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FreshBuzz is a [socially-infused] Online Strategy, Design, Development and Integrated Marketing Agency. We leverage innovative digital design, social technologies, relationship marketing channels and brand strategy principles to amplify our client’s social media presence to engage their customers and visitors, drive business growth and long-term customer retention.

Our integrated social design, applications and marketing solutions enable brands to tap into a new customer acquisition channel, increase engagement, generate positive social recommendations and improve customer insights.

Buzz is our Business and Business is Good.

FreshBuzz Media - Web: - Office: 805-242-2618

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  • Stay in Cambria Page was live from 05/09/11 to 5/19 (Date of Event) and received 51 total likes with 2,913 Post views
  • FreshBuzz Agency Deck and Smart Social Tactics

    1. 1. Agency Deck +1 Key Social Tactics © FreshBuzz Media 2013
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. FreshBuzz is a leading provider of Social Strategy, Design, Development, Apps and Integrated Marketing services and solutions. We leverage innovative digital design, social technologies, relationship marketing channels, searchmarketing and brand strategy principles to amplify our client’sonline media presence to engage their customers and visitors, drive business growth and long-term customer retention. REACH US: – 01-805-242-2618 - 3
    4. 4. We are Fresh…BuzzSocially-Infused Online Strategy, Design and Marketing 4 © FreshBuzz Media
    5. 5. © FreshBuzz Media
    6. 6. A few of Our Clients…. © FreshBuzz Media 6
    7. 7. FreshBuzz Media We Build Social Applications, Widgets & Tabs• Facebook Timeline Design & Integration• Landing / Reveal Fan Gate Functionalities• Custom Slideshows and Carousels• Contest and Sweepstakes Promotions• Custom Jquery, JavaScript & HTML5 Apps• Photo and Video Showcase• Social fCommerce / eCommerce• Contact / Email Us page• Twitter Integration• Map to Us / Google Maps• Foursquare Integration• Blog Integration / Live RSS feed• Reservation Form• Custom Forms• Document Display / Menus © FreshBuzz Media 7
    8. 8. Successful Social Marketing Starts with a Solid StrategySocial Media Marketing, Branding, Promotion & Engagement via the Four C’s: 1. Clarity - Clear Objective and Planning 2. Creativity – Cutting-Edge Branded Design and Development 3. Consistency – Focused Promotion 4. Commitment – Dedicated Engagement & Service © FreshBuzz Media
    9. 9. Word of Mouth Marketing• The # 1 tactic in community marketing is Relationship, Community and Word of Mouth. Social get’s people talking.• What do you want your presence on to achieve? – Create Awareness – Increase Sales – Market Research – Customer Service – Build Your Contact List – Optimize Other Marketing Efforts © FreshBuzz Media 9
    10. 10. Word of Mouth Marketing By the Numbers…• Over 81% of customers use the information they find through social media (word of mouth) to influence their buying decisions.• Over 67% of customers are likely to pass this information on to their connections.• At least 60% trust information they find through social media more than traditional advertisements.• 74% of US Facebook users said they would be more likely to buy a product or service if it were recommended by one of their Facebook friends. According to studies performed by Pew Internet, OTX Research and Morpace 2012 © FreshBuzz Media 10
    11. 11. Brand is customer experience. 11
    12. 12. How Important is a Branded Social Media?• Facebook is the biggest social design platform, period. +67% of adults online use it every day. Not having a branded presence is a missed opportunity and reduces your brand’s reach and impact.• Having a Branded Page amplifies your Page likeability. People are 2x likely to click like if the Page or Promotion is branded• The LIKE is where IT ALL happens. The Facebook news feed is THE ultimate promotion tool. It gets seen and shared at an incredible reach and rate.• People are spending an average of at least 58 minutes a day on Facebook (and less time on email, website and search). This is where they go to visit friends and check out what they are interested in.• There are over 1 billion people on Facebook, millions of other pages already leveraging branded apps and social experiences – so yes, this is a popularity contest.• The generic Facebook newsfeed about communications and voice and engagement, and not about a visual brand experience or amplification. This also goes 12 for branded Twitter, YouTube, etc. © FreshBuzz Media
    13. 13. Some Examples of our Client Portfolio... Custom-branded Social & MobileApps, Landing and Contest Promotion Campaigns, Banners and more… 13 © FreshBuzz Media
    14. 14. Cambria, CA Tourism Board 14 © FreshBuzz Media
    15. 15. Cambria Inns Collection © FreshBuzz Media
    16. 16. Splash Café World Famous Clam Chowder © FreshBuzz Media
    17. 17. Grand Millennium Hotel – Kuala Lumpur © FreshBuzz Media
    18. 18. Grand Millennium Hotel – Kuala Lumpur 18 © FreshBuzz Media
    19. 19. University of California Berkeley - Athletics 19 © FreshBuzz Media
    20. 20. Starwood Resort ~ Le Meridien Hotels 20 © FreshBuzz Media
    21. 21. Splash Restaurant Group 21 © FreshBuzz Media
    22. 22. The Burton Inn 22 © FreshBuzz Media
    23. 23. Habitat Home and Garden 23 © FreshBuzz Media
    24. 24. Epic Weddings Catering © FreshBuzz Media
    25. 25. Splash Catering © FreshBuzz Media 25
    26. 26. Mama Ganache Chocolates © FreshBuzz Media
    27. 27. Limberg Lasik 27 © FreshBuzz Media
    28. 28. UrbanTurf Chicago 28 © FreshBuzz Media
    29. 29. Fierro Hair Salon 29 © FreshBuzz Media
    30. 30. Aveda - Salon Lux and Spa © FreshBuzz Media
    31. 31. Davis Body Shop © FreshBuzz Media 31
    32. 32. ShutterBooth © FreshBuzz Media
