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The key to_building_links_with_yahoo

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  2. 2. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Everyone analyzes Google and its link preferences, but there's a link-affecting search bot you should be aware of - Yahoo's SLURP. Rather than working by algorithms, SLURP uses what its creators call "graphs", which act as gatekeepers in analyzing (and booting out) link spam, unrelated links, irrelevant pages and mirror sites.
  3. 3. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Very often, what seems to be inadequate results from Yahoo just reflects the differences in the way this search bot works. SLURP seems to attach less importance to cross-site links and comment links than does Google. It attaches equal (if not more) importance to high page rank sites you link with, especially social media and Yahoo sites - and, you should know, less to backlinks.
  4. 4. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo This program is very active working at least twice a week to find new material on your site. Other search bots just index the first couple of paragraphs but SLURP instead indexes your complete text. In addition it also indexes "dynamic pages" enabling it to crawl all of your .PHP files.
  5. 5. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Checking how much crawling activity is done by SLURP on your site by examining the server logs is an important tactic. Through your links, you can make your site more attractive to SLURP. The site content and metatags are the first to be accessed by SLURP, followed by your links.
  6. 6. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo These links are made more attractive by pointing to its favorite pages such as Yahoo sites and directories. Therefore it makes sense to submit to Yahoo directories as much as possible and place links on all of your pages. As SLURP continues to be involved with your site, it will rank higher in Yahoo.
  7. 7. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Typically the Yahoo search syntax to display specific page links is "".
  8. 8. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo But keep in mind, Yahoo and SLURP are all about what they deem people-friendly content. The tightrope you have to walk is providing natural, relevant content while making sure your keywords are contained - without feeling forced - in your titles and links.
  9. 9. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Understanding how SLURP works, focusing on the content and not being too "clever" are important strategies for dealing with Yahoo's somewhat different search bot. If you are not completely comfortable with analysis and programming code, optimizing pages for various search bots is a recipe for disaster.
  10. 10. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Try more natural ways to please SLURP, such as creating a presence - with your website anchor text and URLS - on Yahoo! Answers. Link your site there. Without sounding "forced", try to include the link to your site in your answers, whenever there's an opportunity.
  11. 11. The Key to Building Links With Yahoo Insert your keywords naturally - the site is "policed" by its own members, who are peculiarly enthusiastic about reporting anything too obviously spammy. Other sites that have a web presence and page ranking such as Twitter, StumbleUpon and Digg can also be linked to your answer, provided it looks and sounds natural.
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