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Integrated Digital Marketing course, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Mobile app development courses, Learn and Earn, Sem, Seo, social media. Learn with Freelancers Academy and Earn with us too. Job opportunities across various verticals. to know more call on 022 65369888. Or visit us on

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  • Qn : Can you comment on this
  • Advertising is now moving towards
  • Qn : Some of the global clients, and do you see this as a trend going forward
  • Integrated Digital Marketing course at Freelancers Academy

    1. 1. Integrated Digital Marketing Program @ Freelancers Academy
    2. 2. Caution : If you are looking at this PPT in a small window, look for the full screen option ! Life’s much simpler that way !
    3. 3. Digital Advertising is a shining career options for today’s workforce.
    4. 4. Where else is there a bewildering gap in demand and supply
    5. 5. Isn't ALL advertising headed towards a contextual, dynamic pricing based environment Why not 'live' this right now by becoming a digital adv. specialist
    6. 6. Fifteen years back, the world started outsourcing software service to India. Seven year back, it was BPO. Today, the world outsources SEM and SEO to India. Look at the client list of some specialist agencies in India.
    7. 7. The industry requires individuals with integrated digital marketing skills. Why learn digital marketing in parts..
    8. 8. Why not learn about Search marketing, social media, affiliate, mobile, banner and analytics And know how to use all of these in an AWESOME digital marketing plan
    9. 9. Online marketing campaigns almost always work best when one does a mix of SEM, SEO and SMO
    10. 10. SEM, SEO and SMO are all interrelated
    11. 11. Many campiagn managers tend to ignore SMO and SEO. This could be a costly oversight given how expensive SEM is turning out to be nowadays .
    12. 12. Let’s look at the digital marketing landscape
    13. 13. Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEM) Social Media Email and Display Ads Qualified Website Traffic to a user friendly, aesthetic site Mobile Marketing Ad Networks Traffic Behavior analyzed by Website Analytics
    14. 14. Organic Vs. Paid
    15. 15. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    16. 16. Social Media
    17. 17. Display Ads
    18. 18. Mobile Marketing
    19. 19. Ad Networks
    20. 20. An awesome website 
    21. 21. Website Analytics
    22. 22. Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce
    23. 23. Some of the topics that would be covered
    24. 24. Job Categories in Web/Mobile Media  Sales, Business Dev. & Client Servicing  Online Ad Sales, New Business Acquisition, Account Management, Ad Network  Marketing and Product Management  Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Product Management  Search & Social Media Operations Management  SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Ad-operations, Web Analytics, Project Management  Content & Design  Content Writing, Web Copy-writing, Graphics Design, Art-Visualization, User-Interface Design/Experience  Software/Web/Application Development  Programming with PHP, Flash, Java, etc. iPhone/BB/FB/ Apps Development, Games Development
    25. 25. Freelancers Academy ‘Learn with us and then remove the L’ We cover all the aspects of Digital Marketing and Mobile app. Development (Instructor –led and online) programs in Web(Instructor-led and Online) Mumbai office – 022 65369888 Mobile - 9819607019