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  • For me & sam, it was mostly about the delicious
  • Why would they keep growing healthy food if they’re continually encouraged to use substandard practices and sell all their food to mcdonalds and walmart
  • Including such and such and such and such
  • If you haven’t tried a service like this before
  • Food compass, why birmingham is the capital of local food
  • Obviously…
  • Freshfully | Ignite Birmingham 6

    1. 1. Jen BarnettIgnite Birmingham 12/06/11
    2. 2. What, Why, Where, How• What Freshfully is• Why we created it• Where we are now• How we created it
    3. 3. Freshfully is an online marketplace for local food • Like Etsy or eBay for local food • Farms and local food producers list products • Consumers can learn about local food and where to find it • Consumers can buy onlinewhat is freshfully?
    4. 4. Three Main Components • Directory listings of businesses • Blog articles • Products for salewhat is freshfully?
    5. 5. Any source for local food can be listed • Farm • Food producer • Farmers’ Market • Food Co-Op • CSA • Restaurant that serves local foodwhat is freshfully?
    6. 6. Our locavore blogs about local food • “What’s a CSA?” • Alabama wines • Local turkey farmingwhat is freshfully?
    7. 7. Farms & producers can sell at retail prices • Products listed by category • Farmers choose pickup or delivery optionswhat is freshfully?
    8. 8. At the heart of the site, our brand values • Fresh, local food is for everyone • Our site needs to be easy to use for consumers and farmers • We want to make eating local food as convenient as buying fast foodwhat is freshfully?
    9. 9. Local food “movement” growing for different reasons • To keep money in the local economy • To eat food that’s made using certain practices: e.g. non-GMO, unprocessed, organic, all-natural, free-range, grass-fed, allergen-free • To limit the amount of fuel and other resources needed to transport food long distances • Because it’s delicious!why did we create freshfully?
    10. 10. We wanted local food but couldn’t find it • Oldie-old sites that were impossible to use • Government sites that used farming jargon and didn’t have product for sale • Cool techie sites that didn’t have any farms or products listedwhy did we create freshfully?
    11. 11. Farms making a pittance • 16 or 17 cents of every dollar of food we consume • Government legislation favoring commercial farms • Inability to pay living wages • No way to connect directly to consumerswhy did we create freshfully?
    12. 12. By automating everything BUT the food, we could give more back to farmers • Most to farmers • Some for us • A little for charities that provide fresh food for area schoolchildrenwhy did we create freshfully?
    13. 13. Our mission: • Our goal is to encourage people to eat more local food by introducing them to the people who grow and sell it. We also want to remove some of the obstacles people have to eating local food, like finding it, affording it, or knowing how to cook it.why did we create freshfully?
    14. 14. Today: Freshfully is live • 8 farmers • 50 products, including all-natural Angus beef and weekly veggie boxes • 300 listings • 10 articles • Sales of 45x initial projectionswhere is freshfully now?
    15. 15. We’d love your help to keep growing • Sign up for our newsletter • Try our fresh veggie box, all-natural meat raised without hormones, antiobiotics, or steroids, or Belle Chevre cheesecakes • Share us on Twitter or Facebook • Tell a friend • Email us with your suggestions for making Freshfully better – – sam@freshfully.comwhere is freshfully now?
    16. 16. The short story: incubate(bang!) challenge • Local new business challenge sponsored by Bill Smith, Josh Adams, and Laird Foret • Included seed money, office space, and programming time • We entered our business planhow did we create freshfully?
    17. 17. The back story: Part 1 • I gave a goofy talk on memes at Ignite 4 • Shaun Chavis, Wade Kwon, and Michael Nolan spoke on meaningful food issues • I was encouraged that Birmingham could be the home of a local food sitehow did we create freshfully?
    18. 18. The back story: Part 2 • Henry tweeted about the incubate(bang!) competitionhow did we create freshfully?
    19. 19. Therefore…. • Without Henry, there would be no Freshfullyhow did we create freshfully?
    20. 20. Thank you! • • • • • sam@freshfully.comthank you :)