SXSW 2012


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SXSW 2012

  1. South by Southwest 2012
  2. What is SXSW?South by Southwest: annual music, film and interactive conferences and festival9th -18th of March in Austin, Texas3 events in 1: music, film, interactive
  3. Amazing atmosphere Uber pedicab A town criere for your tweetsHootsuite Party Bus
  4. What is SXSW Interactive?The 19th South by Southwest Interactive festivalFrom the 9th to the 13th of March in Austin, TexasRecognised as one of the major annual eventsdedicated to the future digital usage.Gathered around 17 000 participants, 5000 startupsand 200 conferences.
  5. Best KeynotesRay Kurzweil, the legendary visionary has made animpressive keynote in front of a huge crowd about« expanding our intelligence without limits ». He sharedwith the audience his vision of the future. « What we see today is the democratisation of Innovation »« You are what you eat but you also are what you think »
  6. Best KeynotesRay Kurzweil
  7. Best Keynotes Danah Boyd, researcher at Microsoft, made a fabulous presentation about the power of fear in networked publics. She covered the culture of fear and the consequences of visibility.Conclusion of her keynote: Replace fear ofthe unknown with curiosity.« Fear is used consciously to control public and encourage them to do things. »
  8. Danah Boyd
  9. Keynotes The view from inside Rainn Wilson’s brainstem was the most hilarious keynote of SXSW festival. He spoke about bringing altruism to the web and allowing spiritual conversations.« Sharing photos and art is the future of theweb »
  10. Best KeynotesRainn Wilson’s
  11. Best Keynotes Tim O’Reilly is the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media. His keynote create more value than you capture. Build a sustainable business and a sustainable economy.His advice for young entrepreneur was towork on stuff that matters, be proud of itand find people that are just as passionateabout what you do as you are.« create value for the society and make the world a better place to fill in the needs. »
  12. The future trends was the application that everybody was speaking about and it could be the next big thing. This application allows you to know if one of your friend, a friend of your friends or someone who shares affinity with you is nearby. Highlight relies on Facebook and the GPS of your smartphone.Last year, Robert Scoble pegged Highlight as the next “hottest thing atSXSW,” and several other bloggers have since crowned it such.
  13. The future trendsLocal Mind et Forecast applications were also the big trends of the festival.Local Mind consists in asking people already in a location what do theythink about it and what is the atmosphere.Forecast allows publishing what you will do tonight/tomorrow and yourfriends can choose whether to accompany you by clicking on me too.
  14. SXSW 2012, the year of infectious optimism- This year the biggest trend is what can be described as passive location-based apps andservices. Telling users about relevant people. (based on mutual friends and mutualinterests) in the vicinity of offering a way to connect with those users: Highlight , Sonar ,Glancee , Forecast , Banjo.- Photo frenzy isn’t just a passing phase. We’re seeing a consumer movement toward a more visual culture brought on by technology and media. In age of Pinterest , Instagram, Brands need an image strategy- Social TV who owns social TV, how to bring brands to the party and how different departments at television networks are becoming more integrated to make social more successful.- Content curation is here to stay: We’re living in an era of content abundance and curation is now part of the content equation. Check out scoopit special SXSW 2012
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