Technology Trends, Business Trends, and the History of Tech in Los Angeles


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Learn about the history Los Angeles technology startups, local Technology trends, and a focus on Business trends.

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Technology Trends, Business Trends, and the History of Tech in Los Angeles

  2. 2. Tech, Business, and Startup TrendsAgenda Introduction and Quick Survey  What are we talking about?  Who am I?  Who are you? … LA/SoCal Then and Now Technology Trends Business Trends Startups Questions and Wrap-Up
  3. 3. FreelanceCTO is an Alpha Nerd MIT Computer Science and Computer Engineering On the Internet since ‘89 (on the Net since ‘84) 20+ companies over 20+ years  Company stages include Bootstrap, Seed, Angel, VC (Series A,B, C), Fortune 500  Funding ranges from 0 to $60M+ over multiple rounds  Team sizes range from under 5 to over 150 Acquisitions range from $10M to $4B+ Active in local community:  LA CTO Forum, SoCal/LA Code Camp, Student4Startups
  4. 4. Questions for LADOTNETAbout You: How many Developers/Engineers?  FrontEnd? BackEnd? DBA? DevOps? QA? Other? How many Project/Product managers? How many CTOs/VPEs/DirEngs? How many CEOs/CMOs/CFOs? Launching a new product? Overhauling an existing product? How many of you are having problems with Technology?
  5. 5. Los Angeles and SoCal ThenNot so long ago (1997 to 2007), LA was a vast wasteland of a few Technology companies and few and far between meetups: VIC – LA’s first networking good networking event TheSpot – Episodic content! GeoCities – A Silicon Valley story, in LA! DEN – Oh my. MySpace – LA’s first company to really spin-off lots of talent All in all: Very Anemic!!!
  6. 6. Los Angeles and SoCal NowNow we have a Vibrant Community: Successful companies Concentrated pockets of activity  Meetups  Conferences Hackfests Pitchfests Coworking facilities Incubator, Angels, VCs, and more Bootstrapping!
  7. 7. Awesome LA County Facts Never been easier (or harder) to start a company Infrastructure has achieved critical mass in SM, CC, Hwood, Silverlake, El Segundo, and more… Tons and tons of meetups – now broadcast online! Distance is less and less a factor Ripe for cross-fertilization between functional disciplines 3 of the Top 10 CS schools are in LA County Local schools are revving up Technology programs Incubator Explosion happening RIGHT NOW
  8. 8. LA/SoCal Now and Then From 1997 to 2012: The Difference is Enormous!!People should mover HERE to start companies, not the Bay Area!!!
  9. 9. Technology TrendsPure Technology Supporting Technology BigData/MapReduce  Agile/Scrum/XP High Performance  Ad Optimization Computing  Analytics Natural Language  Search Processing  User Experience NoSQL Real-time/PubSub Web Video
  10. 10. Local Technology Trends
  11. 11. Trending Technology Brand Names
  12. 12. Future Technology Leadership1. Participate in the community (meetups, conferences)2. Establish relationships early (while still in school!)3. Learn technology ACTUALLY being used4. Contribute to Open Source – add it to your resume5. Seek out Internships – part-time and summer6. Learn about business, too Special thanks to Darren Rush and Students4Startups for this gem!
  13. 13. Business Trends Lean Startup and Customer Development Commodity business plans  Celebrity + eCommerce = Revenue  Lead Generation More Location Based Services  Hyper Local Daily Deals  Real-time Hyper Local Deals More PAAS and SAAS  Easy-Peasy Analytics Companies More Buy, Less Build
  14. 14. Incubator ExplosionAt least 9 incubators  Amplify.LA launched in SoCal in  idealab (2.0) the last year…  K5Launch  LaunchpadLA  MuckerLab  Science  Silverlake HQ  StartEngine  UpStartLA
  15. 15. Local Business Building Ecosystem Incubators Angels Venture Capitalists Bootstrapping And more…
  16. 16. Bootstrapping Build something in your spare time? Support someone building something? Commodity business models? Signed deals/MOUs/contracts BEFORE you build? Hackfests and pitchfestsTake away: Do whatever you can to get your product into customer’s hands, get feedback, and start generating revenue
  17. 17. Startups What do you want to know?
  18. 18. Why Startups?Big Company Startup Never meet the CEO  Guaranteed to meet Test a Feature the CEO Projects may never see  Build Feature(s) light of day  Projects launched in Employee #13412 production  Part of core team
  19. 19. Questions? I have one! Do you know any…  UX and Development Shops  Technical Project Managers  Developers/Engineers  CTOs  and more... What are your questions?
  20. 20. FreelanceCTO LLCJohn Shiple, CEO/CTO @FreelanceCTO Events  310.893.3687   @CodeCampInCoCal   @Student4Startup 