and mouse on touch-enabled devices. For installation on 1 PC only; non-transferable. Note that the installation has you download the software; no DVD is available in the package, but a backup DVD is available for a fee. Emerging markets will include a DVD inside the package.
  • Explain:So let’s compare the Office suites and Office 365.Point out differences between the Office suites and Office 365. Emphasize the value of Office 365 for multiple devices and upgrades. Ask for and answer any questions.
  • Point out:So what if your customer has a single Mac where they need Office. There is Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 and Home & Business 2011. Remember that Home & Student is for not commercial use.
  • Transition to next topic:As you probably already know, there is a version of the new Office included on Windows RT devices. Let’s take a closer look at Office Home & Student 2013 RT.
  • Review the applications that are available with Office Home & Student 2013 RT.Point out that users can save documents to SkyDrive, and if they sign in to Office, their recent documents and personal settings roam with them, just as with Office Home & Student 2013. Point out:Only Windows RT devices include Office Home & Student 2013 RT. Windows 8 Pro tablets, notebooks, and desktops do not include Office Home & Student 2013 RT.
  • Point out:In your Participant Workbook under Introducing the new Office, there is space to write these three points. We will revisit these throughout the day.Transition:This is just a snapshot of some of the key new capabilities of Office. Let’s now look at how our customers will buy the new Office.
  • Point out:The goals of this workshop are to help you:Describe and demonstrate the value of the new Office to your customers.Recommend the right Office to your customers.Demonstrate the best way to sell Office.During the workshop, you will:Have hands-on practice with Office applications and the opportunity to practice Office demonstrations.Work with various customer scenarios to determine the best Office for a given customer.Role play various situations to practice selling Office.
  • Conclude the workshop with any closing logistics or completion of an evaluation form.Thank participants for their time and energy today.
  • Office 2013 & 365 for retail

    1. 1. Акционное предложение Купите Office 2010 либо Office for Mac 2011 с 19.11.12 по 30.04.2012 Зарегистрируйтесь на сайте Скачайте новую версию Office бесплатно (на выбор): Office 2013 либо Office 365 Домашний Премиум на 1 год
    2. 2. The Verge USA Today Gizmodo Nomura Research Engadget WIRED3
    3. 3. Новый Office – это: более умные приложения, облачные возможности, оптимизированный для сенсорного управления.Предлагайте новый Office каждому клиенту. Лучший выбор для домашнего пользования - Лучший выбор Office 365 домашний для 1 ПК. премиум
    4. 4. Потребности наших клиентоввыросли: Различные устройства Сенсорное управление Доступ отовсюду 5
    5. 5. Помогите клиентам выбрать Office, который подходит именно для ихпотребностей.Для клиентов, которые хотят установить Лучший выбор для клиентов, котрые хотятOffice на один персональный установить Office на нескольких устройствах.компьютер или Mac.
    6. 6. 7
    7. 7. Новые возможности создания документов,чтения, общего доступа и подключенияк документам отовсюду.Легкий доступ кнедавнимдокументам ишаблонам в облакеили с новогоСтартового экрана.
    8. 8. Новые возможности создания документов, чтения, общего доступа и подключенияк документам отовсюду.• Разсширенные возможности удобного чтения, независимо от размера экрана.• Закладки для быстрого возврата к чтению в удобное для вас время.
    9. 9. Новые возможности создания документов, чтения, общего доступа и подключенияк документам отовсюду.• Возможность собрать, организовать и предоставить общий доступ к необходимой информации.• Доступность информации на всех устройствах с любого месторасположения.
    10. 10. Новые возможности создания документов, чтения, общего доступа и подключенияк документам отовсюду.Возможностьпредоставлять общийдоступ к документамOffice и презентациямв режиме реальноговремени всем, у когоестьИнтернет браузер.
    11. 11. Новые возможности создания документов, чтения, общего доступа и подключенияк документам отовсюду.Office собираетконтакты изсоциальныхсетей, включаяобновления сFacebook и LinkedIn.
    12. 12. 14
    13. 13. Оптимизирован для сенсорного управления, при этом обеспечен привычный вид для всех приложений Office. Новые версии приложений специально созданы для Windows 8, включая OneNote и Lync.16
    14. 14. В меню быстрогодоступа выберитеРежимМыши/Сенсорногоуправления.Каждый режимспециальнооптимизирован дляработы с мышью иклавиатурой илиприкосновениями. 17
    15. 15. Помогите клиентам выбрать Office, который подходит именно для ихпотребностей.Для клиентов, которые хотят установить Лучший выбор для клиентов, которые хотятOffice на один персональный установить Office на нескольких устройствах.компьютер или Mac.
    16. 16. Полная версия Office для нескольких ПК и компьютеров Mac, свозможностью подключения к облаку. Подписка на 1 год для одного домашнего хозяйства; не для комерческого использования; Установка на 5 ПК или компьютерах Mac.
