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Fresh ID converts many existing sites into corporate WordPress sites so clients can easily change their marketing messages and product information without harming the design. For retainer clients, we also prefer using WordPress to do updates and content additions for them. This presentation explains why.

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Custom WordPress Sites by Fresh ID

  1. 1. enable fast, easy site updates CUSTOM BRANDED WORDPRESSfor cms-based websites or blogs
  2. 2. From NASA to CNN to the New York Times, companies large tosmall have discovered the power of easy publishing using
  3. 3. Wordpress is much more than ablogging platform. It allows us to create corporate sites that can be quickly updated so content is fresh and messaging can be changed without needing a web team to do it for you.
  4. 4. $ You can even sell things online using the Wordpress e-Commerce plugin, and with custom design we can create the online storeof your dreams... with easily shareable content!
  5. 5. Wordpress is secure, constantlyupdated to thwart hackers and has an awesome spam filtering system plus total control over commentspeople make on your site. You wont have to worry about inappropriate messages being displayed.
  6. 6. Writing blog posts and updating pages ofcontent is easy with Wordpress and we provide training to reduce the learning curve. Uploading photos is a breeze, like using services like Flickr or Photobucket. You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Hulu. You can embed a livestreaming video in your site and host an event. And when you’re writing Wordpresscontinuously saves your copy, just in case, plus you choose when to publish it.
  7. 7. Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and more can beadded as “widgets” to your sidebar and you canrearrange them without touching any HTML code or messing up your site design. Just drag and drop the sidebar widgets around, and instantly you can have fun, fresh stuff in your sidebar.
  8. 8. Love the idea of Wordpress but need something more advanced, like aninventory or locations database of listings?No problem! We can code from scratch or integrate with many existing systems soyour site can perform heavy-duty functions like you need it to, while offering your marketing folks the power of instant publishing.
  9. 9. has designed and developed lots ofWordpress sites for customers and for ourselves.
  10. 10. Fresh Facts Fresh ID was founded in Texas in 2002 (and began life as Fresh Pages New Media Solutions in 1997) We are a woman-owned, Missouri-based LLC and ownership is shared by 3 partners including our founder Kristi Colvin - we are also minority-owned We have offices in downtown Kansas City & Dallas, TX (in the Crossroads Art District at 18th & Oak and in Lewisville near 35) Our Founder & CEO Kristi Colvin is from Texas and prefers a tweet to a phone call (FYI) We’ve worked on literally hundreds of websites, visuals, marketing campaigns and software applications since1993, for brands of all sizes - we’d love to work on yours!
  11. 11. we want to builda wordpress site for youcall us now tweet us send email to816-359-3554 @freshid info@freshid
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