ADHD Coaching Works


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ADHD Coaching Works

  1. 1. Do you struggle in school?Coaching Helps ADHD StudentsLearn, Succeed and Thrive
  2. 2. Do people tell you you’d do fine if you just try harder? Procrastinating? Spacing out? Late? Interrupting? Anxious?
  3. 3. ADHD Students are At-Risk Students 35% of ADHD High School Plus ADHD Students Drop Out students are more likely to be suspended (60%), Drop Out held back Graduate (42%) and are less likely to enter (22%) or graduate from (5%) college
  4. 4. Medication is only part of the answer Medication may help… • Academic Productivity • Note taking • Quiz Scores • Homework Completion But…
  5. 5. Academic success requires life skills Life Skills • Organization • Time Medication Management • Goal Setting • Focusing • Persistence
  6. 6. There’s a new ideafor working withyour ADHD…
  7. 7. ADHD coaching buildsskills the same way anathletic coach canboost yourperformance
  8. 8. 7 life skills are critical to academic success: Scheduling Persistence Goal setting Prioritizing Confidence Focusing Organizing
  9. 9. In 2010, EdgeFoundationconcluded a two-year researchstudy that provedcoaching buildsthese crucialacademic skills
  10. 10. Now There’s Proof: ADHD coaching works  Students who received Edge coaching showed substantial gains in their overall approach to learning.  Students who received Edge coaching services showed significant improvement in their ability to organize, direct and manage cognitive activities, emotional responses and overt behaviors.
  11. 11. Assess their Effectively set goalsenvironments Coaching helps Learn timeGet and stay management organized techniques
  12. 12. Coaches… Suggest, encourage and guide Monitor student progress Provide daily check-ins for structure and accountability Provide services over the phone or by Skype
  13. 13. Get more information!! Sign up ADHD coaching can help you today or succeed in school! call 1(888) 718-8886If you dont risk anything, you risk even more." Erica Jong
  14. 14. ADHD Coaching Study Details  2 year, 3 phase, $1 million study completed August 2010  Conducted by Wayne State University College of Education’s Center for Self-Determination and Transition research team  Largest and longest such study ever conducted on ADHD coaching  First study to provide quantitative data on the effects of ADHD Coaching  Controlled study with randomly selected experimental and control groups, specifically designed data collection instruments and protocols, and use of standard scientific statistical methodologies.  Edge Foundation Coaching Study Executive Summary  Edge Foundation Coaching Study Full Report
  15. 15. Key Findings Students who received Edge coaching showed substantial gains in their overall approach to learning. ADHD students demonstrated statistically significant, higher executive functioning than ADHD students who did not receive coaching. The magnitude of the effect size for self regulation was more than double the typical educational intervention, and executive functioning was quadruple. Findings with effect sizes that large are rare.
  16. 16. ADHD and College Success: A free guide UC Davis Study: Dropout risks: ADHD, conduct disorder, smoking ADHD and Executive Functioning Executive Function, ADHD and Academic Outcomes Major Life Activity and Health Outcomes Associated with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder A coach to help with ADHD, CNN Headline News, 1/26/2011 and ADHD kids benefit from coaching, CNN, The Chart, 11/12/10Edge Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofitserving the United States and Canada.Questions?