    33. 33. LoveStruck Films © FreshBuzz Media
    34. 34. Mama’s Meatball © FreshBuzz Media 34
    35. 35. FreshBuzz Case Studies 35 © FreshBuzz Media
    36. 36. FreshBuzz Case Study Client: Splash Café ~ Famous Clam Chowder Campaign Period: June 2011 – October 2012 – Base: = 3,200 Likes Social Strategy, Design, Promotion Campaigns and Engagement• Social Impressions: 1,676,000• New Likes: 28,000+• CPL Average: $0.72• Collected Emails: 8,700• Edgerank: 135+ 36 © FreshBuzz Media
    37. 37. FreshBuzz Case Study Client: Cambria Inns Collection Campaign Period: June 2011 – October 2012 Social Strategy, Design, Promotion Campaigns and Engagement• Social Impressions: 9,490,141• New Likes: 2,262• CPL Average: $0.63• Collected Emails: 1,807 © FreshBuzz Media
    38. 38. FreshBuzz Case Study Client: Grand Millennium Hotel Campaign Period: August 2011 – January 2012 Social Strategy, Design, Promotion Campaigns and Engagement Campaign Launch = 2,200 LikesJanuary 2012 - Post Design, Promotion and Engagement = 30,000 Likes © FreshBuzz Media 38
    39. 39. What are Successful Social Marketing Practices?1. Develop a social strategy that is integrated across all online and offline channels2. Actively promote your pages and engage your audience with your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. that matter to your business and industry3. Actively monitor your reputation and analytics on Facebook, Google and other scoring / monitoring sites4. Stay committed and invested5. Work with an consultant or agency that is committed to your success. 39 © FreshBuzz Media
    40. 40. Consistent Facebook Promotion 9 Best Practices Tips to Promote Effectively1. Invite your Email subscribers to Like your Page (and other social platforms as well).1. Promote your Page via Facebook’s “Suggest to Friends” tool2. Cross-share your Page on other Pages. Leverage your Referrals and Partners3. Use a QR code / link and the free Facebook Text a Like on offline promotions Text “Like Facebook-Page-Name” to 32665” 40 © FreshBuzz Media
    41. 41. Consistent Facebook Promotion 9 Best Practices Tips to Promote Effectively5. Launch a Facebook promotional contest6. Leverage targeted Facebook ads and sponsored stories7. Link your Twitter account to your Facebook page8. Add appropriate Social Media Icons with direct links with to your email signature.9. Add the Share Button - and other social login plug-ins to your emails, website and other platforms. Use Facebook login on your website. 41 © FreshBuzz Media
    42. 42. What is Social Media Social Media “Engagement”?• What is Engagement? Engagement = Generating interaction and comments• Consistent and authentic engagement will keep YOUR brand relevant and interesting and will allow your customers and followers to express themselves and it builds trust and loyalty• It is what your followers will keep coming back for and sharing! 42 © FreshBuzz Media
    43. 43. Consistent Engagement 15 Tips to Engage your Social Media Audience Best Practices for Generating Interaction and Comments1. Encourage Discussion - Ask questions (gets people to immediately think and want to respond)2. Keep it Engaging - Is your posting relevant, memorable and actionable?3. Create Polls - allows people to feel heard & contribute their thoughts/experiences4. Create Contests - People love to participate with the brands they love and win prizes5. Build Community - encourage fans to become friends with each other. Allow fans to post photos and video 43 © FreshBuzz Media
    44. 44. Consistent Engagement 15 Tips to Engage your Social Media Audience Best Practices for Generating Interaction and Comments6. Create Events - do shows, seminars, webinars, teleseminars – fans will RSVP and share the event!7. Post and tag users in photos and videos8. Keep content fresh and relevant (older content gets pushed back or dropped in newsfeeds)9. Post towards end of week (Thurs/Fri) and after 12pm (65% more engagement). Sundays work as well. Test, test, test!10. Be a resource for fans - give incentives to keep coming back (ex. recipes, how to guides, customer support, instructions, share strategy & tips
    45. 45. Consistent Engagement 15 Tips to Engage your Social Media Audience Best Practices for Generating Interaction and Comments11. End postings with a “You” question. Example: Like: “What do you think?”12. Be creative, add visuals, websites, resources, articles, breaking news and, mix it up & not all serious.13. Always be social, personable and authentic. Make it not always about you – share and amplify your community14. Make certain that your team reflects your message consistently. If you desire, use a dashboard for posting and monitoring.15. Acknowledge and thank your Fans (always) 45 © FreshBuzz Media
    46. 46. Facebook Post Script Facebook is but one tactic in a successful Integrated online marketing campaign.The key is to leverage, brand, communicate & engage across multiple channels • Twitter • LinkedIn • YouTube • Google+ • Pinterest (& spinoffs, Fancy and Kind, etc.) • Instagram • Location-based platforms (Foursquare, etc.) • Social Commerce / F-Commerce • Contest and Promotions • Blogs and Websites • Email Marketing 46 © FreshBuzz Media
    47. 47. SUMMARY Take Care Of Your Brand and You’ll Live Long and Prosper• Develop a online media strategy that includes your brand and leverage the all appropriate networks. Do the investment required to set it up to attract and engage and do the work necessary – it will pay off in engaged and loyal followers.• Actively engage with, promote and incentivize your audience with your Facebook (and other Social Media sites) that matter to your business and industry.• Monitor your reputation and analytics consistently.• Stay committed and invested. 47 © FreshBuzz Media
    48. 48. Join the FreshBuzz Facebook PageText: “fan freshbuzzmedia” to 32665 49
    49. 49. 50