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&samhoud is a world-class, vision-driven, usual unusual consultancy firm that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.
&samhoud creates value in a holistic and integrated way. We implement entrepreneurship in organisations as well as energy for lasting change and connection. Through consultancy, process facilitation and connecting people in organisations we help everyone to work based on a clear vision that provides direction. In addition, we ensure alignment of the vision, strategy, brand, leadership and team, culture and execution. This leads to value creation that is measurable and sustainable.

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Corporate presentation &samhoud

  1. 1.    <br />
  2. 2. Together we build a brighter future &samhoud is a world-class, vision-driven, usual unusual consultancy firm that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society. &samhoud’s deeper reason for existence stems from our higher goal: ‘Together we build a brighter future’. What we do is create value by inspiring and connecting people. But the question is: what do you do with that inspiration and connection and the value they create? We reinvest it in our people and in society. That is how we grow and the value we create grows for customers (organisations), individuals and society as a whole. So, our higher goal keeps getting closer while the value of and for employees and customers increases. Core BusinessOur core business is the consultancy firm &samhoud consultancy that through the years has specialised in:• Consultancy, process facilitation, entrepreneurship and energy for sustainable change and connection • Measurable and sustainable value creation• A holistic, integrated approach to change by aligning vision, strategy, brand, culture change and implementation • Development of leadership and team effectiveness, including placement of talent • Inspiration and experienceThe Blue Ball of Connection The Blue Ball of Connection symbolises action. Throw a ball into a group and something happens: people look at each other, someone picks up the ball and, before you know it, they are playing with the ball together. That is the start of connection, on the way to a brighter future. <br />
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  4. 4. Breakthrough&samhoud achieves breakthroughs. A breakthrough means measurable and sustainable value creation. What is sustainable and measurable value?Our higher goal is: ‘Together we build a brighter future. We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people’. But what is a breakthrough? A breakthrough is the creation of sustainable and measurable value for all stakeholders. A breakthrough marks the start of a cycle that leads to success. Our basic principle is the Value Profit Chain philosophy that leads to value creation for all stakeholders: Financial value – more profit and a higher value-profit ratioCustomer value – better service, higher customer satisfaction, improved connection between the customer and the organisation, higher profit per customer Employee value – better connection of employees with themselves, with colleagues and the organisation in relation to better performanceSocietal value – better connection with society and contributing to society<br />
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  6. 6. InspiringSustainable value creation is only achieved when people really want it, based on their deepest motives. We get through to that deeper level by inspiring and connecting employees and customers.  Usual Unusual We inspire people based on our core values intensity, authenticity and friendship. In other words, by being ourselves. We call that ‘usual unusual’ since usual things such as being yourself may seem usual. They are anything but usual in every day reality, however. Not many people are actually themselves. That also applies to themes such as leadership, vision, strategy, culture change, sharing knowledge, personal development, connection, customer satisfaction, paternity leave, wellness at work, good nutrition, energy management, entrepreneurship, health, discipline and so on. If these matters need to be realised, they turn out to be unusual. In order to clarify this, we confront customers with combinations that appear to be contradictory, but are actually a very normal part of value creation: • fun & performance• people & profit• business & spirituality• freedom & responsibility• reason & passion.<br />
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  8. 8. ConnectionSustainable value connection is only achieved when people really want it, based on their deepest motives. We get through to that deeper level by inspiring and connecting employees and customers. Connected people are happier and more successful. You can only connect with others if you are connected with yourself, based on self-knowledge. If you know what you can do and know what you want in life, you can connect better with others, with the organisation you work for and with society. This leads to better performance. Therefore, we devote a lot of time and energy to personal development and team development in our customer processes. Connection is also critical for our higher goal – without connection we cannot build a brighter future together. Connection is one of our most important themes. We study it on a global scale, we develop initiatives that improve connection in society, and we initiate campaigns with the Blue Ball of Connection. Examples of these activities include connection lessons for school children, a competition for the best idea on connection in the Netherlands, the Connection Manifesto, Vision21 and the art&connection exhibition.<br />
