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  1. 1. When the Company gift from Lemondo are delicacies Delicatessens are great to get as a gift and it does not matter what time of year it is. It can be enjoyed in summer, winter, spring and autumn. Some of the delicacies we will deal with here in this article is first of foremost chocolate and sweets. Goodies is today a large part of the Easter and Christmas time. Prepare and acted goods of all kinds. This trend has taken hold in corporate gift company Lemondo.dk where sales of delicacies are soaring. In this article we will focus on Lemondo's sales of these two products. We will go somewhat in depth why it is exactly here there is a booming. The pure delicacy. These two products are quite unique feature for the two seasons, Easter and Christmas. Despite the considerable similarities, there are significant differences in consumption pattern. Should the gift be the pure delicacy, the Committee great with Lemondo. When you choose a gift to your employees and business partners, it can be birthday reception, as Christmas gift or just to show a gesture to a skilled worker or attractive customer, chocolate gift, which often limits true. As a corporate gift is chocolate perfection. Lemondo sheep production in Denmark, since products here are of much higher quality than elsewhere in Europe. Here it is especially the marzipan to differentiate themselves in relation to others, a quality quite for themselves. This very high standard offering Lemondo among others through its collaborators who carefully manage the delicate raw out compromise with the high quality. Raw materials are often the best quality from Belgium but worked in Denmark. Belgian delicacies are also widely used as corporate gifts at Lemondo.dk. Will the purchase of corporate gifts be safe in his choice of these attractive gifts you can without hesitation choose a Belgian chocolate. In some countries, one should keep sid from here for the reason that the product does not always fall in the Danish taste, therefore selects many ensure the Danish solution, where you certainly know the outcome. The Belgian movement is also much appreciated in Denmark. The product is via the high standard of quality is also a good choice for a gift that will often create admiration. The taste varies widely from the Danish delicatessen products, but is still a attractive choice. Candies and sweets, as business gifts.
  2. 2. Sweets in itself is not attractive gift option. Here stands sweets out into compared to many other products. This delicacy can often stand alone as gift, but used instead as a little extra padding and a part of the overall gift. Sweet strength lies somewhere else entirely. Besides age have a sweet fight advantage as a promotional item. Sweets are an inexpensive product that can be designed as desired, it ranging from colors, text style and design. In Lemondo Make logo sweets when designing logo the user a powerful and deeply medium for marketing of its delicacies such as these are often prepared with logo cellophane is widely used, but does not give the same response as the Lemondo's Director Jens Peter Bjorn Forest. sweets. It gives products. Foreign around the product. This clean logobolche says Lemondo, Purchase and Sale of Gifts The motto is usually "Buy your corporate gifts at Lemondo - The professional gift." A second hand shop, the purchase of gifts. In this article we will look at how important procurement side, in order to operate a business, a gift enterprise as Lemondo.dk. The Conservatives products. Lemondo has from the beginning, now soon two years, subject to many forces in the procurement ago be streamlined into just as much as sales. It is often a difficult maneuver, since you as a manager of a firm usually focuses on sales, where a strenuous efforts are reflected directly on the bottom line says Lemondo's Director Jens Peter Bjorn Forest. Purchase of a business gift is important in several respect. The gift must match the segment you wish to contact. The colors should preferably be conservative and matching the Most users, otherwise one is left with a product that can not be sold. It can be the most delicious products are usually great success in the market, there is an. Customer's buyers have a great responsibility when bought into the corporate donations are often in the responsible buyer has the problem that there must exist a gift that makes all happy and that should not have been the last five years. But how can we be able to make 50 or for that matter 100 colleagues happy with the same corporate gift. A corporate gift supplier as Lemondo must himself have made processed and found various gift items that affect these people, depending on whether they are the small local carpenter with 10 employees or international company with 1,000 employees. Tax a killer on the gift market.
  3. 3. One factor that plays heavily into the corporate gift is Skat deposed taxation. The level has remained at £ 400.00 excl. VAT per. employee several years but is from a few years since been increased to $ 560.00. The amount gives a natural limit to how much you can give gifts to in enterprises. This relatively low level gift affect the quantity and quality of the products can be resold as gifts. Restraint from suppliers. A third area which makes shopping difficult since the large artwork suppliers' reluctance to offer new long-established businesses to show their worth. As a startup business, it is rarely possible to buy the known brands in these providers. This has also been out Lemondo , but has now come over this gap by having proven its worth. Of course it is a common reaction to the many who try it on gift market and that never turns into anything. It takes a couple years old or 3 before these vendors is to talk to. The importance of an effective procurement in a company which Lemondo lies in that it is skilfully enough to find the products and colors they charge buyers dare buy the products are put together in a way that is both generated a greater demand of goods but also aims to provide a higher income. We all want to sell a good quality in our business, it is also possible, but suddenly, the purchase was as important a factor as sales. For we are indeed up against several factors that do not make that side of business easier. Lemondo Gifts, present and future Starting business gift company during the financial crisis. Lemondo has, despite the financial crisis, managed to stay alive the first two years on the market for corporate gifts and can to September 2010 with her two year birthday. The reason for this impressive achievement in a time when many competitors closes due to a number of factors including the company's site on the web. Corporate Gift Sale and the web page importance. To keep the company running in a very difficult time, we have continuously focused on optimizing business to our customers. When we talk about business, our site on the Internet, who for us is the main tool to reach out to our customers. We own significantly not done anything like everyone else has to do, but despite this, it is not something many are using it on HVIK probably linked to the price for this work.
  4. 4. When the customer enters a shop in the pedestrian precinct, wants it nicely, the trade is easy and service levels are high, otherwise you just go somewhere else, ceteris paribus. On the Web the same rules apply, the page is terrible, confusing, with bad service, so it is easier than any side to go further. Lemondo has taken up this challenge and is here from 1.8.2010 presented an entirely new site. The market for corporate gifts is fairly easy to go to the beginner, which therefore creates a significant competitive situation. To differentiate themselves in the market have Lemondo spent enormous resources on developing business for a treat for those customers who come by and all areas are well thought out from the motto that it should be easy for the customer. Colours are kept in silver, black and white. The pictures are great and the text is minimal. A page that provides an overview and credibility. We have always had a broad overview as one of the areas are very important. You do not mess any of the pages we have developed. And do it just communicate it and we do it on. Says Jens Peter Bjorn Forest. Besides being graphically okay have since added some areas that raise service levels for customers. The customer now has the opportunity to close since trading without having to contact Lemondo's staff. The customer can pay for the goods immediately and notify a desired delivery date. Would not this customer service, but instead to have contact with the place you buy into this is also possible we give a share offer directly through mail and telephone. Lemondo business gifts a part of the future. If you ask for on Lemondo also exist in 10 years, the answer is clearly yes, but our site looks probably very different at that time.