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Target properties

  1. 1. Freret/Milan target properties 2012The Freret Neighborhood Centeris a program of NeighborhoodHousing Services
  2. 2. 2332 Jena Street Name of the owners AUGUST ELAINE A, PARKER YVONNE A, ABADIE ULYSSES J JR, ABADIE VERNON, CONNOR EMILY A, DOLLIOLE JANICE F, DUGAIS MONICA P, PERKINS ANGELA M, PERKINS ERICA N, COLEMAN TANYA F, FLINT BARRY M Code Enforcement No blight case record can be found but the property has code enforcement liens: $24,412 Action taken Letter sent to owner. So far, we did not hear back from the owner.
  3. 3. 2338 Upperline Street Name of the ownersSTOVALL NORMAN J JR, STOVALL DARTANIAN J, DARENSBOURG TARA C Code Enforcement status Property was inspected in April 2012; liens: $15,345 Action taken DArtanian Sovall came at the Center. It is a family house that was inherited by 3 siblings. Mr. D’Artanian had to relocate because of Katrina but he has now moved back to New Orleans and wants to live in this house. He is trying to find help to renovate and he is working with the City to pay off his fines and renovate the property for occupancy. He has had trouble locating support because most programs are designed for seniors.
  4. 4. 2307 General Taylor Name of the ownerSold at sheriff sale to Nuevo Leon LLC (member:C. Michael Collins) Code Enforcement status11/12/12: The case against this property willbe heard Action takenSome work has been recently done on this housebut all the trash remained in the backyard. Ms.Patterson, a neighbor, is afraid that a fire couldstart and spread over her property. We advisedher to contact Bajoie’s office at the City, and theFire Department. We also suggested her to writea letter to the owner of this property and tocome at our next meeting.
  5. 5. 2010 Peniston Street Name of the ownerMy House (Former residence forwomen) Code Enforcement statusProperty inspected 3/13/12 Action takenRepresentatives from My House wereinvited her to join us at our nextproperty campaign meeting
  6. 6. 2531 Valence Street Name of the ownerMICHAEL AND DIXENE ROBILLARD Code Enforcement statusThis property does not have a blightcase record. Action takenNo action takenThe concern on this house is more crimethan blight. Who want to contact owners/ write petition, etc?
  7. 7. 3527 Liberty Street Name of the ownerMITCHELL FRANK and DAWSONSTEPHEN Code Enforcement status11/12/12: The case against thisproperty will be heard Action takenNo action takenproperties? Who wants to contact owners?
  8. 8. 2400 Marengo Street Name of the ownerNORA Code Enforcement statusNo blight record? Action takenWe asked NORA to give us feedbackabout this property and ask why it is notgoing to be sold at NORA auction. We didnot get any answer yet.
  9. 9. Delachaise at DaneeelWhich property do youwant to target? 1935 Delachaise STBelongs to NORA,presented for auction inOctober, 27 1938 DELACHAISE STFound guilty at CodeEnforcement in June
  10. 10. Other target properties Richard and Jane Dimitry:  Joyce Numan:  4717 Loyola: will be  2741 Robert and heard at hearing soon  2628 Upperline, (was supposed to be  she sent letters to owners heard on November 6 but it seems that they have just  Molly Atkins: had a delay)  1825-General Taylor  4720 S. Liberty: This Street. property does not have a  The case against this blight case record. Do you property will be heard want to report it? on 1/26/12