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  10. 10. ValueCreation<br />Waves of sustainable valueWe distinguish three different waves, each of which contributes to the growth of an organisation’s value. Lead the valueThe first wave establishes the conditions for sustainable value creation. It identifies the potential value of the internal organisation. Manage the valueThe second wave leads to sustainable value. In this wave, the strategy is implemented and results are provided and presented. Market the valueThe third wave monitors value from an external perspective and manages future expectations of the outside world. <br />
  11. 11. Value Creation CycleThe process of value creation consists of the following elements: Mobilise energy: Create the energy for change by anticipating reason and emotion based on both a sense of urgency and a sense of excitement. Take ownership: Have the right people take their own responsibility and create a critical mass for change. Set direction: Create a vision, a business transformation model, a brand and a strategy that forms the foundation for value creation.Make it happen and improve: Inspiration and discipline go hand in hand when it comes to making it happen and improving. The inspiring part is living through the vision and the brand on a daily basis. Strategy execution ensures the discipline needed - listening to the customer, managing based on results and optimising value flows. Inspire others: Celebrate successes, demonstrate successes, share them with all external stakeholders and learn from them. Sharing also means co-creation with other parties.Change holistically: The Value Creation Cycle only works effectively when based on a holistic change approach, i.e. good leadership, effective teams, a well-managed change process and breakthroughs in the organisational culture. <br />
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  13. 13. FriendshipWe regard everyone we work with, colleagues and customers , as equals.Processes are only successful provided everyone involved is equal and takes his/her own responsibility. We proactively focus on existing or potential executive board members of major top organisations, who endorse the Value Profit Chain philosophy and have questions about connection and performance. These organisations operate (inter)nationally in the financial services, government or healthcare sector. Preferably, they have their head office in their countries of operation. Friendship is expressed through the & sign, which not only represents connection between people but also welcomes people and customers to put their name in front of ours.    <br />
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  15. 15. IntensiteitDe intensiteit van &samhoud komt tot uitdrukking via onze mensen.Je hoeft niet alles te doen en overal ja op te zeggen. Maar wat je doet, doe je met 100% inzet en aandacht. Daarmee vind je ook balans. Want ontspanning en inspanning moeten elkaar afwisselen: 100% inspanning en 100% ontspanning.  <br />
  16. 16. u<br />Top brand<br />
  17. 17. AuthenticityWe are ourselves. At &samhoud, everyone’s authenticity is valued and developed further. And this is expressed through personal vision. A good personal vision helps you to establish your reason for existence and to make choices that are important for you and that suit you. This can be attained by clearly establishing who you are, what you want and what you are capable of. You are then connected with yourself. The better you are connected with yourself, the better you can connect with other people. And that makes you happier and more successful. A personal vision consists of four elements: • The higher goal: why do I exist? • The audacious goal: what do I aim for? • Core values: what do I stand for? • Core qualities: what do I excel at? Taken together, these four parts form a whole - they supplement each other, complement each other and reinforce each other. Linking everyone’s personal vision to the organisational vision is a very powerful tool in organisations, which stimulates entrepreneurship and personal responsibility. At &samhoud, all employees have a personal vision; our customers also frequently use it. Indeed, the development of your personal vision is now also available to individual consumers through and personal vision workshops. <br />
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  19. 19. Top brandTo realise our higher goal, we would like to become a top brand.#1 Great Place to Work Europe 2010We are currently the #1 Great Place to Work in Europe. This means that we are a well-organised agency that works on the basis of ‘adding value’ to employees and customers. We will continue on this basis, but now go a step further. We would also like to be considered as a top agency beyond our own network and continue our growth in order to bring our higher goal closer.  Top brand in 2015We do this by becoming a top brand. This is our new audacious goal: We will be a top 10 brand in the Netherlands by 2015, we will be a top 100 global brand by 2030. Just as Virgin stands for ‘breaking the rules’, &samhoud stands for ‘connection’ and ‘value creation’. The blue ball and the & sign represent our brand and our higher goal enjoys a global reputation and following:  Together we build a brighter future. We achieve breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people<br />
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  21. 21. Connect with us:<br />Download our apps:<br /><br /><br /><br />Together we build a brighterfuture<br />We achievebreakthroughsbyinspiring and connectingpeople<br />