    17. 17. Office 365домашнийпремиум
    18. 18. Office Установите последние версии приложений Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher и Access. Набор приложений может отличаться в зависимости от платформы*.365 В 3 раза больше места в сервисе SkyDrive (+20 ГБ)* 60 минут предоплаченных разговоров в Skype с абонентами по всему миру (в месяц)* Возможность установки на 5 ПК под управлением Windows или компьютеров Mac, а также на некоторые мобильные устройстваДля дома Одна подписка для всей семьи для некоммерческого использования.Расширенный Регулярные обновления приложений и служб
    19. 19. Доступны последние версии приложений. Для ПК и планшетов под Для Mac OS X Для выбранных мобильных управлением Windows 7Приложения версии10.5.8 устройств или Windows 8Word Word 2013 Word for Mac 2011 Доступнен на смартфонах Windows Phone (Версии 7.5 иExcel Excel 2013 Excel for Mac 2011 выше). PowerPoint для MacPowerPoint PowerPoint 2013 2011 Дополнительные мобильныеOutlook Outlook 2013 Outlook для Mac 2011 устройства будут поддерживаться. ДляOneNote OneNote 2013 уточнения деталей, посетитеPublisher Publisher 2013 office.comAccess Access 2013
    20. 20. Учетная запись подписчика: 60 минут Skype™ на звонки в любую точку мираежемесячно.Звонки Skype доступны только для некоторых стран.Для получения более детальной информации, посетите Исключая специальные, платные, ине географические номера. Звонки на мобильные номера доступны только для некоторых стран.Звонки на мобильные и стационарные телефоны доступны для таких стран:Канада, Гуам, Гонконг, Пуэрто - Рико, Сингапур, Таиланд, США.Звонки на стационарные телефоны доступны для таких стран:Аргентина, Австралия, Австрия, Бельгия, Чили, Хорватия, Чешская Республика, Дания, Эстония,Финляндия, Франция, Германия, Греция, Венгрия, Ирландия, Израиль, Италия, Япония, Корея,Люксембург, Малайзия, Нидерланды, Новая Зеландия, Норвегия, Польша, Португалия, Россия (толькоМосква и Санкт-Петербург), Словакия, Испания, Швеция, Швейцария, Тайвань, Великобритания иВенесуэла.
    21. 21. Возможность установки на 5 ПК или компьютерах Mac, а также на выбранныхмобильных устройствах в рамках 1 домашнего хозяйства. Требования операционной системы:  Windows 7 and Windows 8  Mac OS X версии 10.5.8 Мобильные устройства на базе Windows 7.5 или выше; дополнительные устройства будут поддерживаться. Для уточнения деталей посетите Требования для установки: Подключение к Интернету и учетная запись Microsoft. Рекомендации по использованию: ввойдите в учетную запись Office.
    22. 22. Только для установки на 1 ПК
    23. 23. Более умные приложения, облачные возможности, оптимизирован для сенсорного использования. Для дома и бизнеса Профессиональный Для дома и учебы 2013* 2013 2013 Word, Excel, PowerPoint OneNote Outlook Publisher Access• Требования к системе: ОС Windows 7 или Windows 8 ; для использвания только на 1 ПК, не может быть перемещен на другой ПК (на подобии с ключем продукта Office 2010 PKC).• C диском.• По умолчанию на SkyDrive доступно 7 ГБ свободного пространства.• Когда пользователь заходит в Office под своей учетной записью, ему доступны личные настройки и документы.• Поддержка режима сенсорного управления в дополнение к клавиатуре и мыше на устройствах, поддерживающих сенсорное управление. *Office для дома и учебы предназначен только для некоммерческого использования.
    24. 24. Помогите вашему клиенту определиться с версиейнового Office Office 365 Для дома и Для дома и Профессиональ домашний учебы 20135 бизнеса 2013 ный 2013 премиум 5 879,99 грн 2199,00 грн 3999,00 грн 639,99/грн., в год 5 ПК или компьютеров Лицензии 1 ПК 1 ПК 1 ПК Мас + выбранные мобильные устройства. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote1 Outlook Publisher, 1 Access1 +20 ГБ на SkyDrive4 +60 мин Skype в 40 стран мира ежемесячно2 Office по требованию3 Простая ежегодная подписка с Подписка на 1 год для 1 текущими обновлениями продуктов домашнего хозяйства. и сервисов.41 OneNote, Publisher, и Access доступны только на ПК.2 Для уточнения деталей касательно бесплатных минут по всему миру через Skype перейдите по ссылке: Обязательное наличие учетной записи Skype.Исключая специальные, платные, а не географические номера. Звонки на мобильные номера доступны только для некоторых стран. Skype доступен только внекоторых странах.3 Office по требованию предполагает наличие Интернет-соединения на ПК с Windows 7 или Windows 8.4 Обязательно наличие Интернет-соединения.5 Только для некомерческого использования.
    25. 25. Office для Mac 2011 – только для установки на 1 Mac.
    26. 26. Для более детальной информации, посетите:
    27. 27. Рассказать и продемонстрировать преимущества нового Office вашим клиентам.Помочь клиентам выбрать Office, которыйподходит именно для их потребностей. Продавать Office с каждым ПК и компьютером Mac (корзинные продажи).
    28. 28. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on thepart of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.
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