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How To Achieve Your top New Years Resolutions


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  • 1. OH NO, NOT AGAIN! How To Fulfill Your Top New Years Resolutions
  • 2. New Years Resolution
    • The truth is… The vast majority of New Year’s resolutions fail . But why?
    • Not enough discipline?
    • Not motivated enough?
    • And if so, what can be done about these things?
    • Consider the following:
  • 3. New Years Resolution
    • There are 2 main psychological blocks , that New Year’s resolutions create, that first need to be overcome.
  • 4. New Years Resolution
    • Number One : Most people do New Year’s resolutions because they’re following a trend, not because they are serious .
    • The Following is an example.
  • 5. New Years Resolution
    • Doctor’s Office Visit in November
    • “ Clifton , you have to get in shape.” “You have to start exercising.” “You have to start drinking water.” “You have to stop eating bad foods.” “If you don't make these changes, you are going to die soon! "
  • 6. New Years Resolution
    • Now… is Clifton going to go home… eat like a hog in November and December, and then start eating healthy and exercising in January for his New Year’s Resolution?
    • NO!!
  • 7. New Years Resolution
    • If you are " planning " to act a fool during the holidays, and then decide to be healthy afterwards, how serious are you about being healthy ?
    • Don’t resolve to do anything unless you are dead serious!!
  • 8. New Years Resolution
    • Number Two : Most New Year’s Resolutions fail because they are…
    • NEW YEAR’S Resolutions!
    • Here’s what I mean.
  • 9. New Years Resolution
    • If someone came to you on January 1st – 15 th and said, " Happy New Year " to you, it would be perfectly acceptable.
    • If someone came to you in March and said, " Happy New Year " to you, you would probably believe that that person was not playing with a full deck.
  • 10. New Years Resolution
    • “ New Year’s " resolutions only work in the " New Year " So when the new year is over , your subconscious will tell you that your resolution is over .
    • This is why the gyms fill up in January and are empty by March. In March, it is no longer a new year .
  • 11. New Years Resolution
    • For the above reasons, I recommend not doing a New Year’s resolution at all. I recommend setting goals . Make some that are short term and long term.
    • And you can guarantee that your goal setting will be successful in five easy steps
  • 12. New Years Resolution
    • To find out the five steps, visit Free Your Mind Online at