Portfolio of Nikolaj Fremming, Creative Director & Hyper Island teacher


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A bit of my work, how I think and what inspires me.

Create or die – that is my purpose in life: To make a difference through creativity.

I'm a Creative Director with international experience. I give guest lectures and facilitates workshops at Hyper Island and I write for Adverblog.com.

Brands I've worked for include 3 (Telecom), Carlsberg, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Light, Coloplast, Berlingske Media, Burn Energy, Ford Motors, Holsten Beer, Hyundai Motors, Microsoft, Maersk Line, PlayStation, Toms, Tuborg Beer and more ...

Please get in touch - I would love to know who you are: nik@the-nik.com

To see all related videos and more work please check out my Behance profile: https://www.behance.net/thenik

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Portfolio of Nikolaj Fremming, Creative Director & Hyper Island teacher

  1. 1. w e lc o m e Creative Director & Hyper Island Lecturer
  2. 2. about me art strategy Strategy one man army psychology pop culture design collaboration Technology always half full conceptual profile advertising interests approach The nik 2 attitude
  3. 3. lecturer / workshop facilitator / external examiner and mentor at hyper island Giving my workshops: create or die & pitch or die For the past year and a half I’ve had the fortune to collaborate a quite a bit with Hyper Island in both Stockholm and Karlskrona. I give workshops on the creative process, concept development and pitching. I also mentor the students and function as an external examiner. The aim of “Create or Die” is to shed some light on the various phases of the creative process, enabling the students to navigate therein and make the most of each phase. I try to get it to be as tangible as possible and to show how results can be achieved through simple proactive methods rather than sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. The students are given simple tools to improve their output and they’re taught how to deal with the pitfalls and ambiguity that comes with any creative process. Next we explore how to come up with ideas for the next big thing. We try to discover unmet needs through custom made exercises. OK so, we’ve got a great idea. Now it’s time to refine and add the communications layer. That means crafting all the customer facing elements so that it’s crystal clear what this product will do for people. This is where “Pitch or Die” takes over and illuminates the delicate art of crafting and a presentation and deliver it convincingly. A challenge from a real client is always incorporated into the workshops. The latest was adidas NEO (briefing the students live via Skype on the photo to the left). The nik 3
  4. 4. work
  5. 5. the sound of freshness objective problem solution Irma, a chain of high end supermarkets in Denmark, asked us to raise awareness about its new online shop. The client believed that we needed to communicate convience. But the real problem with buying fresh products online is that you can’t smell or feel the products through a screen. While smelling and feeling isn’t possible you can still see them, and we engaged another sense: hearing. We created a way for vegetables and fruits to make music, allowing the products to take center stage and getting people moving to the “sound of freshness.” The nik 5
  6. 6. the sound of freshness - feat. in Google Creative sandbox online videos J.viewz has fruits delivered to his hotel room from Irma.dk. He then samples the fruits and creates music using those very sounds. TVC A 100 % live performance of the track from the TVC - Far Too Close - for the first time ever on vegetables. No overdubs. The nik 6 Insight: It is not natural for humans to ask someone else to choose what they eat. By letting the staff “be the senses” of the customer we aim to break down that barrier.
  7. 7. the sound of freshness - selling the idea We need to communicate trust not convenience. To convince the client I introduced “The Evolution of Shopping”. It illustrates how we used to employ all of our senses when hunting for food and how today we simply click on pixels on a screen. No wonder we don’t trust what happens on the other end. Here is an excerpt from the client presentation. 1. 2. Koncept - Rationale SENSES: See HeAR FeeL SmeLL tASte 3. SENSES: See HeAR FeeL SmeLL tASte SENSES: See HeAR FeeL SmeLL tASte 1.000 BC (plukker bær) 18 STRATEGI KREATIV DIGITAL PUBLIKATION 4. 20 KREATIV DIGITAL PUBLIKATION 5. SENSES: See HeAR FeeL SmeLL tASte 22 STRATEGI 21 KREATIV DIGITAL PUBLIKATION KREATIV DIGITAL PUBLIKATION STRATEGI KREATIV DIGITAL PUBLIKATION 6. Koncept - Rationale SENSES: See HeAR FeeL SmeLL tASte STRATEGI STRATEGI SENSES: See HeAR FeeL SmeLL tASte 23 STRATEGI The nik 7 KREATIV DIGITAL PUBLIKATION 25
  8. 8. playmaker app - the danish national handball team at the london 2012 olympic games objective problem solution TV2 and TotalKredit, asked us to concept and design an app to increase fan engagement around Handball in the London 2012 Olympic Games. Also, TotalKredit being the main sponsor of the team wanted to get most of their sponsorship. How can we make the game experience even more exiting for both people with relatively low engagement and hardcore fans? The insight we worked with is that on gameday everyone is a Coach. We created a game where a little knowledge and luck will take you far. In the app you bet with points not money. Using your knowledge and feel for the game you compete for glory and bragging rights on both national and regional level. Since the client was a TV station we were allowed to integrate quite heavily with tv. The nik 8
  9. 9. playmaker app - the danish national handball team at the london 2012 olympic games user journey Gameday i Værløse hos Bent og Tove 16:01 16:12 16:28 16:43 15:46 Bent downloader app’en 17:11 Første bet - første pokal Tove tjekker Girls only Bent er ekspert Tove VS. Bent Bent taber! 19:38 Bent renser grillen integration with tv The nik 9 When you shake the phone it activates the “Clapper”. The accumulated activity of all clapper in use is diplayed on TV as a “Mood-O-Meter”.
  10. 10. Activation of the app: recruitment of players in the banks entrance: you against an opposing nation the bank clerk is the goal keeper the app is advertised on back of number cut-out of the coach wants you in the game the tray Invites you to get in the game exit: the national teAM IS COUNTING ON YOUR SUPPORT The nik 10
  11. 11. handcrafted movie set for the launch of iphone 4 objective Inform about the launch of the new iPhone. How can you sign up for the waiting list, what to do if the delivery is delayed etc. problem The last time Apple released an iPhone their entire system of 3 went down. solution We created a new way to tell the story and put a lot of love into the production. As a result it became the most watched video of the company. The nik 11
  12. 12. burn energy campaign site - ran for 5 years in 9 countries* objective problem solution The Coca Cola Company asked us to create an online experience that would allow people to feel the spirit of Burn Energy. This brand taps heavily into the clubbing scene and they had great sampling crews working the clubs. How can we recreate the same vibe on a website? The site is build as a challenge with five levels and the reward is the increasingly sensual dance performances. The user is confronted with two opposing words and choosing the right one will advance him or her through the levels. * Although originally created for The Nordic Countries, it soon ran in Brazil, The Netherlands, Schwitzerland, Poland and Indonesia. The site was live for almost five years! The nik 12
  13. 13. campaign pitch: Copenhagen unites and sings against bicycle theft (we sang with the client in the presentation!) video: a choir confronts the thief website: sing against bicycle theft in a duet with a famous artist bicycle lane karaoke drinks coaster nightclub stamp auto-generated music video Facebook post: “watch me in a duet with <famous artist>” The nik 13
  14. 14. King of The Bull – making a physical event sharable online Konstellation Good job! Your saddle time was: 23.18 sec. Yeeehaaa! Like ∙∙ Comment Share ∙ September 2 via konstellationimages The nik 14
  15. 15. I wanted us to have a global sporting goods client. So I put this on the walls of the agency. The nik 15
  16. 16. knocking on doors armed a great idea this description of our concept got a small unknown danish agency a 2-hour meeting with 6 people at adidas hq in the south of germany. EURO 2012 Cross Border Concept A Real-Time Cross Border Penalty Kick Competition “Imagine scoring a goal in Italy while you’re standing in the UK” In the Football Cross Borders Competition you will take a penalty kick in your own country against a goalie that is guarding his goal in another country. So the kicker could be taking the kick in the UK and the goalie could be trying to block his kick in Italy in real-time. Monitors on both ends make sure that the participants and spectators can follow what’s going on and cheer or boo accordingly. How is this possible? The speed and direction of the kick is measured and the data is sent to the country of the goalie in a matter of miliseconds. A football machine (Much like a tennis ball machine) then launches a ball according to the received data and just like in the real game it’s up to the goalie to block the shot. This concept would allow for fans of different countries to compete against each other in real-time as a warm-up to their teams actual matches. Ideally the events should take place on central squares in the main cities in as many countries as possible during and the in days leading up to the EURO 2012. It could potentially create a lot of hype and activate the Adidas brand (And obviously football boots) in a fun and very relevant setting. Naturally, the events as well as leaderboards could and should all be integrated with social media to allow the concept to reach it’s full potential. © Konstellation 2011 The nik 16
  17. 17. a short video presentation of the cross border concept please watch a 2 min. video about the concept. use password: soccer The nik 17
  18. 18. a short video to prove the concept PROOF OF CONCEPT VIDEO. use password: soccer The nik 18
  19. 19. Cross Border Penalty Kick – Actual Physical Performances Integrated with Social Media in Real Time Contestants and spectators can follow every detail via projections and big screen monitors on both ends Time from kick to launch is less than 4 secs. Multiple camera set-ups and pre-registration of contestants allows for instant Facebook posting The nik 19
  20. 20. smaller set-up in stores with pre-recorded celebrity The nik 20
  21. 21. an xmas prankvertising - decembers most viewed on Youtube in denmark (beating samsung and playstation) When we created the concept for this prankvertising for a chain of supermarkets, we set out to play with the question: Does Santa exist? Well, of course he does. But what role should he play? In the basic set-up we converted peoples cars into Santas sleigh while they were shopping including four live reindeer. Then something unexpected happened that actually made it even better. As we’re dressing up the car of two ladies, one of them returns to get her wallet. As she goes back into the supermarket, we remove everything again. Her reaction to that is priceless. This is real candid camera with real people, it’s quite a stressfull process but very rewarding at the same time. The nik 21
  22. 22. accolades
  23. 23. honors AND AWARDS 1 x Most viewed YouTube video in Denmark in December 2013 (beating PlayStation and Samsung) 1 x Feature in Google Creative Sandbox 1 x Nomination for Clear Channel Outdoor Award 2012 4 x Creative Circle Award nominations 3 x Direct Marketing Association ECHO awards 1 x FWA Site Of The Day Top 3 Guest Lecturer by the Digital Media students of Hyper Island 2012 The nik 23
  24. 24. the creative process
  25. 25. the creative process i believe that the creative process can and should be structured. not only will it yield better results faster. it will also allow for the seemingly chaos that every great creative process should go through at some point. more often than not that is where the best ideas are born. the following figure should be seen as a guideline for how i like to run the process. Many factors come into play and no two processes are the same. in other words to get the best results you have to shape every process according to the circumstances. The nik 25
  26. 26. timespan: 30 min. to several weeks BRIEF immersion ideation selection refinement The brief is a hugely important document. A clear brief means you can have a good creative process with a great result. An unclear brief will often result in a longer and more unfocused creative process. It can yield a great result too but chances are it might not be what the client need. This is where the debrief comes in. If done right it will provide the clarity that was missing in the original brief. Depending on how well you know the client this is where the team researches and familiarizes themselves with all the different aspects and background information of the problem we’re asked to solve. Planners, strategist and account managers are important in this phase. In this phase a great number of approaches can be used to yield the large quantity of ideas that is necessary to have one great idea. Here are a few that I find to be good: The problem must be seen from as many different angles as possible. Usually I will prepare them before the ideation session and bring them into play as kickstarters when needed. Another great technique is lateral thinking. At Hyper Island I use my own approach: Sensationalize. It is useful for coming up with ideas for new products or services. A good creative can tell the best ideas just by scanning the walls of the room. So which ideas will best solves the client’s problem? Are there any great ideas that aren’t on brief? Maybe they deserve a chance anyway. One way to test an idea is write a tweet about it. Using only 140 characters, is it still great? Once the best ideas are selected it’s time to develop them further and make them shine. Usually a great idea can be turned into an amazing one in this phase. If all elements are refined properly it means you can have a smoother execution phase. The nik 25
  27. 27. books & blogs
  28. 28. on MY bookshelf right now True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business Ty Montague 60 Minute Brand Strategist Idris Mootee Outliers Malcolm Gladwell The nik 27 Steal Like An Artist Austin Kleon
  29. 29. the 3 latest blogposts i wrote The nik 28
  30. 30. ke di N a n k yo i n . ko l a c ni om j F + 4 k @ / i re 5 th n/ mm 6 e- t h in 0 3 nik eni g 5 . k 3 c om / 0 6 0 lin Th u